Reviews for My Tribute to Josephine Darcy's The Marriage Stone
Mme. S chapter 36 . 10/9
I have gratefully enjoyed your continuation of Josephine Darcy's story. If she really has died, it's especially good that you lovingly complete her work. As far as the ending, I vote for Happily Ever After. Ms. Rowling did such a thorough job drawing the noose around Snape's neck. Yes, he is in large part responsible for his own suffering-had he been able to see past Harry's physical resemblance to James, he might have found a friend, if not a lover, in Harry. Instead, he nursed his grudge. That said, what I most want for Snape in the alternative universe is an a path forged from his constant love for Lily, rather than his failings. It is the doe Patronus that shows the true state of his soul. Is it too much to ask for Snape to survive and to love and be loved?
Bronze Leaf chapter 1 . 9/30
I'm glad to have found your story! :)
Schattengestalt chapter 36 . 9/30
Yeah, I finally managed to read your last two chapters in one go. Sorry again for how long it took me to get around to reading this story, but you know how deep I am in the Sherlock fandom right now and it wouldn't have been as much fun to read this story, if I hadn't been in the mood for Harry Potter.*winks*

I loved how you described the ritual, it was fantastic and very realistic, not just an easy cure, but one full of risks and I especially liked how they all worked together when Voldemort appeared.*nods* They are a great team and Voldemort will hopefully not have so much power at his disposal anymore, after all the Dark Marks were removed. I'm still curious who is going to survive the removal of the Mark and in what condition they will be.*frowns* I have high hopes that Severus and Lucius will make a full recovery, also because they are very strong wizards, but I could only take a guess for everyone else.*frowns again*

It's good that the ravens made an appearance and calmed Harry down and also told him that the deaths weren't his fault. Of course, it's a different matter if Harry is going to take their words to heart, but I'm sure that it helped him to see that he isn't to blame for the decision every one of the Death Eaters made, when they came to the ritual.*pats his shoulder*

The idea with the detoxification period is great and I loved how you explained it at the example of Bill. It's fantastic and very believable and I just hope that Severus won't be too mortified, if he needs Harry's help for much longer until he has fully recovered.*winks at him*

Am I wrong or does Aventine over Lucius to hav with him... or does he want to bite him?! Somehow, I'm not so sure about it or maybe I'm just slow today.*laughs*

Keep up the good work, dear! *hugs*

So long! :)

Vine Verrine chapter 36 . 9/23
Okay I told you I had too many feelings about this but honestly I don't even know where to start to be quite honest. It's all a jumble I think I might as well reiterate that I hadn't come back to a chapter as much as I did this one, nor had I check so constantly for new reviews as much as this one. Even now just before even though I knew there were 723 reviews I still went to the reviews page and read them over, maybe see something I missed before.

Either way the first thing is that this chapter gave me like... a feeling no other chapter has done. And I don't mean it about the quality per se because I think the chapters have been as great as we can write them, if not really fast paced. Just now that I was reading them again I was like "Daaaamn this is on fire... low heat fire because he haven't done much but still fire!"

But this one I don't know I felt it changed things. It's something I've been feeling like... a new born resolution. Before we were kinda scrambling up to find something that could give us that head start into you know, actually making big shit happen. And when I read the final draft of this chapter I was like... this is it... This is. IT.

I just have a special spot for this chapter because it felt so different. The ideas I had started to flow better, like there was actually something we could do and do it now you know. We already have plenty of things to work on for the next chapter even though it hasn't been that long, and I don't know I just have too many feelings ;;;;;;;;

The little interaction between Albus and Harry was stellar, but honestly... the Snarry took the cake here. I mean the interactions between Aventine and Lucius were just mouth-watering, but you know Snarry is Snarry. And the first draft you sent me of Harry going to Severus actually made me tear up, I mean I just added like what? A few sentences, and it was just like putting the cherry on the cake, but the whole thing was yours and it was stunning and just reading it again I was like "Ugh *chokes up*"

Harry's interactions with the Ravens were also... I don't know I just felt they were really organic without being awfully convenient. It's time Harry talked to them more, and just decide that whatever they are they should help him out as much as they can.

I loved their little trip to the Healing Temple, and everything little detail about it.

But I mean I do have to give a shout out to the Lucius/Aventine interaction. Some of the things you wrote, those little details like how Lucius hair looked spread like that on the grass was just UNNFFF what a master piece. I just have something for the way I keep giving you half assed, crudely worded ideas and you turn those into THAT... THHAAAAAT.
coccinellee chapter 36 . 9/17
I so didn't know this fic was still updated! I'm really happy to finally read the end one day! Also, please forget those nasty ideas as soon as possible.
Moonsoulx3 chapter 36 . 9/13
Where to start? Oh my Lord all I can say is I've had the marriage stone saved in my to read list forever and if I had read it and it stopped in that spot with that cliffhanger I probably would've expired. What reminded me that I had the story to read was that I saw your story so I've read her story which was an absolute feast and I wondered how in the world would you ever continue writing that. Well you have done an amazing job both of you. Your story is just as awesome. And absolutely wanted it to never ever end so I hope that maybe your publish maybe 100 more chapters or just continue indefinitely and continue writing the story forever so that it never stops. I have a so many questions and so many ideas and I appreciate the way that you've paid such respect to her story while also making this your story. I keep wondering who Bill is going to end up with I hope they're Egyptian that's all I can say. And Narcisa has always been a bit of a useless character to me so I hope whatever it is manifesting between Lucius and the vampire leader I just hope it goes so much further I just want it to happen so badly. I am waiting like a small child on Christmas Eve I cannot wait for your next post. Lora
yukinari chapter 36 . 9/12
Wiiel chapter 36 . 9/10
This is just beautiful. I'm worried about my severus, please don't forget the fluffy moments we all love and wish for. I'm waiting for the next chapter
Sigrid Frost chapter 36 . 9/10
I finally reached the last chapter. Thank you so much for the story, which is very true to JD's The Marriage Stone. As a matter of a fact The Marriage Stone was one of the first HP fanfics I've read, and it came as a shock to me that it wasn't finished, nor would it ever be. I remember almost crying from frustration. I have very much enjoyed your continuation of the story so far. Looking forward to new chapters
Anony chapter 36 . 9/8
Perfect, I love how you've carried on with JD's original story, brilliant character development and the plot is exciting and intricate, it keeps us all enthralled. Xxxx
Jill chapter 36 . 9/7
So happy you continued this story, I've enjoyed every chapter. Love how Harry and Severus are handling their relationship, it's sweet and at the same time very sensual. You've been very clever in resolving the dark mark issue in a way I would never have imagined. Please please carry on with this amazing story- you're a star ******
Sigrid Frost chapter 17 . 9/6
Great chapterloved the smut. And I also love the fact that they're taking it slow.
Sigrid Frost chapter 14 . 9/5
Loving this chapter. So intimate and romantic
Sheankelor chapter 36 . 9/4
Happily Ever After. There, that is all that needs to be said, right? *laughs* This was a lovely chapter, ladies. Worth the wait. Harry's worry was palpable, Albus' and Amelia's tiredness so easy to see and understand. I do like the healing springs, the sphinx, and all the other things included here.

I wish you both the best of luck in bringing this to the end that JD would have loved - which would have been a happy one, honestly you can see that is where she was going with her original. *nods* You just have to look at the clues.
EbonyWing chapter 36 . 9/3
Awesome chapter! Severus is finally free! Hopefully those healing baths speed up his recovery. Will his magic should be stronger then, since Voldemort isn't leaching it anymore?

And what's going on with Aventine and Lucius?
Intriguing stuff... ;P
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