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klu chapter 28 . 8/4/2014
I have so very much enjoyed this, even though I really missed Von and Alex. You created such wonderfully deep and complex characters in them; I do hope more is to come about them in the 3rd story. Plus, now I am invested in what happens with Trent and Donnie as well.

With everything happening between the apocalypse bearing down on the Winchesters and the added concern of damage that could be caused by Astarte/Von... There will be a LOT to do. I do have one question/comment. Astarte is a goddess of fertility as well as war; and as the group was researching her or Morrigan they found things about a woman who put men 'out of their misery' after fighting valiantly and being mortally wounded - but it was only the Angels who kept saying Astarte 'hated mankind' and wished to destroy the world... To me fertility represents life, and yes war is certainly going to have casualties, but is it possible she's a little misunderstood? As you described the Asylum, yes the death and carnage was pretty gross and terrible, but the growth and life sure sounded pretty too... Maybe she can be convinced to accept a balance? I can't wait to see if I'm right as I read the next one...
klu chapter 27 . 8/4/2014
The Basilisk Hunt followed right away by the ghost Bonnie and Clyde... Super fun and cool...
I know Sam knows what happened with him and Donnie and Dean won't blame him... But Donnie never found out? I don't think that is very fair. She had a right to know even if she wasn't in control, she should know she had sex with Sam - although how would you NOT know you had sex? You kinda... you know... notice the invasion in certain areas for awhile... Plus, it's... sticky.. Aaanywaaay... The Hunts were both very interesting and I liked that Donnie got to flex her muscles and protect the boys, but she also saw the price one pays for being the hero... Too bad they didn't think about wearing gas masks instead of just sunglasses to go after that thing.

As far as the ghost possession. I would love to know WHO the demon was that gave those crazy ghosts that deal. Also, to be sure they don't start up again, shouldn't the bones/bodies have been salted and burned?
klu chapter 24 . 8/4/2014
When Trent saw how much more Von meant to Sam than she meant to him... I really thought he was going to let his unrequited love go... but I guess when you've held onto something for that long, whether it's love, revenge, hate, or sorrow... You can't just 'let it go' all at once. Even if there is something or someone right there who is more deserving of your attention.

I do partially understand Donnie's reluctance to be drawn to a were. Honestly, her family is enough of a reason, even if the fact that she just doesn't have enough info on what to expect and doesn't want to lose herself. On top of that, she knows Trent is hung up on Von and no one likes to be a second choice, and she's been compared to Von enough as it is...

I don't understand why, after Dean and Bobby returned home, they weren't told about Trent dropping by to 'express his disappointment' in Sam's behavior... I mean, in the end, the two men hung out together, made somewhat of amends, no one died and Donnie wasn't injured... I call 'no harm, no foul' and mark it in a 'draw' column, if not a 'win' for the Winchesters.

Dean had a tough Hunt with the werewolves he met; especially after he killed the girl because he 'knows' he can't trust her to not kill people again... I will say her words didn't make her sound too remorseful about it; if I were in her position, I would have at least acted like I was sorry and wouldn't do it again versus saying all that crap about beef tasting like grass and people being so much better blah blah blah...

Did Sam ever tell Dean he killed and ate 3 people on his rampage? I know that Trent knows and I do NOT think Dean should learn this info from anyone except Sam, so he had better fess up... Aaannd I don't think saying they were kids living on the street is going to be a 'selling point' for Dean. Maybe if he'd killed drug dealers, gangbangers or pimps (or mimes?)... But teenage runaways? Nope. I don't think Dean is going to see them as 'disposable people'.
klu chapter 21 . 8/4/2014
I really loved the wolf-leopard showdown. I can understand Trent wanting to take revenge on Sam for Von's death. He loved the woman for years and she never returned his love in the same sense - she cared deeply for him - that was obvious - but she was not IN LOVE with him and never had a romantic interest... She chose her 'mate' in Sam and Trent felt that Sam wasn't aware of what an amazing gift the universe had bestowed upon him.

I truly felt when Von/Astarte entered Donnie she was sending a message to both Trent and Donnie. Saying "stop looking for love when it's not going to be returned and look at what's right in front of you, right here, right now."

Sam and Trent had a good amount of time in the panic room and I would have liked for Sam to voice his issue about Trent's reaction to Von/Astarte without getting too angry... Because I think Trent's defense would be as simple as 'I knew her for a long time, loved her all that time. Just because she didn't love me back the same way she loved you, does that mean my pain isn't real?' Sam being the compassionate person he is would have to agree that Trent has a point, and he loved Von, he could easily see how someone else would love her just as much as he did.
klu chapter 20 . 8/4/2014
The attack and repercussions of the actions of the Faeries went from funny and silly to a very dark and twisted place that put a very unfortunate wedge between Dean and Donnie. In a way I was incredibly upset that things took that turn, and didn't stay more funny and silly... But I think the outcome between Dean and Donnie has a more important purpose, even if (as a reader) I don't really like it,

I should specify that I 'don't really like it' because I DO like Donnie. You've done a good job creating this character and making her 'real' and not just a 'throw away' character that I don't need to remember or won't care about what happens to her (she's not like the random 'Enterprise personnel' going down to the unknown planet w/ Kirk and Spock, never to be seen again after being eaten by a weird glob-monster or falling into some randomly opening volcanic holes). As a fan of Alex, whether she ends up coming back in this story or the next one, whether she ends up back with Dean or not, I just don't see Dean being romantically linked to a woman who was her best friend. I do think that Dean could use a friend and that Donnie could use Dean as a friend too, but she seems to be confusing her vagina and her heart when it comes to love; please pardon the bluntness there.

The fact of the matter is that Donnie was hoping for a change in her relationship with Dean he will never be able to give, but also the now the thing with the faeries maybe made it so their friendship might not survive... which is sad because they both could use a friend long-term.

Also, I should have commented on it at the proper point, but when Dean healed Donnie and she was 'open' to his memories - then she thought he would be mad that she saw everything she did... It was really beautifully done. I thought the way she saw Alex never said 'Thank you' and she not only thanked him, but genuinely meant it, but then shied away and they way he gripped her and gave her a small kiss of what I thought seemed like appreciation... It was all very touching. Her guilt at seeing everything when she really had no control over it - it almost seemed like she was empathetic and she was transferring Dean's biggest, most common emotion onto herself; guilt for crap you can't control is a Dean Winchester specialty, after all.
klu chapter 19 . 8/4/2014
At this point the faeries were a funny and kind of lighthearted distraction from all the heavier crap that they had been dealing with...
klu chapter 16 . 8/3/2014
I meant to put this in the last review, but dog pressed the 'post' button: When the small bits of the real 'Sammy' broke through and he was not being such a prick, as they realized maybe a part of his behavior was due to demon blood withdrawal... I fully expected Sam to beg for some of Donnie's blood, explaining that Von's blood used to 'clean out' Ruby's blood and that Moriarty explained that to him too. I honestly thought he would ask her to remove it with a syringe. Again, you surprised me.

The entire Von resurrection was incredibly cool and well choreographed; everything from the plant life taking on a mind of its own and the tree growing up around them to the demons and angels attacking was amazing. The mystery, confusion, wonder and terror in the moment was palpable,
klu chapter 15 . 8/3/2014
I don't think that it was Dean who broke down that door, but someone else who helped him...

I'm glad they were able to subdue Sam and take him back to Bobby's, but why isn't anyone asking about WHY Sam has suddenly become a freaking rage-monster? It can't just be because of Von's death or the fact he wasn't wearing the amulet... I guess it could be a combo of stressors but have they ever considered that someone or something wants him to go all guano?
klu chapter 14 . 8/3/2014
Sam's psycho wolf-out really freaked me out here...

I was wondering if the shadowy person Donnie saw outside the window had anything to with it, but it was never really explained if the person was Trent or Lucifer or Astarte... Since she never brought it up to anyone and there ended up being enough crap hitting the fan as it was.
klu chapter 12 . 8/3/2014
I don't see anything wrong with Dean and Donnie finding comfort in each other, even if it was initiated by Astarte... I do however worry that Donnie may become more emotionally attached to Dean than he could be willing or able to her...
klu chapter 11 . 8/3/2014
Sam's encounter with Lucifer should have been a wake-up call that he should stow his pride and contact Dean...

Dean finding Donnie and getting the answer (even though it was one he didn't want) should have been reason enough to contact Sam and introduce them...

When the brothers act like this, they just make want to bang their heads together... Or run and tattle to Bobby so he can do it proper, with a swift kick in the *ss and call them idjits. You do such an amazing job at writing 'typical' Winchester bad behavior - it makes me wanna scream, get out a graph or pie chart showing how this behavior never works well, and then strangle someone; that's how I know it's so spot-on.
klu chapter 10 . 8/3/2014
I was really not surprised that neither Dean nor Sam was keeping the other apprised of the info on Donnie as he was getting it. It was frustrating that they were acting like that in a way because the ultimate goal was to bring back Alex and Von and so they issues (however huge and however legitimate the grudges) should be second to that mission...

I was, however, floored when Donnie ended up knowing Alex and not Von... So Kudos on that switcheroo.
klu chapter 9 . 8/3/2014
This mess with the shifters was terrible for so many reasons and it broke me apart to see the brothers plagued by the do-over deaths of their beloveds. I didn't really understand how the shifters gained all the memories of Von and Alex; you kind of explained that since their souls were in tact their memories were still with them, but I guess you were just developing a new 'breed' of shifter that didn't need to have direct contact with the subject of their form? They could pull the look of Von and Alex from memories from Dean and Sam's mind and then tap into the girls' memories that way? Did I get that right? Otherwise, how would they have even known Alex and Von existed at all?
But putting the 'how?' aside, the creepy and disturbing factor here was off the charts and incredibly well done. The shooting Sam and binding Dean was actually really scary - but the whole time I was thinking 'these guys are so stupid - they have an Angel they can call out to! just pray you idiots! Cas can show up and go Smity McSmiter on these shifter bit**es!' But they are too stubborn and not thinking like that, because they're Winchesters...
I thought you did a good job of Sam admitting his sleeping w/ Alex to Dean - it was clearly a case of 'too little, too late' and he knew he was already busted. He didn't even do a good job of even trying to defend himself or Alex to Dean (not like there was any GOOD defense, and only half-*ss one is "I was high"). What bothered me the most I think was rather than letting himself be hurt by Alex's behavior or even trying to say that she was having some kind of demonically charged personality breakdown, Dean opted to go the route of telling himself there was never anything real between them at all and/or he should have seen the signs/been able to stop her from 'going bad'.
The fact they the brothers separated here I didn't see as a bad thing in and of itself... But knowing them like we all do... I just felt like they wouldn't be just taking some time apart but it would end up being total 'radio silence' and one of them would end up in some sort of peril...
klu chapter 5 . 8/2/2014
So far this story is just as awesome as the first one... Even with all the heartache that's accompanied these first chapters there have been lots of great 'one liners' that have really tickled me.

Also, I don't know if I've ever mentioned it in a review before, but the way you occasionally discuss Sorcha's thoughts and feelings is exceptionally well done. I love that the people in her life have accepted that she knows what they're saying to her and even though she can't answer her questions, more often than not, they 'get' what her expressions or barks are conveying.

As far as the resurrection spell: doesn't it make the most sense to bring back Von? Then use her exceptionally powerful witchy mojo to either A) gather enough to ingredients to do the spell again for Alex or B) find another option? Hel-lo? Uber-witch at your service, anyone!?
Puddin little minx chapter 28 . 12/31/2011
Omfg omfg what an ending to this story looks like alex is back and totally evil is she how are the boys going to be saved omg astrate is totally in play she the one that has them donnie and bobby and Cass will have to work together I'm so excited for the sequel now so can't wait to see what happens :) ps happy new years to you and wynter oxoxoxo
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