Reviews for Ree Majors' Wonderful Journey
olqueen108 chapter 40 . 10/4
Uhm, I don't know if others read the reviews, but DS has it on her profile that this story is officially discontinued :(
Hazardous.Amorous chapter 40 . 9/19
I AM SHOOK. Please update! Love this story!
Guest chapter 40 . 8/19
This is amazing I am in love with the plot I hope you continue this story as see it out to the end
Thanks boo
threeheadedhydreigon chapter 40 . 8/18
Why no more. This was good!
BathTime Poet chapter 40 . 7/27
Although I am sad, I respect your decision to discontinue this story. I hope you do great things. You already have. God bless.
AlexJMP chapter 40 . 7/9
Where isthe next chapter?
Wes Craven chapter 40 . 6/11
We need more of this Skitty! I finally finished reading what's out of this and I can say for certain that I officially like this more than Pesestal (which is certainly saying something). Problem is, unlike Pedestal it isn't finished. Please take this off of Hiatus, it's too good to just discontinue.
Aerie chapter 10 . 5/25
...Ree needs to be more perceptive. Pretty sure Lala has a thing for Whippy, which is why she's so jealous of Mitzi. She's now the third wheel. On a side note, hoping there's another male mon soon. Whippy is kinda a pimp by this point. His trainer and three female Pokemon
Reader chapter 40 . 5/18
Why have you stopped for so long? Please continue...
*clasps hand to beg* Have been waiting for so long, prob more than a year I guess
morality-tortoise chapter 40 . 4/21
About as long as it takes for a skitty to get through volleyball hell.
Slenderbrine chapter 40 . 2/29
Really cool story. How long is it usually between updates?
Lucas Vern chapter 33 . 2/22
Guest chapter 40 . 2/17
Happy Anniversary...
Lucas Vern chapter 21 . 2/16
Whippy's Grandma chapter 40 . 1/14
Skitty, when are you updating RMWJ? It's one of my favorite (if not my favorite) Pokemon OC fanfics (actually, not just Pokémon OC fanfics, it's one of my fave things /ever/) and I've been checking since forever for an update! I'm sorry, I hope I'm not hassling you, I'm just wondering - I know it might be on a hiatus or whatever, seeing as you last updated in February 2014, but I really, really, really, really want to read more of Ree and Whippy and all that. ;A;
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