Reviews for My Tribute to Josephine Darcy's The Marriage Stone
fantastictyler chapter 41 . 9/18
I'm really enjoying your continuation of The Marriage Stone. While I hope that JD eventually continues her story, I also hope that even if she does, you would continue your version as well. You've done a wonderful job of keeping Harry and Severus in character, and in continuing in the spirit of the story and I can't wait to see where you take it from here.
Areli Lupin-Black chapter 41 . 8/26
Keep up 5e great work! I can’t wait to see how it all ends!
Jensindenial3516 chapter 41 . 8/21
Hope to see you update soon.
patolozka chapter 41 . 8/18
Dear YenGirl (and Vine Verrine too, but mostly YenGirl because I had the honour to know her a bit),
After quite a few years I decided to reread The Marriage Stone (and was fascinated, again) and in succession your beautiful continuation. I was amazed again by it, mesmerized mostly (your intimate snarry moments are very hot and sweet and tender, your characters are reasonable, your new plots are interesting and beautifully written). I like how you choose some of characters and develop them, as Volpine, Aventine, Malfoy, Nicrotis and even Chinese twin brothers. I love how you finally get rid of the Mark. BUT how cruel of you to get rid of it and then abandon Harry and Severus together – yes I understand why, that Severus needs his rest and Harry needs his understanding of his feelings, but I need to say Im a little confused by your last chapters (from the ritual itself on). But maybe its the language barrier or my impatience to finally see Harry and Severus together or... I dont know. But I am looking forward to their reunion with patience and love (oh and I love the glimpse of Snapes even though I dont know what are they up to completely).
I really hope you are all right and that one day (hopefully soon) you will finish this nervewrecking story to your liking. Some crazy time ago I said that if you finish this story I will translate it into my language and after rereading it I like to say that I would love to do it and I hope it will be one day even true...
I had more questions to your story but how I was reading and reading I forgot them all and now I could only thing that you promised happy ending, so please do!
I hope you, you both, stay strong, I cant even imagine how tired (on one hand) you must be after so many years of writing it, thinking about it, plotting and researching things. And so in all my heart I hope you will find a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If I can help somehow I would do it...
Thank you very much for your story, for your ideas and you
With love
Guest chapter 41 . 8/11
I think you have done awsome work with the story so far and I’m happy that you have kept the writing style and characters alike with JD’s original story. Please, keep up the good work. I’m dying here to read some more!
T.O. Bennett chapter 41 . 7/27
I have just finished rereading both Josephine Darcy's original work and your marvelous installment and I'm despairing of ever finishing this story. It's been 7 years (almost to the day) since the last update and - while I understand the demands of real life - I would be so unbelievably grateful to hear from both Yen and Vine about where they're at with continuing with this labor of love. Are you planning on finishing? How are you both doing? What is going to happen to Harry and Severus and their stellar supporting cast? I have so many additional questions!

Whether you finish or not; whether you answer or not I wanted to take the time to thank you both for the incomparable effort and energy you have put into this story. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel.

I wish both YenGirl and Vine the absolute best life has to give. May your muses never leave you and love always find you.

Yours, most sincerely,
T. O. Bennett
Deno chapter 41 . 7/26
Plz update soon
green899074 chapter 41 . 7/18
The withdrawal dear god why are you doing this to me? You guys have to update soon ffs please. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Why. Y tho. Y THO.
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 41 . 5/29
I love Lucius’s POV; it's always such a treat. And then you add some delicious vampire action. Umm, yes please. :D

Hmmmmm. The Snapes seem to be up to no good.

And wow! The ending. You left me hungry for more. Brilliant update. :)
green899074 chapter 41 . 5/18
I meant that review to be on this chapter, sorry, been a while and it was late
green899074 chapter 1 . 5/18
For the love of god please keep writing, I have no idea what’s happening and I find that so refreshing. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with next and I’m DYING for Harry and Severus’ reunion. Keep it up please! I’m on the edge of my seat! PLEASE!
Guest chapter 41 . 4/24
Another great chapter, im loving this story!
Just a query, are the death eaters ever going to be put on trail and punished for their crimes? Cause it seems that lucius and the rest of the death eaters are getting away with their crimes. I mean their dark marks have been removed so they have been saved from voldemort , but surely they should all face punishment at some point if Harry is king. Can't he can get through the bribery of the ministry that lucious and the other death eaters are using to stay out of trouble?

I can't wait for the next chapter, xx
flower pot girl chapter 41 . 4/22
After re-reading this on AO3, I finally twigged that you had added more on this site and hurried over.
This story is amazing and I am in awe of the complexity and the quality of the writing.
Poor Harry, it was all quite confusing and it is easy to forget that he us very young for the responsibilities which have been thrust upon him and he is currently without the one person whose quiet support he has come to depend on. Whilst he trusts Ron and Hermione, they don’t have the experience, cynicism and dispassionate approach to analyse situations in the way Severus does. And Dumbledore hoards information and hands it out like his lemon drops.
Thank you for continuing with this, at whatever pace works for you, as each chapter is a gift and real life can be very demanding sometimes.
Vine Verrine chapter 40 . 4/8
I can see why this chapter got so many strong reactions out of our readers.

But I'm glad to be honest haha. I wouldn't want the trip to be so easy. And there is a reason for it all. Not only to get a reaction out of them ahahahahaha thought I must be honest I liked that too.

But also because I wanted to explore Harry's sexuality a little. Casual sexual attraction is something that I think necessary not only for him but also for his relationship with Severus. This story started with something so very exclusive, and it always bothered me to think that Harry wouldn't be able to have those kind of sexual feelings for someone else except for Severus.

It feels less organic and comfortable to me to think Severus is the best thing only because Harry doesn't have anything to compare it to. I know people like the idea that they are going to be exclusive to each other forever. I feel it... could be much more meaningful of they have had something before, and are still the best of each other not despite those previous experiences, but especially because of, you know?

In my mind's eyes, it could go either way. A Severus that thrives and finds it charming that Harry only has had him forever, but there is also a Severus that I think would wonder if he is Harry's best only because Harry didn't have anyone else to compare him too.

I personally find that discomfotting (at best, weirdly manipulative and obssesive at worst). I want Harry to feel Severus is the best because he knows Severus is the best, not because he doesn't have anything to compare his relationship.

So far into the story, obviously Harry having a relationship, sexual or otherwise, with anyone else, is not feasible, and this is the next best thing I could come up with for people and for Harry to be certain, having these kind of thoughts, that Severus IS the one.

He is finding four extremely attractive, funny and flirtatious people here in China, and they do have an effect on him (thought the intensity of that is not merely himself) and I want to explore that a bit counterposed with his views of Severus and what he feels for Severus.

I'm really excited to let people know why, and also the relation to the story.

Either way, I would hope that we get more reviews talking about the world building we got through here. I think it's beautiful and I wouldn't want it to get overlooked because of Harry's horniness.
MethosLives chapter 41 . 4/5
Thank you! I was getting afraid you wouldn't update anymore, but then I received the notification there was a new chapter. Yay! (Of course it had to happen while I had given up slash for Lent, but I knew there was a huge treat in store for me after Easter, so yay! ;)))
It's amazing how much this story has captured me. You're so talented and the wait was absolutely worth it. I hope you'll be able to post more regularly, but know I'll never stop waiting for more regardless. Thanks again! :)))
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