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Luontoiti chapter 1 . 11/2/2014
If you ever decide to write a sequel(i don't know if you have already), don't make Sam try to commit a suicide. Even if she was raped, i'd think she would be s stronger person. She could have a almost fatal accident over the suicide. Sam seems so emotionally weak in this but I guess even stronger people go to hysteria when there is a threat of rape.
Stella chapter 1 . 10/26/2014
Reader chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
It's me again... I just had another suggestion if you, one day, wanted to make a sequel. What if Sam was carying Scam's hild and she didn't know about it. She was far too depressed to figure out why she was vomitting often and having aches and pain. Thinking that she no longer wanted to live, Sam tried to commit suicide by bleeding to death. However, WOOHP managed to locate her and brought her back safely to a hospital, saving both Sam and her child. Unfortunately, Sam ends up in a coma and the baby's life is at stake. Word gets out throughout WOOHP about Sam and Scam overheard her brush with death, her condition and about the child from some talking guards when almost the whole prison was asleep. Feeling slightly (a lot but in denial that it was his fault driving Sam to the edge until the girl wanted to kill herself to end the pain) guilty, he escaped from WOOHP to see Sam. Once there, he found out that due to a large blood loss, Sam might not make it alive and so will the baby. He stayed by her side everyday after escaping from prison and hid when others came to check up on Sam. Sam one day wakes up but experiences amnesia because her mind wanted to forget every single horrible thing that Scam did to her, including the person himself. He then waits until Sam gives birth to their child to jog her memory about him. When she starts to remember, she starts throwing a fit, trying to get away from him and keep her child safe even though the child was also his. Scam now sees the damage he has done to his beloved and regrets deeply, trying to make things right but to no avail, Sam still resists. She was breaking down in front of Scam when Scam decided to kidnap both her and their child to live together in a secluded area where they won't be disturbed. He tries his best to make amends but kept blaming her about the rape incident. Sam isolates herself, and only paid attention to her child's needs instead of her own, making her health deteriorate. Scam, now worried that Sam refuses to survive, forces Sam to replenish her health by threatening to kill her friends and family. Soon, they start to warm up to each other and becomes a family.

You can think of an ending since I'm no good at it. As I said, this is just a suggestion for a sequel. Not the best idea but it kept popping up in my head and I had to get it off my chest. By the way, please update 'The Proposal' soon. That one is my all time favorite Scam/Sam fanfic. I wish you good luck! And nice job on Test Drive, I just read it 3 times in a row. I love it. Your works are amazing, but I really feel sorry for Sam everytime I read one of your stories that has Tim Scam ruining her, like the story about the stairs and Sam being claustrophobic and this fic right here. I love Tim Scam but unfortunately, I love Sam more. But still, your other works are amazing. Ta-ta for now!
Reader chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
It was a heart breaking story. I feel sorry for Sam and I kind of hate Scam a bit. Can you please make a sequel? Where Sam tries to commit suicide but ends up in a deep coma, Scam finding out about her brush with death and feels guilty and escapes WOOHP to see her. When he does, he founds out that her heart almost failed a couple of times from the doctors. He tries to make things right and everything or something like that. I don't know, but I really want a happy ending for them, especially Sam. She deserves better, in my opinion.

Anyways, great story, amazing writing, horrific plot. You're one awesome author.
Sympathetic Wishes chapter 1 . 1/22/2013

I have six words for YOU


Please write one if just a one shot so we can find out definitively what happened to Sam? because dammmmmmnnnn that cliffhanger ending is killing me
Yessiree chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Woah. Awesome story. Super dark but amazing! Like really good. A very well written piece of literature right here
BlackD chapter 1 . 5/29/2012
Wow I hated him,,,lol it was sad...poor sammie I wish she could someday get her revenge from him hmmm now that would be awesome,,,, but of choirs it is awesome the way it is,,, and I hope you don't mind me writing reviews on old fics because I just got the chance to read them ... :D
Alice D chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
OK, I'm totally speechless. Let me time to react properly...:

Oh my God!

This was by far the most horrific fiction I ever read. It was so intense and so graphic.

You did an amazing job. All along I was waiting to see Tim feeling remorse or beg for forgivness, but no. Too bad there wasn't a happy end.

Anyway, you do what you want, but I really think that I prefer less creepy fictions.
KairiOliver chapter 1 . 3/8/2012
Holy shit, this was terrifying. Seriously, I honestly don't think I've ever read a scarier fic. Scam was just brutal in this. You did an awesome and horrifying job.
deleted2012 chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
That... was so creepy!

You are actually an amazing horror writer.

It was very very shocking and I was completely and utterly scared by the end!


Definitely write more scary ones please! You're so good at them!

x Smaginn
Demeanon chapter 1 . 11/24/2011
This is a wonderfully crafted story - I was up reading it 'till the wee hours of the morning. Scam and Sam both act in character as far as they can in this plot, and the dream sequences had just enough hints to tip off that they were dreams. If any of my friends actually read Totally Spies fanfics, I would totally reccommend this. It's a long read, but totally worth it if you like creepiness.
AbominableToast chapter 1 . 7/13/2011
Two words:Holy Crap

That shocked me into silence.

I'm so used to you writing off Tim Scam as an actual good person who cares about Sam no matter what.

Actually,while I was reading this,I was waiting for Scam to realise what he was see that it wasn't right.

But he didn't.

At the end,I cried a little when he hesitated.

Don't get me wrong-I loved this darker story of yours.

In some ways,I actually prefer it.

But it was more sad and bitter than creepy to me.

Thanks for writing this. :)

Poison's Ivy chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Part 3:

[Scam sitting there next to her, soaked to the bone, gun in hand, his smirk pointing towards her wickedly.] AHHHH OGOMGGOMOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOM

[Were they a warning of things to come? Tim Scam... was HE ...was he...actually going] OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG HE'S SO GOODD HE GOT THAT IDEA PLANTED IN HER MIND OMGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMO :D

I love the idea of Scam being a chameleon btw :P

[Cursing at him Clover] for a sec i thought it said "cursing at clover" and i was like OMG TY SCAM FOR HAVING SOME SENSE AND BASHING THIS GIRL FOR ME! :P

["I'm going to rape you," Scam said bluntly in the next second] AHHHHHH I LOVE HIS BLUNTNESS OMGOMGOMGOMGOM

["I'm going to rape you," Scam said bluntly in the next second] AHHHHHHHH

sry i was so excitd i didnt realize i spelled omg wrong smh ::P

omg middle east and desert clothes I WANNA WRITE DPG NOW :D

["…Terrance," Jerry said slowly, watching Sam in worry when she let out an audible breath of relief. ] sammie i dont care if scam is raping u and terriying u; terrance will always be worse.

Ya see. This is what happens when Sam EVER thinks about dating anyone other than Scam. So technically she knew about it in her deep down subconscious and asked for it in a messed up way :D

["Well you know Clover is one of my best friends," ] we both know Scam is thinking the same thing I am; sam: that was a bad decision on ur part.

["Though mom always tells me she always wanted a-" Sam paused suddenly losing her train of thought as her eyes suddenly felt a little heavy.] omg cough Darcey cough

["But baby, you know you really don't want to," he said in a rough, raspy voice as he looked at the girl in his arms with half-lidded, semi-darkened eyes.] eyesfullofsexylustomg

[Oh God, he had drugged her. ] she sounds disgusted. and then omg you said she was disgusted OMG I CALLED IT! :P oh btw i forgive her for saying this bc she thinks its some loser and not scam so its okay :D

["Such a dirty word. I was just making sure you'd be a little easier to handle," he said while licking his lips, his smirk only growing more dark. "After all spies can get a little.…" he quirked an eyebrow. "Feisty."] that is still a sexy ass line like omg i think i drooled.

[No, he had a knack for killing and a higher than normal tolerance for blood and violence.] HEY! that tolerance is fucking sexy k sam? stop being a dum hoe.

[Summoning all her strength she pushed hard and somehow managed in pushing him away from her a bit. Stumbling back half a foot Scam let out a growl quickly regaining his balance.

After all,

He wasn't drugged. ] omg wow Sam. I'm impressed! and Scam kinda is too, but now he's kinda angry which means he's even more turned on, so good job! :P

12 hours of sam being "helpless" and being able to be at scam's total will? omg sexyness.

okies i dunno if something is wrong with me but i found this part rly hot and thnik i found a new fetish:

["This is the hand you punch with," he said before puncturing her palm with his nails and making her shudder]


["These…" he said while trailing his fingers down her inner thighs. "Are the legs you kick with," he said huskily as he took his time tracing the muscles of sculpted thighs before stroking her knees and making her shudder again.] like omg. holy fuck i have a thing with him being impressed by her and taking the time to admire her body. omg. omg. omg. can i write a short fic like that? :P like omg i need a plot that hasnt been used but is still sexy and kinda evil yet hot and omg.

[Just like his body would soon be mixing in with hers.] sexiest line ever.

I know I was supposed to stop commenting but:

["I want to see the fear and the pain in your eyes while I ruin you," he spat making her stomach churn at the meaning of that statement.] omgg omg omg gom

omg. like omg.

k done freaking out :P

Taking another moment out to feel bad for her:

[She was cutting her hair,, she was disfiguring herself by chopping off her lovely, red hair to try and become ugly so that she wouldn't, possibly wouldn't get raped.] :( awww sammie :(


[. Oh God…what if…WHAT IF that date was just Scam waiting to rape her? ] holy shit you are AMAZING with paranoia! :P

Trying not to comment is hard but I'm getting it done! Had to stop though:

[If he wanted to play rough so could she. ] Scam likes it rough :P

["I'm guessing you were trying to put me in a trap?" he said smirking before his hand reached out and held the end of the curtain that was wrapping around him. "Let me show you how it's done," he ] not gonna lie at how sexy that is.


["Stupid girl still thinks she's dreaming," ] wow scam thinks she's stupid too; see scam and i were made for each other :P jk jk sam's somewhere in there.

["Away from your school…" His teeth grazed at the end of her chin leaving a mark as he sucked on her jaw line and continued. "Your car…" he said while licking the line he had left and smirking against her trembling skin. "Your friends…" he drawled while biting his way down her throat and kissing the hollow of her throat. "And finally your home," ] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HE'S SO AMAZING OMGOMGOMGOGOMGOMGMO

["I prepared for your visit Sammie," he whispered suggestively] HOLY SHIT MY HEART IS LIKE, BEATING SO HARD OMGMOGOMGOM

[How could he not find her downright intoxicating when she finally recognized his strength and power over her? Something she had been stupidly ignoring up until this moment?] yea sam scam's beast how could u like not know sheesh smh :P

["If I let you go Sam..." he growled huskily while pinning her down even harder, bruising her flesh and hovering his lips over hers. His eyes peered intently into her teary ones while his hot, heady breath hit her face head on. And he let out small, teasing chuckle before a low growl erupted from the pit of his throat, a sign of his complete arousal. "Who am I going to rape?"] GOMGMOGOMGOMGOMMOGMOGOMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OGMGOMMOGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG AHHHHHH!MOMGOMGOMOMGOMG! OGMMGOMG! OMGOMGOMGOM! OGOMGMOGOGOMGOMGOMOMG!

[Sam bit her lip hard instantly remembering a word she had used to describe him the last time they had met. She regretted it down to her core.] MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA SHE REGRETS IT! :P

["You are just a goddamn, fucking woman, and I'll remind you of that tonight," he hissed before chuckling down at her.]

omgomgogomgmogomgmogomgomgom she will forever be his omgmogmogomgomgomgmomggom

[The face he once used to love so dearly.] hint hint hint hint hint :P

[Sam would be staying away from others, shielding herself from the sunlight, and living in total isolation for fear of being judged after what she had endured at his hands. Just like she was right now at this exact moment-

Hiding underground….




ogomgomgomgomgomogomgo i'm so happy

Ivyyyy :D

No dammit nooooo i was supposed to hit 4 dammit i lost part of my review on a flashdrive but dammit i tried getting it back ughghghghghghghghghgh

But love :D love love love this so much
Poison's Ivy chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Part 2:


[A loud scream left her, echoing off the walls of the empty classroom when he picked her off the chair and threw her to the floor roughly]

["You little bitch," Scam spat. "You'll pay for that," he growled before shifting and gripping her arms with only one hand, pinning both down above her head while his free hand grabbed at her bra and soon he had torn that open leaving her breasts to fall open.]

[Separating his mouth from her breast now decorated with a red mark from his teeth Scam looked her in her frightened eyes, his own dark with lust as he began speaking to her. "Speechless?" he taunted before shoving his face into the crook of her neck and biting down the side, making sure to bite hard enough to leave marks that would bleed.]

[Letting it fuel him, he pulled back and positioned himself over her because it was time. "That's good..." he said talking about her screams again as he held one of her thighs in place and began to move down, ready to plunge into her as he whispered into her ear, "I'm going to enjoy this..."] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

[at her chest where she had just seen, had just...felt Scam leave an angry mark only to find nothing there, which made sense since it had just been a dream but she could still feel his mouth on her.] omg. Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg. Omg omgomgomgomgomgmoomgomgmog om gomgomgomgmogmogmogmog omg omg omg mogomg

[Scam was her enemy, a killer but her was no rapist.] well Sammie if you weren’t an idiot, it wouldn’t have to be rape. :P

[Staring into the mirror Sam could feel the rampant beating of her heart as she remembered again how her hair had been in her dream and how Scam had pulled it open before- Her throat going dry Sam couldn't find it in herself to tie it again and she left her hair there piling down her back regardless of how much it would get into her face] holy shit

[Clover was waiting for her out here and not at her school library as she had seen in her vision. This was a good sign."I was thinking of studying in the library," Clover suddenly said leaving Sam to gasp sharply.] holy shit. Omgmogmogomgmogmo SHE’S SO SCARED! :P:P:P:P:P:P

[Her eyes flew to his brown hair then his tanned skin before settling on his green eyes and she felt how her breath hitched in her throat as another man's image flickered in her mind only stronger, taller and with a teasing smirk on his lips. She took an unconscious step back.] AHHHHHHHH OMGMOGMOGMOGMO SHE’S TERRIFIED SUBCONSCIOUSLY OMGOMGMOGMO

[Moving to sit down in her usual desk, Sam placed her bag on top of it almost sitting in the chair before she found herself quickly shifting into the one next to it, sinking down in it before the other student, Briana] SHE’S SO TERRFIED ! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

[The door that led out of the high school seemed to be farther and father away as she ran closer and closer to it and soon tears of frustration and panic where forming in her eyes as she suddenly felt as if she'd never get out. As if she'd never feel safe again. Finally reaching the entrance she whipped through it, never looking back as she quickly spotted her car and got into it. Fumbling with her seatbelt she threw it on hastily before slamming her foot on the accelerator and driving off as fast as she could to get away from the setting of her nightmare.] HOLY SHIT OMGMOGMOGOMGOMGOMGMOGOM SHE’S SO SCARED ITS AMAZING OMGMOGOMGOMGOMMOGMO (wow I’m messed up oh well!) :P:P:P:P:P

Hey isn’t Isabella the name of Sam’s adoptive mommy in TN? … hmmm

[The sudden shattering of glass in the next second and shards falling onto her lap made her scream in horror as she watched the gloved hand that she had been ignoring, now a fist fly in and grab her hair. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"] HOLY SHIT WHY DOES HE ALWAYS HAVE HOT ENTRANCES

[There in the driver's seat was Tim Scam, dark, washed jeans on his legs, a tight t-shirt stretched across his broad, muscular chest his abs showing right through the wet, dark red fabric that was sticking to his body and his gloved hands resting on the steering wheel as he drove in dead silence.] omg sex on legs I’m telling you.

[Feeling confused and frustrated Sam glared slightly at the man next to her. "Answer me," she said demandingly] oooh demanding :P cough sry


[Taking me hostage isn't going to get you anything from W.O.O.H.P.," she spat expecting him to react to the fact that she had him all figured out only to blink when he still said nothing. Absolutely nothing.] He doesn’t want WOOHP he wants YOU! :P

["And you look when you're panicked and taking deep breaths like that," he uttered making her eyes widen even more, threatening to pop right out of her sockets.]

[Sam grew even more afraid when she saw his eyes visibly running down her chest and when he licked his lips just slightly she reached up and moved to quickly pull the collar together.

"Leave it as is," he suddenly growled from next to her and Sam went a few shades paler hoping she had imagined his voice and he had not said that. "Wha-what?" she breathed out slowly, gasping sharply when his gun was suddenly pressed deeper into her scalp harder than ever. Looking at him with widened eyes Sam found that she wasn't able to breathe as he gave her a dark, sinister smirk. "Leave it," he hissed, his eyes glued to her chest letting her know exactly what he was talking about. "In fact..." he drawled suddenly before looking her dead centre in her frightened eyes. "Take it off," he demanded. ]

Sammie. Don’t you SEE? He’s giving you a chance to be WILLING! :P

[Why was he asking her to take off her... dress? Why was he threatening to kill her if she didn't?] I have a better question: why is she asking dumb questions? :P

[Scam whispered again in a rough, frightening, husky voice. "Strip."]

[That this was some twisted sense of revenge and NOT what she was thinking right now as panic panged with every beat of her heart at the sight of his lust-filled eyes. "It can't be THAT," she thought,] MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH silly girl :P

["No?" he asked while looking at her threateningly and playing with the trigger of the gun letting her see how eager he was to pull it.] omg he’s so sexy oimgmogmogmogomgomgom

[Growling in pain Scam glared when he saw her reaching to escape out of the other door and he moved fast, grabbing her leg and dragging her to him before laying on top of her and flattening her out. "No!" Sam screamed in protest, using her arms to try and fight him off.]

["You're a smart girl, aren't you?" he mocked before grabbing the straps of her half-torn bra. "Figure it out," he spat before tearing the flimsy fabric off her chest and leaving her to scream louder than ever.] MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH I think that scream means she figured it out :P

(and wow Scam took the words right out of my mouth! :P)

[I love stormy nights, don't you?" he trickled his index finger around her breasts. "So much can't be heard," he hissed before slamming his lips against hers in a deep, rough kiss] ya know I suddenly love stormy nights now :P

["Do you think I'm that stupid Samantha? That I'd let YOU go?" ] NEVER! :P

[Scam was soaked, water was running down his tanned, broad torso ] my feet are starting to melt and the rest of my body will go with itomgomghjgijuket ttithappenedgoooo

Poison's Ivy chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Part 1:

So I read a little bit in my car this morning but I couldn't comment so I'm gonna try to find the lines again 3

[Moving with breakneck speed, she watched him tear down agent after agent, every single person daring to stand in his way. He moved like a snake, striking and killing before she even got the chance to blink and before she knew it he was right before her, a smirk on his lips, a dark, murderous look in his eyes telling her she would be his next victim if she gave him the chance.] See THIS IS PROOF THAT MONST3R IS AMAZING. EVEN THE FIRST LINE IS EPICLY AWESOME! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

So I'm gonna be obnoxious and say HINT HINT HINT every time Scam hints that he wuvs Sammie (:D:D:D:D:D)

[If only she knew how trapped he really was because of her he was sure she would enjoy it.] HINT HINT HINT

[The words morality, right and wrong didn't exist for Tim Scam. He was and would always be blind to such things. He would always take what he wanted and act out his twisted desires in whatever cruel and sadistic way he saw fit. Today was just another example of that reality.] OMG HE'S SO FUCKING SEXY ::D:D:D::D:D:D

["You better handcuff me fast and call your little friend Jerry before I snap this rope to bits," he whispered darkly prompting them to do just that] omg his dark whispers are so fucking sexy omg 3

[She refused to believe that Scam had killed all of them. No human could withstand so much killing and not lose their mind.] OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG HE'S SO HOT. HE'S. SO. HOT.

["Well done," he drawled out. "If my hands were free, I'd clap," he said leaving Sam to roll her eyes.] )) )) )) HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

[The 30 missing agents were dead. Every single one of them. More tears fell from her eyes. Hot, angry, tears as she saw 30 individual heads roll out and fill the floor around her best friends, while severed limbs and a lake of blood came gushing out. She felt as if she was going to be sick. Trying to control her bile at the horrifying sight Sam tried to control her urge to scream but her tears wouldn't stop as she thought about them. ] OMGOMGM AHHHHHHH SCAM I'M SO PROUD! I love brutal murders, especially when Scam commits them. He's so gosh darn sexy :P

["You're worse than an animal," she hissed wanting to let him know just how disturbed he was. How messed up he was inside even if she would never find the words to express that properly. Looking at him pointedly she shook her head in disappointment. "At least animals hunt for a reason...but you?" she said bitterly. "You just kill. That's all you know how to do!"] So? HE'S HOT. WHO CARES IF HE KILLS! :P

["I'm not like other men...Am I?" ] Understatement of a LIFETIME :P

["You're a goddamn monster Scam!" she spat, cutting him off with that angry statement.

Scam's body went slack on the spot. Hearing the words that had left her mouth, those same words that were now echoing off the walls that surrounded him, over and over again. And standing there under Sam's angry gaze he felt as if he had received a revelation from some kind of goddess.] omg :( poor scam :(

He thinks of her as a goddess :( awww :( poor scam :(

stupid sam. THIS IS YOUR FAULT.

[How could SHE say that? How could she dare to say something like that to HIM?] :( oh scam :(

[Biting her lip, for some reason Sam could feel her heart beating harder in her chest as she remembered the icy, almost warning stare he had given her before leaving. As if something was going to happen. As if she was in trouble. And as she stood there recalling all the venom in his stormy eyes, she couldn't help but be a little afraid.] omg only Scam could get people scared by just GLARING at them omg he's so hot :D:D::D:D:D

[And he was beyond angry tonight. ] *drools* Scam being angry is one of the hottest things I've ever seen... next to him being shirtless. :P

[How lowly she saw him. Her, the woman he was in love with.] omg omg omg omg he sounds so angry but he deserves to be bc sam is a ... coughhoecough. :P

LOL jk I think I call every TS girl I get annoyed with a “hoe” :P

[How could she see HIM that way?] cuz she’s stupid :P loll me and my commentary :P

[Scam remembered how he had always thought hat maybe one day she would see him as a role model, a guide to follow. That maybe one day she would come on his side and join him willingly.] omg that’s like my dream come true :P :P :P

oh right. HINT HINT HINT well okay its not a hint anymore but still :P

[And she? Today, she had laughed in his face for it.] hmph. Bitch.

["She's not unattainable. She's not out of my reach. And I will have her one way or another," he spat] oh my… :P that’s hot :P

[When he was far more superior] FUCK YES! ! ! :P YOU TELL HER SCAM! :P MUAHAHHAHAHAHH

[He'd make her bleed.] coughcoughhintcough

["I might as well SHOW her one." Soon a dark, sinful smirk was donning his face, drowning out all the anger and hurt that had previously been there] OMG WHY ARE YOU SO HOT.

["I'll make you hate yourself just like you hate me Sam.,"] oh when Scam makes a promise he definitely fulfills it… *drool*



[His eyes scanned the room, left and right before settling on the figure laying comfortably on the bed.] SEE? SHE’S WAITING FOR YOU!

["It's nice to see how well you can sleep after giving me a sleepless night," he spat before sitting next to her on the bed.] – Sam keeps Scam up all night. Omg. Omg omg omg omg omg. Omg.

[Red, pure red, just like the blood she would soon be shedding.] cough. (oh you know what im coughing at :P)

["What makes you think I'm a monster, hmm? Is it my face? My voice? Everything about me?"] oh gosh no Scam. You have the face and voice of an angel *dreamy sigh*

[He could almost see it, the invisible mark left from his mouth on hers. The blemish on her purity.] AHHHHHHHHHHHH OMGMOGMOGMOGMOMGO :D:D:D:D:D

["I should just go away forever." His eyes flickered down Sam's sleeping face. "You'd like that wouldn't you?"] *gasp* NO SCAMMIE STAY

["Not all monsters like to hide in the closet, and this one..." he said, now speaking about himself. 'Likes to attack."] OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG BEING THAT HOT IS A CRIME I SWEAR.

[Stepping halfway through it, he had almost climbed out when he paused and turned his head over his shoulder looking at the girl who was starting to twist in her blankets. His smirk grew wider at her small moan of confusion. "Sweet dreams, Sam," he whispered darkly before disappearing into the night.] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG OMG OMGOMGOMMOGOMGMOG HE’S SO HOT AND SEXY AND EVIL AND OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOM

[Sitting up with a yawn Sam rubbed her eyes before turning off the alarm clock. Time to start another day.] I love that transition :P

[She was sitting there with her hands fisting her hair and a look of sheer exasperation on her features as she stared down at her Calculus textbook, pale as if looking at a ghost that wanted to possess her.] )) I always appreciate a good dose of Clover bashing! :P

["Thanks Sam, you're a god-sent. After I take this test I'm going shopping to distress, you're coming with me right?”] You better buy her a store Clover; dealing with your dumb self is annoying.

)) Mr. Wilson. I love that reference! :P

[From where she stood all she could see was his back but this man didn't have her teacher's familiar thin, short, boney build.] Is Mr. Wilson Jerry in disguise? :P Jk

[No, whoever this man was he was strong with muscular arms that were visible through the navy polo short he wore, and tall enough to be well over 6 ft as he towered over the blackboard.] HOW CAN YOU NOT RECOGNIZE HIS HOTNESS SAMMIE!

[Unless he was psychic this made no sense.] … psst but Scam is psychic! He’s beast! :P

["No one will save you're all on your own."] Alone. With the hot love of your life :P omg :P

[What the hell was TIM SCAM doing in her classroom?] – I had to restrain from saying an inappropriate comment bc this review is going to be online where other people can see my shamelessness :P

["They're not the ones you sound be worried about right now," he said making her narrow her eyes at his ridiculous response to her angry questions.] omg I swear I need a bucket for my drool lmao! :P

["I didn't think you'd want an audience Sam," ] Neither did I. SSC is private. :P

[Moaning in pain Sam twisted and writhed on the floor trying to catch her breath.] See how hot she is for you Scammie? :P

["Get up!" Scam roared making her raise her head off the classroom floor and look at him.] AHHH OGMOGOMGOMGOMGOMGMOG HE’S SO HOT OMGOMGMOGOMGMOGMOGOMGOM

["So you like to play rough, huh?"] that’s what she said! :D

[A sharp gasp left her when Scam's hand crawled in between her legs and gripped her inner thigh aggressively enough for her to feel his nails through the material of her jeans.] ! !

[Seeing her once shirt hit the floor from the corner of her eye and feeling his hot, fast breaths hit her now nearly half-naked form Sam looked at him in horror, her eyes wide and a combination of sweat and good bumps pouring down her spine. "What-what are you doing?" she screamed out, her voice panicked as terror flipped around inside her stomach like a revolving door.] AHHHHHHH maybe I’m messed up but I am LOVING THIS ::P:P:P:P:P:P
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