Reviews for A Thread of Scarlet
asian-ninja chapter 44 . 7/12
Aww, short and sweet. I was going to ask if there will be more, and then I discovered Distinctions... YES! So happy right now :D
Maayou chapter 44 . 7/11
That was really interesting! Having Lee's point of view was so pleasant :D
K chapter 44 . 7/10
Sorry I fic stalked you. I saw the summary of this oneshot collection and can't help but think that this and the previous chapter are within the 'Distinctions' universe. Reading about a smitten Neji makes my heart flutter. I hope you expand this story more in your other fic. This is some fantastic writing.
Crazee chapter 43 . 7/9
Cute chapter! I love the way you portrayed Tenten and Neji. They are so cute together :)
keroRiBBIT chapter 44 . 7/9
I would really really really appreciate it if this were to be a full blown story. The brilliance of the idea deserves a full blown story. Please please consider it!
xBitterSweetDreamsx chapter 43 . 4/12
Sorry that I haven't been reviewing your last few chapters. I just haven't had the time recently to keep updated on all the stories I've read like I usually do. Anyway, as always, amazing one shots. You really have a knack for writing stories, could honestly see you publishing these. Of course, with kishimoto-San permission lol. Looking forward to the next!
asian-ninja chapter 43 . 4/11
I really like this! A teensy bit of me wants a little more of this one... Perhaps a sequel of sorts?
keroRiBBIT chapter 43 . 4/9
Ohmyohmy. Is it too much to ask for a sequel? I would love to see a continuation of this!
SilentMidnight2 chapter 43 . 4/8
This was really cute. :) keep up the great work. I'm so glad you updated.
asian-ninja chapter 42 . 3/29
Hands down the most beautifully written one-shot in this collection! So far anyways :)
goodbyeNT chapter 42 . 3/28
Very nicely written as always! I enjoyed the poignancy.
keroRiBBIT chapter 42 . 3/27
This was good read. I liked the tidbit at the end especially. For all the things that Tenten had said about his hands as a masterpiece in paragraphs was equaled to what Neji thought of them as tools in a single sentence. Made me smile. Haha
SilentMidnight2 chapter 42 . 3/26
Thanks for updating. I really enjoyed this chapter. I can't wait for you to write more. I always love reading your fics :)
guest chapter 41 . 2/9
I hope this has a sequel! It would be really good!
8oujiRui chapter 41 . 2/8
I like how realistic this is...good job!
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