Reviews for Gone Hunting
umbrella10 chapter 1 . 12/26/2014
nicee ;)
no name 12345 chapter 1 . 2/23/2013
Terrific story! I hope to one day get to read a completion to it.
Unseen Watcher chapter 6 . 3/24/2005
*waggles a finger* Shame on you! I wanted to see what would happen next!
laura encarnacion chapter 6 . 3/22/2005
OMG i luv your story it was good. Can u please finish it so i can finish reading it and see what happens,i can't wait. Please email me ASAP.

your fanfic,


teardrops2m chapter 6 . 5/17/2004
Good fic hope you write more of it soon.
Yoshi1 chapter 6 . 7/9/2003
Oh! PLEASE PLEASE finish this story! It's not fair! i spent like 2 hours reading this wonderful piece of work and you haven't updated in like a year! are you ever going to finish it or are you leaving this amazingly splendid fanfic unfinished! you're too cruel *sob* *sob* (How was that for a guilt trip? hehehe) But seriously though...please update. Indulge us, your loyal fans.
Kendra Luehr chapter 6 . 7/6/2003
YAY! Haha, lol...I found a good fic 2 read! _ But~gasp~it still needz 2 b updated! ~Pouts~No! Haha, lol...could ya pleaze do me a fave & email me when ya update? Purty pleaze? Lol, heehee...thanx...byez! .~
WitchoftheWest chapter 6 . 7/14/2002
I really like this story! If you don't write another chapter soon, I'll be forced to send my army of devilish morons to gnawn on your ankles! *runs away laughing very evilly*
1316killua zoldik080419 chapter 6 . 7/13/2002
Bobbie chapter 6 . 7/13/2002
Whoa, nelly. I like. Want more. Gimme.
A tiny little Bebop fan chapter 6 . 7/13/2002
Okay, I love this story. It has a great plot and you manage to keep all of the characters in character very well. The writing is very, very good. I'm impressed with the whole thing...BUT...I WANNA KNOW THE SECRET ALREADY, DANG IT!

Seriously, this is a fantastic fic. I hope you update soon and I really do hope you'll let us in on the secret soon. Spike doesn't have to know, just let Faye remember for us poor impatient readers.
oblivious chapter 5 . 5/25/2002
Faye's in bigger trouble than usual. And Jet's somehow involved as well? I really like the direction that this story is headed in. Can't wait for the meeting between Spike and Faye in the next chapter.
131216killua zoldik080419 chapter 5 . 5/22/2002
nice one pls put up the romance part really soon pls...and can you update soon too?pls...(';')
Usako-chan chapter 5 . 5/21/2002
YAY! This is so great! I can't wait for the next chapter! .
Usako-chan chapter 1 . 5/21/2002
Great first chapter! _ I'm going to go read the next one.
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