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GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 169 . 3/22
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 168 . 3/22
Yeah, because apparently her family no longer matters, like she said it did a chapters ago... So go ahead and die, leave your family.
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 167 . 3/22
Wow... Damn...
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 166 . 3/22
Well that was climactic.
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 165 . 3/22
Not sure how I enjoyed that...
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 164 . 3/21
Forgive me for my incompetence... So, they went back in time to M-Day? Is that where they went? Or no? And then they went back to the future (great Scott!)? To when? The present? I am so confused... Where is everyone else? Like Logan and Magneto?

Great chapter, anyway!
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 163 . 3/21
*reads on while eating popcorn*
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 162 . 3/21
She sits on a throne of lies! She never told them that Wanda "trusts her" when trying to convince them in letting her go to Genosha! She just told them that she knew what she was doing and that they needed to trust her! Saying that she could deal with it on her own, not bothering to explain to anybody how! Oh my gosh! Is any of what she's saying true?! Because I don't remember an inhibitor room or her being tricked! *sighs*

It was still a good chapter, though. So, they all thought that Wanda was dead, though? Or no...? Because it sounded like they were surprised to see her... And I thought the whole point was going to go and find her. ... Anyway! Great chapter.
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 161 . 3/20
She couldn't have just talked to Logan? Rather than punch him? I mean, come on! He's probably feeling really betrayed right about now... Just, with everything adding up...
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 160 . 3/20
Great chapter. Yet again.
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 159 . 3/20
*dies waiting* Oh, wait. I can just go to the next chapter! *frolics over to the next page*
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 158 . 3/20
Oh, okay, see, I thought it ended in the last chapter. Ha. It didn't. But now it did. It was marvelous.
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 157 . 3/20
Impeccable chapter. Rather short for what the beginning forebode, but still marvelous. And what happened with Logan? That was utterly confusing. Was he in a different reality? Was he dreaming? Was he dead? What was happening there? But still splendid.
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 156 . 3/20
Ho-ly. Hell. My brain. My head. So much... Knowledge... Information... Overload...
GrayBlueEyedBelle chapter 155 . 3/20
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