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Oh no chapter 5 . 4/10/2014
Wayy too many OCs in this.. Ruins the story..
CocoaMango chapter 11 . 7/15/2012
Happy. Giggly. Shocked. Scared. These were all of the emotions I felt as I read the story through.

You have serious talent. The story was brilliant. Honestly and truly brilliant.

The stuff that happened in this... I imagined it as a big South Park movie and it worked. It completely worked. I didn't see even a little hint of OOC in this. Nicely done Sugarbubblegum333.

I know this story has been done since, like, April and I know it's... 12:30 A.M right now where I'm living, but I really had to write out this review. I honestly had to, no excuses. If only I had joined sooner... I could've joined this wonderful experience.

All in all, excellent story. This is actually the first story on here I have ever read/written a reply to. I had a nice two days reading all of this and I will enjoy rereading it. Thank you for writing this wonderful story for us readers/authors to enjoy :)

Flying upwards for now,
beautesansepines chapter 11 . 9/26/2011
*le gasp* I can't believe it's over! It feels like just yesterday I started reading this... aw, memories! :) Anyway, it was an amazing ending: Joe Princeton's dead, Kyle and Rydia kissed (SQUEEE!) and everyone's alright. The girl's discussion about Kyle and Rydia was hilarious XD

Gah, I knew the ending was coming eventually but that doesn't stop me from being sad about it XD My favorite part had to be the fight scene (totally kickass!) and I really, really like the ending. So... sequel? Maybe? :D

Congrats on finishing your super-awesome-tastic story! :3
Chocoholic-Wallflower chapter 11 . 9/25/2011
It's over already? Awww... '( Well, at least they killed Joe mothereffing Princeton, all the protagonists recovered, Kyle and Rydia shared a kiss, and they had fun getting to New York, right? _ And a sleepover, haven't been to one in years since I transformed into a shy person. XD I'm still sad it's over, maybe a sequel could be made if you get free time, or the request thingies! Why do I love saying 'thingy(ies)' so much? XD

Actually, before school started, my mom cut my chest length hair to chin length, so I look a LOT like Rydia with short hair, people say it really suits me... Actually, when I was little, I had a large habit of getting cartoon characters gender confused, Flower and Terk(actually she gets confused all the time) were victims... Oh, how I regret drawing human forms of Flower in lacy dresses with bows when I was little(it's true). I don't know, I never actually got Bambi confused as a girl, I didn't even know Bambi was a girl's name. I kinda have to agree with Ronno... *_;

And not just Kenny, Craig's a common pick too these days.

And I never actually watch(I've watched a few times) or read "Naruto", but from the clips I find and stuff I read about characters, I kinda make up my mind from there. But ever since I first saw "Naruto", I was thinking "Naruto and the pink-haired girl(I didn't really know Sakura's name) should really get together." XD And I recall myself watching another episode where Naruto was fighting someone and Hinata(When I first saw her, I was like 'She's cute, but what the heck is up with her eyes?') was watching and acting all smitten for him.

I kinda think you should look at my profile and see the list of pairings I support and am against(Mostly yaoi and yuri(sorry...)are in the against list but there's too many for me to list so I narrowed it down and tweeked it. XD It's quite hard for me to dislike canon pairings, so lots of canon pairings will be in the support list). I also have some ideas for fanfics and would be happy if you looked at some of them. Maybe we could co-write! D
XMistressChaosx chapter 11 . 9/24/2011
A girl walks onto a black stage with a black shirt and the words 'CrushSlut' written in deep purple. A ray of spotlight is on her, and she has tears in her brown eyes. She's trying really hard to keep her composure, but is failing. She clears her throat and with shaking hands holds her notecards. A frown is on her lips, and her brows are furrowed in frustration. "Aww, fuck it!" She says, throwing the notecards behind her.

"I'm going to say what I feel," with that she let's a small smile spread her lips and begins.

I remember when I first came across close to three months ago. I was surfing the South Park Section looking for an OC story so I could use a New OC I had been working on for days. I came across the Crush, expecting just an OC form like the others but I found something different. I found a sensible author with good grammar and spelling. I could actually read and understand what she was saying. Amazing! I liked Rydia, I did. When you asked me did I think she was a Mary Sue, I answered truthfully. No, she wasn't. That natural pink stripe in her hair threw me off for a bit but I understood. So, I submitted nervous that you wouldn't accept or like my character because of who he was. I was pleasantly surprised.

Sugarbubblegum333 was suddenly my new favorite person in the world. Not only did you accept my character(the first one might I add), you got him down like I imagined while adding to his personality. Rydia, finally a girl OC who doesn't whine or bitch about how "sucky" her life was. She was a girl that girls could relate too. I loved her personality and her quirks. I liked that she stayed true to herself. I liked that it wasn't love at first sight. I loved that you hand-picked the best OCs. You are the reason why Raining Skittles are such good buddies right now. There was yaoi in your writing. There wasn't a girl with Craig or Kenny. You stayed true to a fangirls' heart. Ha, I knew that I was addicted.

The next parts of stories managed to work their ways into my heart. It stated true to the craziness that is South Park. There was no petty romances or that sort. It was kids going to New York without telling their parents. A plausible thing that could happen. The chapters were amazingly look and you continue to nail everyone's OCs on the head. A truly fantastic skill, and it showed how much of a writer you really are.

The chapters continued to get longer, funnier, and oh my God everything. The New OCs added were truly amazing. Rydia was still a regular and dude, South Park characters were south park characters. XD There was a plot, and OC abuse(funny OC abuse-like hitting my dear Jamie) Characters that were completely original and different. Gosh, dude. It was just incredible what you did. It was.

When Rydia ran away and how Kyle was reacted actually felt pike it could happen. I would surely run away if my crush(not current one-psh like a little boy could hurt me with words) said that to me. Everything was just so wow, and I wouldn't expect it at all. There fluff mixed in there. Real problems mixed in there. Imagery and detail all in there. Did I mention the hilarious humor? Do you how many times I laughed at the reaction people get when they realize Jamie's a girl, how he gets whacked a lot. The jail seen and Rydia and general. Lol, I remember when Ry suggested them going to New York and Karen's reaction. Whoo~! XD

Then the adventure sadly ends, I'm really sad it ends so soon though you write so much. The fight seen was pretty kickass, and I like the aftermath of it all. Nobody's gonna hurt Rydia, not while Rydia's friends are around. I feel like watching Sweeny Todd right now, I need Johnny Depl comfort right now. Freddy could work too. . It was both funny, sad, and wowee. I was totally right about the kiss! My Sagittarius instinct never fails me.. X) Halloween thing was pretty damn hilarious. 8)

This probaly won't come out as long as I planned but I don't care. I really don't. Thank You for making a fantastic story, you've literally made friendships and have helped me through a lot. -hugs tightly- I think we can agree this has been one epic hell of an adventure?" The girl finishes walking off of stage holding her t-shirt tightly with a large smile. The crowd claps and cheers, but she suddenly runs back on stage with a sheepish grin..."Almost forgot..."

Your new story should be about Senior Prom is coming up and all the guys are pretty nervous to ask the girls(guys Pip, Tweek, Butters...) out. So what do the girls do? They start trying make their guys jealous and forcing them to ask them out to the prom. Actually they do whatever it takes to spying on them to "accidently" bumping into the guys when they come from pool or something like that. The power of girls(and guys) have of their significant other is amazing. Will they succeed, and oh my Gods, Kyle and Ry better be together. This is completely unrelated but I gotta give Ella props with what she did and smack Damien upside the head.

-smirks- "That was fucking fantastic ending!"

Till Next Time,

*Chaos' Mistress*
Raining Skittles chapter 11 . 9/24/2011

queen of trash chapter 11 . 9/24/2011
I actually can't crack my knuckles XD not often, rarely, and I put it in for effect XD

:O That's no good, your eyes better not give up! Maybe you are the only one XD

Okay, so am I! :iconfeelingfreeplz: I'm fine with him being whatever ;) Buried Alive by JW! D Hehe, I wrote that review when I hadn't even started on it XD You should watch it C: Terrible, terrible things! D:

That's just scary if she was born with it... D: It's okay, it just makes it funnier XD

Rrrrryykyy! XD You're welcome C: I like Sheila that way too :D Welcome again~ That stuff is the epicness C: JOE PRINCETON MUST DIE! Kaylen, go get him with your knife XD

I see, I wouldn't find it funny if something similar happened D: I wouldn't expect anything better because he's already as epic as he can get XD

It's from the ep You Got F'd In The A XD Bloody hell... I wouldn't be able to write that XD I actually think this review is the longest XD

Ooh, thank you very much for the shout out dude! :iconsuperheroglompplz:

Goodbye Crush! -wipes fake tears- :'D Okay, onto le review!

Wait what...? Their parents killed his son? What, it was Rocco? LE GASP! :O GAH! Die Joey DIE! Don't throw people around! DX :C FREAKING SICKO! XC

Whoo! Go Damien! C: Aaaahh! Badass fighting scene GO! XD I love Jamie's thoughts about whacking people about with a plank of wood XD Whoo Pip! D Go Aaah! Anza be careful! :O Go Queenie! Go everyone! C


ROCCO NO! D: Damn, he's badass, getting that bastard! Holy bananas Ella! :O Now she's killed someone that isn't a zombie! :O Aaw, poor Pip :(

Hooray, everyone's alright! C: Except Ry in a coma... aw Queenie :3

Kydia~! ;3 Poor Rydia, finding out that it was Rocco :( Plot twist! :O And a nice one too C: I think that was a good way of writing their relationship, because if they fell in love then it might have been a bit cliché. So good job on that! :D Aaaww kisses! :3 Cute! C:

Halloween sleepovers! C: Hey, it's Shannon~! C: You put her in! I'd love to read more about her and your other characters. Aw, Rydia, Kyle and Rocco :3

Aahahaha, the girls' discussion about Rydia and Kyle made me laugh, especially Ella and Jamie XD Nice, Style friendship C:

Sleepovers! And that old guy with the chainsaw made me start laughing like crazy, thank the exsistance of chocolate that my sister wasn't in the room or she would have come over and questioned me XD And their masks too, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and Cheesecake Face XD

Aaw, goodbyes :'D they're so sweet. And no, it was a good ending!


IT'S OVER! NUU! :nuu: D': but :'D at the same time! XD I can't wait to read more writing like this! And it says that you posted it on the 23rd because of American times, so yay! C:

Goodbye~! I can't wait for your one-shots! :3
SydInTheAsylum chapter 11 . 9/23/2011
GFUGJHJHFFKJGDK You uploaded this 2 days before my birthday :D And Rydia no dates Kyle? SHIT! _ That sucks. But yes, Sydney kicking ass is the shit! I hate that this ended.. if only there was a sequel *COUGH COUGH* Yeah... That'd be AWESOME .
DaughterofOdin chapter 10 . 9/12/2011
A very beautiful bird~

Rocco is to epic for words! You welcome Roo-Roo! Childish Christophe is the awesomesauce! I had a great time~ Thank you~ I'm co writing with this girl from my class an original story :P AH FINISHED MAH MEME! Ah just have to post it ;P

Eptasting! EpicFantasticAmazing~ Yet that still doesn't cut it. More than likely~ Same here! I would admit to being jealous of a rabbit )

Yesh! We must! I find him amusing~ I get Thomas in his little policeman stripper outfit Hailey made him wear! And Craig in his big middle finger. XD

I can tell~ You is welcome! I like Wenaren better personally because it is so shweet! She does C I have seen~ I shall comment~ She is so adorable~ I wanna hug her!

You welcome~ I know, I feel sad for Christophe as Hailey wants to help~ Your welcome~ -salutes-

So this won't be as long a review as hoped, but I'm reviewing! I loved this chapter to death! Jamie is not good with stress. And Kaylen and Christophe's Chraylen moment! I have to say I loved that! I love it when people find out Jamie's a boy! It's so funarious! Just something to the characters: RYDIA IS MISSING AND YOU DECIDE TO SIT AROUND AND HAVE CONFESSIONS! HURRY THE HELL UP! Ok done~ Why is Kaylen always one to confront people? XD And argue with Rocco :P I can't wait for next chapter! I will rereview on the next chapter! So you get a two in one review! C: Update soon~ Puhlease! Sorry for the small pathetic review. I promise I will do better next time :icon... OK! Damnit. DeviantART is getting to me -_-; I will await the next chapter impatiently~ HighOffOfSouthPark, AWAY! -attempts to fly off into the night but ends up faceplanting, getting laughed at, then ends up putting someone in the hospital. After she is done she really does fly into the night but gets ends up falling asleep.-
DaughterofOdin chapter 2 . 9/5/2011
Whoo! 95 reviews! Not much else to say other than I need to review your latest chapter and Sims SP Style... But I wanna leave a long review so I'll have to wait / BUT 95 REVIEWS! -sets off confetti cannon-
queen of trash chapter 10 . 8/28/2011
Okay, time to review Crush again :) -cracks knuckles-

There aren't? D: Oh well. Yeah, your eyes do start killing you after a while XD Cereal huh? I've just got a nice cup of tea at the moment ;P

Hooray! :dummy: Oh noes, DA has gotten to me! :o Soon the plz rampage will start XD Yeah, it's seriously creepy and wrong... plus him being the superuke doesn't make things any better. :C Me too me too me too! XD (get the reference) ;) Yeah, but sometimes the portal doesn't work and I'm on writers block -.- Phew, good thing I didn't tell you :D Well, Wendy's awesome in that ep ;) I don't know, but it's alright dude :) Even though I don't watch Naruto, that sounds terrible! D:

Hooray for realism and sanity! :D You're welcome :3

Aaw :3 Yeah, I love it too XD Oh God no, that'd be terrible! XD Queenie sounds awesome :D

-sings to beat- Denial Kyle, dadadada, Denial Kyle XD Yes, he is, badarse motherfudger! C: Now you've got me excited :D the plot is thickening so much I'm gonna get stuck and drown XD Well, Cartman said it to be honest XD but yes, he is XD Me too :3 Glad you do :D -hugs-

Why not? :D It's awesome :D Glad I made your day x)

Onto the review! B

Haha, the brains, power and strategy teams! XD I think Clyde might be in the wrong one XD Dude, again, Rocco's BAD*SS! XD

Aw, Kydia! :D Or Ryky like the genrator said XD

My God, you got Sheila perfect! :D They usually make her a b*tch too! :( But I must say, I love your Sheila. And Kyle's note XD

The inmates and Jamie at the station made my day XD Damn, I'm overusing XD

Oh no! Rydia and Kyle are in danger! :O -panic- DAMN THAT JOE PRINCETON! -shakes fist at computer screen-

Poor Sydney, thinking it's a joke D: Cartman made me laugh "Ah hate her!" XD Dude, Kaylen with a knife! -evil cackle at their awesome plans- XD

Oh, it ON! (SP episode reference)

Wha-wha-WHAT? 34 pages? OGWEHJGJOOJO! O_o

That happens with my sister too, if I get sick, she'll get sick too and vice versa :P

Can't wait for the next update! :D This has to be the longest review I've ever written! :O
XMistressChaosx chapter 10 . 8/26/2011
I wanted to be your hundreth or your 95th reviewer, but oh well. I don't like waiting any longer. So, unfair but I will get another favorite number. I will. -shakes fist in the air- Ok, so yay! -happy squeal of doom- You updated, and it's so long but I really shouldn't be surprised. Your awesome writing skills are the shit, I'm not even going to ask how you manage to make everything flow so well. w An awesome skill, I totally envy. Whoo~!

I agree Roald Dahl is a wonderful author, I like the Big Friendly Giant the best or that Witch one. Argh, I forgot the name but I love the money and the book. ;D LOL, Spongebob. Because of this chapter I say, "We're going party till we're purple!" Enough lollygaging for me though, review time! XD

Tsk, Tsk, dear Jamie does not to do well under pressure as soon by this chapter. Jamie goes a bit crazy. It will still funny though. That's what Cartman gets for being a stubborn douchebag. Gawd, it was hilarious though. I feel so bad for Rocco though, his sister is lost in the Big Apple, and some psychotic guy has her, adding to the fact this was all Kyle and Stan's fault, plus Francoise, Gregory, and Chrissy are in jail.

Nyah, I suppose I have no reason to bash Kyle and his stupid Jew brain for hurting Rydia. He's being a classic prince, and he's going to princess from danger. That's so undeniably sweet, I'm still mad though. LOL, Shelia is like any other mother, she does not kid when it comes to her baby. C8

I love Melony, I really do. She's so funny and cute especially with that officer. I do enjoy Kaylen's appearances too. :3 I really enjoy Dip, that guy deserved getting lit on fire. Pip, you don't get mad because of the things he really get maid because of the things he said to you, he gets mad cause of the french part. XD Seriously. Jamie, you know he never fails to surprise me in Crush. That guy ;) Really funny. I dub this as my favorite part, right after Kaylen kissing the life out of Christophe.

Yes, yes.

Holy Shiznet! Queenie can make Frieza shiver. O_O" And if you've ever watched Dragon Ball Z, you will understand. If Queenie's like this, I can only imagine Katrina. -shivers- I feel an incredible Hulk quote coming up. "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like when I'm angry." XD I understand now. How she got her scar. LOL, Cartman deserved that punch.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope Kyle is okay. -breathes deeply into paper bag- Oh yeah, hooray. New OCs, I love them.

Damien better not be lying to Pip. Nyah, I can't wait for the next chapter. I can feel a big action scene coming along. Yay, I love awesome action. Maybe Kyle and Rydia will kiss after Rydia slaps the Jew across the face. Whoo~! I'm anticipating for that to happen.

Oh yay, so overall you already know my reception on this chapter. I really did enjoy, it was totally worth waiting for. Jamie couldn't handle stress. Queenie gets scary angry. Kaylen isn't afraid to show her love, and Kyle has managed to do something so sweet yet stupid. Not to mention all the times I laughed and frowned cause of the sadness. I know everything's going be okay, cause dude, The 'A' Team has nothing of on all of Rydia's friends and family. w


Till Next Time,

*Chaos' Mistress*

Extras: Is your finger okay? I hope it is. If it makes you feel better, I have an ugly scar on my knee from I was four and fell off my bike. Nickname for Karen. I'll think of an awesome one and come back to you later. -blushes- Again, dude, you totally deserved the one-shot. w
Chocoholic-Wallflower chapter 10 . 8/25/2011
YAY, I've been waiting sooo long for the next chapter! D The picture, I liked Arissa the best, her face and hair is sooo cute! As for Rydia, I honestly like her hair longer, not a big fan of short hair(I like shoulder-length though, especially if the tips stick out like Sora's(Not from "Kingdom Hearts", "Digimon") hair). Love the random monkey, reminds me of "Tarzan" since I watched the movie about an hour ago. _ Finally, after many years, I learned Terk is actually a girl, like when I learned Flower from "Bambi" was a guy. XD

Oh, stuff has just gotten real... Oh, Kyle, you DO like Rydia, kinda. If Katrina found out and these feelings got stronger, her fragile little heart would break, and end up sobbing into the nearest pillow(No pillow is safe if Katrina cries...XD). Yes, Rocco beats up Cartman! YAY! D You can tell I love despising Cartman(but he IS funny), well, he's Cartman, what do you expect? What the-? Rocco is actually able to pick up Cartman? He must be REALLY strong! O

I bet this Joe Princeton dude(HE MUST DIE!) absolutely hated the Hail family for some possibly stupid reason in school or something and wanted them to suffer by attempting to kill Rydia. Just my guess really... \

Whoa, Queenie's rage reminds me of a couple scenes from "iCarly" when Carly's all claustrophobic or when she was in an act for iCarly as that girl who wanted a dinosaur, and got into a crazy screaming rage. I've shown an angry side like that before in school. And I still kinda do, but they're rare.

As for "Naruto", well, I generally found it confusing, such as why Tsunade looks 20 years younger since she's in her 50s. My favorite pairings are NaruSaku, KibaHina, NejiTen, and ShikaIno. I honestly don't see why Sakura would STILL like Sasuke after all he's done, I mean, Naruto cares about Sakura, and they've grown closer during "Shippuden". Something about NaruHina is cute, it constantly reminds me of Kyle and Katrina's relationship. Why is it that some of my very favorite pairings are always the main character and heroine, and they don't become a couple or get married? I mean, I love Harry/Hermione, NaruSaku(Well, it's somewhat canon in a way, the series isn't over yet), and Quasimodo/Esmeralda(I personally thought Quasi deserved Esmeralda WAY more than Phoebus), and Creddie(Honestly, same reason as the latter, Sam doesn't deserve Freddie in my opinion).

Oh, I must pray that Rydia and Kyle don't die! They mustn't! DX
CaliforniaGurl95 chapter 10 . 8/25/2011
Poor Rydia & I love the new Oc's Sydney & Ava they seem pretty dam cool . And I'm excited for the next chapter ! :D
SydInTheAsylum chapter 10 . 8/25/2011
OMG YAYAYAYAYAY! You described her so well! And Lmao she had a panic attack XD I hope she has further roles! I really liked this chapter, though. Mostly because I learned more of Rydia's background!
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