Reviews for My Tribute to Josephine Darcy's The Marriage Stone
Schattengestalt chapter 32 . 10h
Another lovely and exciting chapter, my dear.*smiles*

I feel really sorry for Sirius and I understand that it must be hard for him to be excluded from the elite of wizards and witches, especially since he feels that he isn't able to protect Harry anymore now.*pats his shoulder* Maybe though, Harry will find a way to heal his magical core, when he gets new information from the portrait of Helga Hufflepuff or maybe his new discovery will lead him to a book, which contains spells or potions to help his godfather regain his old strength.*nods*

It's good that Harry has decided that his first priority is to find a way to control his magic better and to destroy Voldemort.*nods at him* And I'm glad to see that he is making progress with his training, although it might still take some time, until he is fully capable of controling his magic, but I'm positive that he will manage it.

Ah and the bathroom scene was incredibly sweet.*sighs happily* Severus truly loves Harry and Harry loves him and... Ah, they are so cute together.*ignores their glares* I loved how Harry was so angry and sad on Severus' behalf and I'm sure that it gave him one more reason to destroy Voldemort completely.*nods*

Still, I have to admit that I didn't find the reference to JD's side plot, but that's probably only so, because I haven't read her story in some time.*hides* Can you tell me what it was?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.*smiles*

So long! :)

Guest chapter 32 . 11/15
OMG! The title of the last chapter, "History Does Repeat Itself"- don't tempt fate! Ladies, the story is amazing, etc. Please continue.
Vine Verrine chapter 32 . 11/8
Wheeew That was a wild ride, I'm just now imagining how it's going to get even wilder from now on.

What can I say really, you are getting on top of things. If I thought you were already up there and this is even higher... Maaaaaan. And I don't mean just the narrative. I've always been terrible at it and you just transform my half assed ideas into something actually decent and delightful. If they are not so horrid anymore it's mainly because of TMS and you really.

Ok but onto the chapter, I like how you handled Remus after the brothers left. You showed his anger, but also mingled it with his wise personality. He is clearly torn and confused, but he is thinking with a clear mind, something that I don't think Sirius would be capable of doing, exactly how you showed it just later. It was very nicely done, to showcase how both of them react to certain stuff, I don't know I just felt it was very nice to write about that inherent difference in their personalities. I think it's really good that Sirius is "warming up" to Severus. I would like to touch this subject more. I don't think they'll become bossom buddies but Sirus finally caught up with their mutual goals: protecting and loving Harry. I just felt the part where he becomes so worked up he faints to be really poignant and exciting. I mean there is nothing exciting about fainting for pulling something but you know what I mean.

And then the whole Snarry, man. It's just going to get even tinglier kfjahiefuanwiufeaiufea I'm so excited. It has progressed nicely. I like how I just told you "please make it tingly and melancholy" and it's just like that lol Contrasts, always contrasts. Honestly I'm just excited about you know what because of you know what that happened here. That's exactly why I wanted to have a really tense build up. Who knows maybe something that's been kinda there since the beginning of TMS might actually come to pass, that something that lets Sirius and Remus do tandem magic. It's going to be glorious and this is just a taste of it. I felt this chapter was a little bit more of an interlude. The introduction of what's going to happen next. It's the person putting on the running shoes. Then everything will be the sprint. I can see the end to be honest. We are already at a place where everything is just falling into place, if not already has, and it's just waiting for us to put it into words.
thewandcrafter chapter 32 . 10/24
This is just brilliant. Thank you so much for continuing the story. Yours is a very, very worthy contribution. Can't wait to read more.
shortfangirl chapter 32 . 10/22
You and Vine have magical hands and fantastic minds. I don't know what kind of magic you use but this is so perfect I love it. The details everything feels well execute. Keep the amazing work.
Snowglobeworld chapter 32 . 10/20
I love this so much. I am so in love with this story, and your continuation!
Guest chapter 32 . 10/18
Thank you for updating! I really enjoyed reading the chapter.
Sheankelor chapter 32 . 10/18
Ah, I think I see your touch in here as well as Vine's, ladio. But, I will admit your and her words flow together and meld so skillfully that it is hard to separate them.

The Lestrange brothers' anguish, anger, and all their other emotions were well shown, as was Harry's reaction to them. I will admit to hoping that the section in Salazar's book would help Harry heal Sirius' magic core - I know, tragedy happens and can happen and not be reversed... but it is my rose coloured glasses showing through.

I am happy that Harry is one step closer to freeing Severus and that he understands more about what he needs to do. His focus is back and he is working his hardest.

All in all this was lovely if heart wrenching chapter. Thank you for sharing, both of you!
456snarky chapter 32 . 10/18
Great chapter. Now they have to find Helga's writings. Thanks for updating!
EbonyWing chapter 32 . 10/18
Wow...what a brilliant chapter! ;)
badgerlady chapter 32 . 10/18
This was a vivid and touching chapter. I long ago lost track of the plot points of this story, much less the subplots, but this chapter held my interest on its own.
Vine Verrine chapter 31 . 10/2
I say I'd rather JK had regarded Occlumency like this. I don't know I mean I do get why she decided to do it like she did, considering the circumstances, but I don't know if you noticed, there is this general consensus that Occlumency is a very intimate ordeal. Hadn't she all the constraints of child literature, she would have gone all out on Occlumency being practically rape. Because it is, just not physical.

That's why I decided to go 180 with this story. The feelings Severus and Harry share here and not at all alike to the feelings in canon, and I wanted to keep the "intimacy" level, obviously with it being absolutely consensual and accepted, that's why the feelings was entirely different. I'm glad that you didn't have any problem to write it like I suggested. And look at the result! Couple with the exercise in control (which was 100% your doing) I think it had a very satisfying conclusion.

I also appreciated a lot the final product with the Golden Trio. I remember not liking the first draft a lot but only after a few recommendations it was completely different and I enjoyed it a lot.

What I'm really curious about is the Sirius deal. I was just writing randomly spoiling things and now I had to delete a whole paragraph of stuff xD I'm getting ahead of myself but this part will have a lot of potential with that other subplot I've been mentioning, the one that doesn't have anything to do with defeating Voldemort.

I don't even know what to say, it just feels like things are starting to accelerate and this is the interlude. Once you know who does you know what with the you know what to all those you know whos, shit's about to go down to be honest.

FwioejfiuehfaifWPAOIH! I'm so excited hueheheueheheueheueheie
LightRitsuka chapter 31 . 9/23
Omg I love your continuing version of The Marriage Stone I'm so into it and when I caught up to the chapter. Why I want more lol and Snape and Harry are hot and adorable together. Hope you continue till the end.
LilyLunaPotter2002 chapter 31 . 9/15
Please update soon! This is an amazing stiry continuation!
Sheankelor chapter 31 . 9/13
Yes, Vine is right, the light is there to be seen, You have to look, ladio, and you'll see it. I do hope it brightens the path and shows all those lovely still needed scenes in the ultimate clarity for you.

The gaining control of Harry's magic scene was ... lovely. Wonderfully warm, snuggly, and wanted to be watched again and again. When Harry chose the patronuses as his means to garner back his magic, I was halfway positive that Severus could see them as well. But, it was all in his mind. *grins* When Severus stormed into the Infirmary, I half expected him to scold Harry for leaving without waking him, but no - there was an even better reason, thank goodness.

Now we have to wonder what they Lestranges wish, how they are going to break it to them that Bella didn't quite make it, and if they are representing a large contingency of Death Eaters.

Thank you very much for Harry having some down time with Ron and Hermione. Lunch, a picnic one at that, was perfect! He could relax and unwind, they got to be reassured that he was all right, and everyone was happy - I bet Severus had a fair idea where he was even if no one else did.

Sorry about the lateness in this. You've heard and accepted all my excuses already, so I won't go into the here. I shall just wait happily for the next chapter, knowing that it is coming. Soon ... oh so very soon ... that Dark Mark will be history! Then he can take off Lucius' and possible the Lestranges' and then this small pocket of the Dark side of magic can stand in the circle. Just how many more can he pull there and take away from Voldemort?
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