Reviews for Eat or die
laviniasarah16 chapter 17 . 12/5/2016
Hahahhaa deymn my feelings are half with comes with the ending, but its dope at least it still a happy one
King-of-the-Rejects chapter 17 . 4/12/2016
Am I the only one who kinda liked the ending? Oh well. It's still awesome anyhow
King-of-the-Rejects chapter 11 . 4/12/2016
Awww Sleep deprived Quinn is just so adorkable. I love this so much, made me giggle like a maniac or something...
FireInLife chapter 17 . 2/20/2016
I repeat what was said in my last review but for another reason. How could you end the story like THIS?! :(

It was getting really good and then you end it with a deus ex machina, and, and, are you sure this isn't just some super long April Fools joke? :(

...Anyways, it was a good story overall (have I mentioned how disastified I was with the ending though?), so thanks for writing everything!
FireInLife chapter 15 . 2/20/2016
Oh my god you damn freaking evil monster of an author, how could you do THAT?!

I'm not reading this on April Fools day so I really thought...oh my god. You are the most evil author I hace ever met.
maizcorn chapter 17 . 5/17/2015
maizcorn chapter 9 . 5/17/2015
Lol! Pucks here! Meaning more funny moments, hopefully. Im glad that Puck wasnt as shock with the whole Quinn being a vampire
Snarkleoff chapter 17 . 3/30/2015
Kind of a lame ending, but it works.
Snarkleoff chapter 15 . 3/30/2015
...That was evil, hilarious, but evil.
Snarkleoff chapter 1 . 3/30/2015
I never knew how much I wanted this as an AU. I know I'm kinda late to the party, but this is really good.
E.Elliot chapter 17 . 1/28/2015
Omg I love it, even if you almost gave me a heart attack when I read chapter 15 xD
WonderousPlaceForAnEcho chapter 17 . 8/4/2014
Not sure how I missed this story but it was funny and clever. The ending seemed a bit fast since its not certain what happened to the gang/"friends" but Quinn was wonderful in her protective way. I thought she'd purr at some pt like 13 does in your house fic. But I smirked through out reading because of the puns. Nice job.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/9/2014
You're right, sucky ending for such an amazing story. Although disappointed, I don't regret reading this story because it was just soooo good! What happened? Sometimes I wonder if the author had re-read their stories...they would have completed their stories or maybe spent more time giving it a... less truncated ending. I get that inspiration is not endless. But re-reading your story could have maybe reinvigorate it. Thank you for giving us this!
Guest chapter 15 . 6/9/2014
Lol! Asshole! Obviously, it's not April so you can imagine my horror... Lmao... Oh yeah.. Totally got me, ya whorebag!
Guest chapter 17 . 5/23/2014
I was really into this story, but to be honest, the rushed ending sorta spoiled the whole story for me. What happened? :(
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