Reviews for accursed young ones
the fiery sage chapter 1 . 11/24/2011
wow your way with words is supremely lovely, livvy.

it wasn't one of those typical cheesy romantic stories you find on the archive.

i am extremely impressed.

the way you depicted derrick's relationship with his ma was deep.

and somehow i think claire is meant to be his salvation.

at least i hope so (:

anyways, i loved it :D

you're a great writer!

daisydazedays chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
this was trippy, and it's almost four in the morning so I have no idea what I'm typing.


this was Clairington, and I love anything that is Clairington.

you, Livvy, are a spectacular writer.

never change, never stop, and stay golden.

-love, Tinsley.
shell games chapter 1 . 7/2/2011
hi, livvy! i'm looking at my prompts and realizing how shit they were. oh well, you made do and it was kind of beautiful! asfjljl

soo, derrick as a mama's boy claire as a blue blood beauty infinite amounts of love. parallels between what his mom says in contrast to who claire is - clever and ties the story together perfectly.

slightly mystery about both claire and his mom - alfjasdf i love it

title - is it from the song 'cuz that is a beautiful title right there

"(Remember that curiosity kills the cat, Derrie.)

But satisfaction brought it back."

best fucking ending - ever. i'm not even joking, okay. i really loved that bit. it pretty much gave me the chills. aww, poor derrick. the women in his life always wear him out ):

in conclusion: mucho love-o, and i'm fav-ing, and thank you so much for this :D

and i have to goo
The Omnipresent Reviewer chapter 1 . 7/2/2011
You wanted a review, you got it! Oh, before I begin, I have a question. Which review(s) did you see? BTW thanks for the comment on my Pen Name; I appreciate it.

Okay onto your story. You're right, this makes no sense at all. But, it does give you a warm glow after reading it. I absolutely love your vocabulary though. It's refreshing to see something that couldn't been written by a 3rd grader. There are a lot like those.

Had this made sense, I might had asked you write a full story. If you can do that, I promise I'll review your next work.

How's that. It was nice, right?

But, don't get used to the special treatment.

Learn to love it...

ifandonlyif chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
Ack! Livvy, tres, tres awesome. I love the "curiosity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought it back." Perfect ending. I love that he is the good boy and everything, and Mama's boys are so sweet.

AHDORED this part:

"She never teased him like others did (what the fuck is up with your mom? How old is she anyway? Shouldn't she be dead by now?) but only stared with her wide eyes the shade of a cloudless sky into his own, delving maybe, searching for who he might be; maybe she was hoping for a sign of personality, just a tiny iota, beyond his usual blankness and nonchalant attitude.

She wouldn't find any."

quite amazing.

so. well done! i have no more words to express how much i enjoyed this.

scintillating stars chapter 1 . 7/1/2011

this was fucking amazing.

i absolutely ABHOR you right now.

this was just too good and i feel really jealous and gah what i would do to be able to write like that. I HATE YOU.

but this was amazing and old-fashioned and amazing and unique and amazing and inspirational and amazing.

write more?


fading fairytales chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
so, you know, i saw this in my inbox and i was all 'i have to read it' because it's livvy and she rocks at writing and well, you wrote it (: and even though i wasn't going to review because i'm lazy and bad little girl, i forced myself into reviewing because i know how much it can mean to a person -me included- the praise/thoughts one's work.


this was ... AMAZING. because i have a sucky vocabulary and my brain is all mush and ican'teven in the face of this glorious oneshot, so there you go. it was truly something, original and creative and made me go all 'wowowwowowowowowowow'. i just had to review. it all went perfectly, his mom was really endearing, a character that really comes alive in your mind, y'know? and claire was sort of beautiful and rich and smart and the kind of girl we all want to be, but not in a cliché way, not with the way you described her. and derrick - he was ... AMAZING. i loved that boy. made me want to hug him and in the end he got his happy ending with claire, in the most fluffiest sort-of angst i've seen ;)

haha. so i'll stop rambling and say goodbye with a sign-off not as epic as yours. just continue writing stuff that makes my brain go all mush and ican'teven. i'll make myself review, dealio? :D

faved, fo sho. yeah.

gillan chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
dude dude dude- friggin', like, incredible.

i better be the first reviewer (gelatin!)...

'kay, so the first line was AWESOME. and then that following paragraph left me so freaking jello' because it was just...gskjgh. perfect. all those sentences in brackets deserve fucking awards.

and plus, this was awesome clairington. i don't like the pairing much in general, but this was right up there with the better ones.

but like, you're livvy. and you're crazy talented. so it's only expected.

"what the fuck is up with your mom? How old is she, anyway? Shouldn't she be dead by now?" HAHAHA XD clever shit, livs(;

aawwrgh, the ending was sentimental and sweet and not rushed at all, you poo; stop lying!

i hate when you say you're jealous of me. would you OPEN YOUR EYES AND TAKE A LOOK A THIS MIND-BLOWING ONESHOT HERE? it was superb.

the way you write is so DIFFERENT&SPECIAL and really inspiring. you make me awe-struck. fo' reals.

detailslivvy talent &%#!*$


okay, faving like a boss xD