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Melex Rengsef chapter 19 . 1/18
For anyone wondering, about the conclusion of this fanfic, i've decided to continue where it left off, here it is the link:

As a reader of the original work, I enjoyed reading since the scarlet cast were the first characters that i encountered in this series, it is a shame that you lost the inspiration to continue it, but if someday you see this, i hope you read the conclusion i came up with.
Amikoichi chapter 19 . 5/19/2016
Oh please continue this story! You're very good at writing, how can you just leave it as it is? You should continue! Don't give up! Keep up the good work! All the readers and me too who read this heartwarming fiction love you and are thankful for you putting so much effort into this.
(Sorry for bad english...)
Spy of Influence chapter 19 . 5/1/2016
Eh? This, uh, doesn't seem quite right. NOT going to continue? I'm not the first one, but that, I dunno. I started reading the story today, and I thought you had lots of things down, and even with a few spelling errors here and there, I can't help but be attracted to the plot that bleeds nothing but proper interaction on a scale that warmed my heart and made me feel sad. I could relate to Flandre joy and Sakuya's newfound motherliness.

You may say that we can see where the story could go from here, but you see, we want to see where you're going to take it. We can make our assumptions where it COULD go, but it isn't the same as feeling it happen. We wan to see Remilia overcome her envy and be the elder sister she was meant to be. To be introduced to such real characters and then to be told that that's it is just brutal my dear author.

Do as you will, but myself and many more would love to see this story pull through all the way and conclude properly. Everything's in place; you've started the climax, and due to introducing Remilia's findings this late into the game, you can end it simply without consequences. Remember, never sell yourself short, people love this work, and it shows!

~Spy of Influence
James Birdsong chapter 19 . 5/1/2016
Good eighteen chapters.
TheMole10 chapter 18 . 4/30/2016
It is a good story, I want to know what happens next.
Feels like there may only be 1-2 chapters left to be written of the story based on the flow of the narrative.
I hope you are in good health and that's not why there has been such a large timegap.
The realist chapter 18 . 8/7/2015
Please, come back, I don't want this to end on a cliffhanger
PixelDemise chapter 18 . 4/16/2014
My god, a 2 year break is too long! Finish this, now!
PixelDemise chapter 16 . 4/16/2014
I love this story a lot, it brings an interesting twist on Flandre's instabilities. Something to point out is Momiji is a wolf tengu, not a fox
Scourge From BloodClan chapter 18 . 7/13/2013
GOD DAMN YOU GOD DAMN YOU WHY DID YOU STOP * cries a river * WHY ! Please please please please update i am BEGGING you !
ABCDEFGHIJK-Luna chapter 18 . 6/27/2013
One word. Whoops. Remilia just had to add all that trouble. Continue please.
piruriez chapter 18 . 6/19/2013
You need to update! I like this story and have been waiting awhile for an update, so hurry up!
kattycha01 chapter 7 . 3/17/2013
Go flan-doll. Stop that marisa!
James chapter 8 . 3/14/2013
I've been liking the story so far, save for some minor grammatical errors, but this ZE stuff is really starting to irk me _. Marisa says ze, yes, but not every single sentence! It almost seems a little redundant. Not asking you to rewrite this or anything (because that would be a real bitch, trust me), but for future reference, try to keep the ze's reserved once or twice a paragraph that Marisa says.

Other than that, I have no complaints. Good luck in continuing your writing!
Guest chapter 17 . 2/9/2013
I know that feel of jealousy. ;_;
Guest chapter 18 . 12/15/2012
This whole story is amazing. Please continue! :)
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