Reviews for Dresses
ilzehs chapter 1 . 7/4/2011
OMGGG! *Squeals* You just knew I needed a mood-cheering badly. Gawd I adored this so much, & I can't thank you enough not only for doing this, but for understanding. For encouraging me to fight off the ignorance. I truly appreciate you & your support. You may not be the best writer out there, but at least you have the guts to accept when things are not right & how important is to make your effort in order to show your distaste for it.

Loved the idea. This is the only way I can ever enjoy Jay in a dress, lol. You were spot on with all characters. & oh baby, you had Redge! When they are like that, how can I not love it like crazy?

The moral of the fic...brilliant. You just conveyed an awesome message through this entertaining piece.

Oh I have no doubts for Adam's pouting abilities. He's a manipulative little bitch ;P

How brilliantly amusing is this Jay? He's in a shitty predicament but he's still reminding Adam his place...LOL that's the best relationship I have ever heard of. & yes, Adam being the girl is like, so totally obvious in that ;P

*Drools* Jay's giving me dirty images of Adam over his knees...Getting carried away...

This year? I thought Adam was a brat for the lifetime ;P Haha, I love their relationship here. & interaction. So cute, & funny.

Ouch...Therapy...Lol...Jay's really pissed. & he's hot like this.

Awww Adam & Randy are just...UTTER SWEETNESS here. Randy, so attentive. Adam, such a cunning bitch. He has Randy whipped, & he takes full advantage of it. Just the way he said, 'he's being mean to' I gushed so hard. This is how they are to me. I love this shade to their relationship.

Haha, threatening Randy on Adam's expense...& Jay, muttering & giving in...this is so cute.

Aww Jay-Jay...Bratty blondes are the reason why your life is so interesting & bright *bats eyes sweetly*

See when I say bottoms control everything? Not only Randy, but even Jay's wrapped around Adam's little finger. He's just precious like that.

I am still Awww'ing over Randy/Adam. Excuse me, but I am desperate. Duh.

"Pink isn't your colour," he said. "And the dress really doesn't suit you."

LMAO...For once in his life, John Cena is not shitting ;P Sorry Jay. Your a dead gorgeous stud, but this is just not your thing.

Awwww Randy proposed...A Redge wedding *gushing again*

LMAO this is the best way to bottom Jay. I loved the ending. Come on Jay. Its Matt. Its not gonna hurt your top status by letting a man like him take control for the night ;)

Exactly. Agreed, so totally. IF you do that, Don't fuck up characterization.

This was so entertaining. You cheered me up greatly. Thank you so much. Loved Adam's relationship with Jay & Randy particularly the most.
Rhiannamator chapter 1 . 7/3/2011
Haha! I'm giggling madly over here. The set-up was a bit convoluted (i had to re-read a couple times)but the result is hilarious. I have such a wonderful image in my head of Jay, arms crossed over his pink dress and steaming, Matt sneaking a hand out to goose him, Adam & Jeff & Randy laughing. Aw, and i love their relationships here. Jay still threatening to bend Adam over his knee. Randy understands that Jay is Adam's Daddy, lol.

"This could be my present," he suggested. "You wouldn't even have to spend your money." Jay snorted. "No I'll just have to spend it on therapy instead," he snapped." That made me LOL!As is Adam pouting to Randy, the way he whispered and Randy immediately went into action. So wrapped around the precious blonde's finger, just as he should be.

Ah Cena, adding insult to injury. It's good they all know Jay didn't do his willingly, lol. & i simply adore Matt & Jay's relationship here. You can tell they're total equals. Jay may be pissed now, but who knows, maybe he'll be thanking Adam in the morning!

This is the perfect way to put Jay in a dress, and makes me laugh. Thanks for this bit of cuteness!