Reviews for One Piece: Bound For Glory
raydark182 chapter 1 . 10/18/2012
not bad
Tsar001 chapter 5 . 6/17/2012
I can't do it. I'm sorry but I was only able to read this far before the sickness in my stomach got to a bursting point. This is really horrid writing and the characters are, the only thing I can say is just plain bad. I think the worst part is you gave someone a God-fruit. That right there should've been grounds to stop reading, but I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and keep trying.

Also, if Chase ate the Rumble Rumble fruit shouldn't he be...I dunno...untouchable? Seeing as it is a Logia fruit and Logia users can turn into their element to avoid attacks?

Three easy steps to improve

1) Learn to write better

2) Learn One Piece lore before writing fanfiction

3) Don't make Mary Sues/Gary Stus (overpowered characters that cannot be beaten)
UltimateMForever chapter 1 . 8/12/2011
Really like this please continue
Shiary chapter 27 . 8/9/2011
nice chapter except for all the mistakes all over the place. please reread and correct. thank you
Kitsune Mezurashii chapter 56 . 8/5/2011
Woot! Sequel? Awesome cant wait for it! eue
Happy-the-Nekomander chapter 56 . 8/5/2011
yay! A sequel! I can't wait!
Shiary chapter 23 . 8/5/2011
lol really norse gods now! Very nice and funny :)
Anonymous chapter 58 . 8/3/2011
This is what i mean! I never alerted when stories are updated! (Don't feel like getting an account)

I knew this story was ending, and even if i am really late, I really liked the ending. kinda left me wanting more...SEQUEL! PLEASE! atleast a tiny one. No? okay, fine. Come on! Just a tiny one! I'm begging you! This is probably the best One Piece OC story I've read!

Back the ending. It was coolio! and touching! I knew Mason&Karma where gonna have a kid! I kinda imagine guys hitting on her, and the poor sucker (Mason) don't understand and Karma like, Mason! Are you not seeing! hah! And Chase&Kit, so sweet! They seem like the ones that would kinda fight, or argue, but its cuz they understand one another and they stay together! That's so cool! Still so happy, She-ho wasn't mentioned! Haha, Kit would probably kill 'er. or did she. :O

Lance&Shiro. Did not see that coming! :O But I thought it was cute!

Red&Gaberial. So awesome! xD and Lucy was so cute! Awww! But I like Cloud, funny kid. Like his daddy! X3

I kinda thought Avery&Riru would hook up. I mean its not so pedophilism. Is it?

Poor Chance. All alone. I'LL TAKE HIM! Ignore me. :)

Nooooooooooooooooooo! This can't be over! I just found it! Ignore my wining. No don't. Just think about it. What is mason's crew gonna do now? and the kids! Okay you know what? I'm just gonna shut up now. :D

Good luck on your future writings! ;)
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 58 . 7/31/2011
PhantoMNiGHT321 chapter 58 . 7/31/2011
Nice ending. My guy didn't get a girl...cuz he a stud! lol. Good story. Now nothing is stopping you from finishing your Yugioh story!
Kurono-Angel chapter 56 . 7/31/2011
ugh, about chapter 58, nvm my question, i just didn't see da last name change. so sorry for my stupidity :P
Kurono-Angel chapter 58 . 7/31/2011
WAAHHH IT ENDED! TTTT soo sad...wait so who wad piared up wt mason and chase? :o...

and lol at lucy, she's so kawaii!~

sequel? :D
BetrayalIsBeautiful chapter 58 . 7/31/2011
Aww, the ending was so heart warming~! And there's little No Names running around! XD That's so cute! And I love the name Cloud! :D Hehe, loved everyone's little ones! :D

Aww, sucks its over now...): this story was really great and enjoyed every second of when I was reading! (;

Well, good luck on your future stories? (:

Later~! c:

-Brujita Suniii
Kitsune Mezurashii chapter 58 . 7/31/2011
Ahh alas we have made it to the end of this story! I have to say one of the best stories on fanfic I've read EVER! And aww everyone got hooked up in the end eue and oh my god babies! And how did you know that I love the name Xander O3O... Loved that! My last review for this story sadness but lots of joy to cover that! This was a great story keep on writing!

Anonymous chapter 57 . 7/30/2011
This is very interesting! Regret not finding it earlier, I'm pretty sure its about to end.

The OCs they are all very nice. They are all interesting and such.

David/Mason: He did remind me of Luffy from the beginning, always looking at the bright side and all, but having a strong determination and such. Then when its revealed that he was Luffy's son, I wasn't all that surprised, it just explained alot to me! He had so many hidden moves it left me expecting so much more from him, and boy was I satisfied! ;D Argh! But his innocence and CUTE stupidity! oh boy, had me shaking my head! xD In the end, I really liked him. He was a really likable character, and even as the main, as they always should anyways, he learned so much of what he could do! :)

Chase: Funny how him being such a calm guy can actually withstand a funny guy like David. Then again, he seems to always make him have some sort of control! :) kinda irked me when he had sex with Shiho. /: But eh, he was depressed. Who knows? His fight with Rag doll, amazed me! It was so awesome! I think his was my favorite! But I liked them all so much! XD

Riru: Such a sweet cute girl. :) She was cute, and the innocence of the crew! (Well, aside from David not knowing when something was actually sexual. He made me laugh at that alot.) In a way, even if she was the youngest, she seemed so mature. I loved how she seemed to care so much for the whole crew! And she was the doc! Aw, so cute! Such a little girl, having a big job in the ship! Haha! I like her! :D

Avery: He seemed interesting! First an enemy then an ally. Then you figure out his brother was a Shichibukai! Then he was a pretty calm one too. When Chase had that flashback of the photo, oh man, he was drunk and I laughed! xD In the end, he was pretty bad ass! :) He was awesome, and I liked him too! ;D

Kit: The Fox girl! I think, that she'd be one to be irked if called a cat. :O Kit, was awesome! ;) she was always amusing to me, and then when she had feelings for Chase, it kinda surprised me, but I thought it was so cute! Almost just as cute as Mason and Karma were. But I saw that she changed a bit, after the 5 year training period. True, they all did in some kind of way. But she seemed more distant. Nonetheless, I really liked her ALOT! :D

Karma: Ah, the seemingly bipolar gypsy. She seemed like the one that got the most attention from the boys. Never let pretty girls deceive you, some are quite dangerous. Hah! She seemed like the one that learned things and passed them on and such, but had troubles with letting go of her past memories that affected her badly. Whoa, at her new wanted poster! One of her dancing on a pole! Have you seen a gypsy dance on a pole! :D They do it beautifully! know, weird. But graceful! I really liked her, along with Kit, ALOTTTT! ;)

Shiro: I love how she would make it snow in the desert. :) Wish I had her so when I was somewhere hot, she'd be there to cool me off! She was so cool! Like here Devil Fruit! ;D When she first showed the indication of her appearance, I was like FTW! And then when we saw who she was, I was like cool! ;) I liked how she could rely on her weapons, not just her powers, not as much a Karma would, but yeah. She knew how to shoot a gun pretty good! ;) Thought she was awesome! ;D

Chance&Lance: Yes, one explanation for both! xD Haha, oh man, these two were so humoress! Especially Chance, ATLEAST Lance had some sort of control when it came to his perverted tendencies! xD They were both Gunslingers weren't they? :) I love gunslingers! Always did! So when I saw these two, mostly Chance because he seemed to use guns alot more, I got super excited to see what they would bring on! Not only were they gunslingers! but twins! Hell yeah! I love twins! xD Near the end, when they were in that dark room were Red was gonna fight, haha, Lance! You damn pedophile! Haha, I thought you could control yourself! XD You proved me wrong! :O In the end, I loved these two! XD

Red: Lastly! Yes! The oldest one, who had to put up with the big brats. Haha, she was also so awesome! Her psychic hallucination powers. :O Oh man, was she pretty scary when you thought about it! Damn she was not only scary because of her age, but power! Dx She amazed me alot, because of her being a traitor and all. :) At times, I don't know why? I would get that icky feeling she was gonna betray the no names. BOY, was I wrong! I guess its because she was an ex marine. Who knows? I really liked her also.

I liked them ALL! But I really like gunslingers and twins. So you know which I feel in love with! xD Haha! And yes...there is a HUGE difference between a marksman and gunslinger. For me and others anyways. :P

Whew! Sorry for the long ass review. Let's just say it made up for all the previous chapters I didn't review for, for not being more alerted sooner. Now, I will just wait for the end of this story, if it is coming soon. Damn, you left us wondering what's the twist! :O Did someone get pregnant? O.O was is Karma or Kit! Or both. Haha, I just wanna know! 8D
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