Reviews for Reach for You
tokidoki chapter 2 . 9/30/2011
I really like this. It was so sweet and nice
orenji-kiseki chapter 1 . 7/3/2011
I melted at the end of this part, but already earlier I was close to that~~

oh, where to start? I loved so much about it.

- Kamiyama's determination and desperation to not let Honma slip from his reach - everytime he showed it (and that's what he showed all the time~~) I was declaring my love to him XD in a weird way, his methods aren't very different from Honma's methods in the drama. Both didn't back off of thinking to use drastic measures XD

still, Kamiyama is sweeter and less bratty about it XDD

- Yoda-san~~ I knew he would help Kamiyama. I love how he's playing with both sides, supporting them both. I love how he's the only person Honma trusts and how Honma got a bit angry when he found out Yoda-san helped them XD (like 'how could he sold him out to them?') XDD

- mention about Honma's apartment not having many stuff in and what it implies in so many ways (Kamiyama being the one who took the stuff or at least saw the apartment...XDD) and awww Honma's silly reaction to that XDD

- Honma's threat to jump off the car, it was hilarious~~ and Kamiyama actually fearing he really could do it, lol. (and Saejima treating him like a spoiled child, oh, it suits their relations sooo much!) Sure, Kamiyama has that experience of being his best friend all those years, he almost jumped off the roof right before his eyes, so I do not wonder why Kamiyama is freaking out now XDD awww but it was sooo cute~

- the way they dragged him to the elevator, oh lol XD priceless XDD

- the way he reacted at the sight of the staff members he knew so well, lol.

- and how he actually allowed Kamiyama to get into that room and even to hug him. And how he was feeling all lost and not ready. How he refused to look Kamiyama in the eyes. And how sweet Kamiyama was to him.

...oh god, I'm in love.