Reviews for My Tribute to Josephine Darcy's The Marriage Stone
mackiechandler chapter 4 . 7/4
Woo hoo. I didn't expect this confrontation and I really love it.
internet-spaz chapter 40 . 6/17
Love that you updated! Please keep writing and finish this story properly.
Sheankelor chapter 40 . 6/15
Okay, I know I made you wait forever, but I made it at last. You know the reason why I've been missing so I will not make any more excuses.

You both painted a lovely scene. Pretty trees, luscious colours, silk, scents and whatnots. I am totally in agreement with Harry here, though. What is it with half/totally naked people. Or not naked but might as well be. I know, different cultures different behaviours, but still. Enough is enough. Give the teen a break. I know - he has to learn to deal with all of this and still be able to focus, and you have to be going somewhere with it all just because if you weren't it would be a side not, not a prime element in the entire chapter, but I will admit to being overwhelmed. There, not fussing, not ranting, but asking for a bit of a tone down. *nods* It's getting in the way of my Snarry. *narrows eyes at Yen* And in the way of one of our key elements - loves - needs ... you know what I mean.

Okay, minor fussing done. I was pleased with the minor, tiny, itty bitty glimpse you gave us of snarry here and there. They did play key roles, but I do think those twins - the boy pair - should have backed off when they realised just how much Severus meant to Harry, but that's me. Harry does have a lot to learn about how to deal with non-threatening situation and political things. He needs his Severus to be there to guide him at least a bit. I know, the potions master won't know exactly how to play on the large political ground Harry finds himself on, but ... yeah, he'd still help. Albus is nice and all, but he isn't showing his teaching background here. He needs to be explaining things to Harry, helping him feel more at ease and not so lost. Sure, it's a vacation, but it isn't either. One slip and that would be that for Harry politically. No matter what anyone thinks of him at the moment, it would destroy his entire standing and reception, so I am frowning at Albus.

Ron better pull Harry aside and tell him what they expect him to get out of this trip. He and I both know that Harry will not get it until everything falls apart. Hermione obviously is taking notes from Albus. Harry desperately needs Ron to let him know before he does something irreparable.

All in all, lovely and intriguing. Good luck in getting through this and to the next point in the tale.
Jen chapter 40 . 6/13
I loved the twins and I can't wait until Severus does find out!
Jen chapter 39 . 6/13
Just saw the new update! Thanks!
Jen chapter 40 . 6/13
I'm so excited that you I'm late for work. lol.

Ahhhh! Thanks! So happy.
suntitan chapter 40 . 6/9
I didn't like this chapter. I hope it's relevant. Why does Professor Dumbledore want to keep Harry away from Severus?
asakura yohanna chapter 40 . 6/6
I don't like the twins and the ladies-in-waiting. What is Dumbledore doing letting them do that to Harry?! Dammit! And I am turning vindictive against Harry in this chapter. 'What would Severus think, mate?' Yeah, what would his BOND MATE think?!

Rationally, this was the first time that Harry was dreaming sexually, since he didn't have an opportunity to explore his sexuality before. But DAMN! wasn't Harry the one who acted out against Severus because he was jealous with bloody Andre and the one who asked for FIDELITY!

I'm sorry I am ranting, but DAMMIT!
EbonyWing chapter 40 . 6/5
Oooh... I suppose in some ways it's to be expected but stay strong Harry!
Look but don't touch! ;P

Great chapter-I was super excited to see you're updating again! :)
abe1234 chapter 40 . 6/4
Thanks for a long and interesting chapter. This was quite different then the last many chapters, but a positive sign that the story is evolving in your clever hands 3 I have a hunch where this going, so I am looking forward for next chapter!
It is lovely to get some alone time with Harry, so he can figure himself out *looking impatiencly at Harry*, without the constant threat of danger looming over him. And if he doesn't start soon, we will never get some proper action between our boys *snickers*. I love the interaction with the brothers and Harry, he is having such a hard time *smiles knowingly*. To differential between things like love, desire and attraction is important to be in a comfortable relationship, and this short break from Sev is healthy since Harry's brain tend to turn to mush with Sev around ;)
I am always in awe of how well you *and this of course goes to Vine as well* manage to portrait these strong and often difficult emotions. As always, I am happy that you are still working on this amazing masterpiece and hope that it brings you as much joy to you as it does to your audience, including me :D
Regards, Anne
Cherri101 chapter 40 . 6/3
Guest chapter 40 . 6/3
Whoo! So Happy for an update! Happy Birthday you two! Another lovely chapter. I hope that Sev is okay with the dirty mind, I imagine it's mainly frustration from not being with him, but I also think it might be the connection with Voldy that's causing the discomfort. Anyhow, can't wait for the end, make it really adorable and fluffy!
PercicoLover93 chapter 40 . 6/2
Happy birthday to you both!
SB chapter 40 . 6/2
I really love the relationship between Severus and Harry in this story. It's something I think you've done really well. So, this chapter made me uncomfortable. I didn't like it as much as your other chapters. I really don't know where you're going with this.
KyuubiChild717 chapter 40 . 6/2
I'm not sure if it was me, but this chapter seemed to bounce a lot. I had trouble following parts towards the middle and ending. But I am also a new diabetic so it could just be me and my inability to focus at the moment. Thank you for the chapter and best wishes.
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