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Guest chapter 61 . 5/24
The story is good. It is a emotional roller coaster for me. I never knew I had so much tears u know but anyway I only dislike the reason why the guardians turn their backs but other than that it's great. I really like your writing style
ritzkiaprilia chapter 62 . 5/13
This story really awesome and amazing XD
I cry almost every chapter T.T sob.. sob..
and really happy when this story ends with a happy end (though I really saddened by what happened to Butler-san)
e.fanny chapter 62 . 4/27
your story is one most touching story i ever read and if your point of view of tsuna have that situation it could happen so it possible even bestfriend forever have conflict,to me this a view of reality ,reality is not sweet and i think you deserve more review! SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! and thank you for spending your precious time to your story
Tobee chapter 3 . 4/19
So sad
i am mi-chan 'AKA Dino-Sensei chapter 62 . 4/19
Beautiful :'(
animeRSK chapter 45 . 4/18
saltyguy1337 chapter 34 . 3/30
I know this is old and ive just recently stumbled upon this but... FUCK U and your family fluff, tsuna deserves someone and they all haven't abondoned him yet so it shoulda been somewhat happy... ... Manly tears have been shed
Metria chapter 6 . 3/28
m i a saidst? bcuz eym smirkin the last part C:
Metria chapter 2 . 3/28
i don't mind da heck grammar nazi or wuteverit'sname,.. huehuehue Q.Q eym run out f tissue darn it... i hate u bcuz ur story i dabest sobbin KHR story here Q.Q.. now where's my tissue box?!
DGtnsl chapter 3 . 3/22
Wow. So that's what happened. I wonder if, with his knowledge of the future and all, if Tsuna will work to make sure that things don't turn out the way they did.
I bet Reborn and Tsuna's guardians will get increasingly suspicious of Tsuna before he settles into his 'new' life and starts acting more 'normal'. Though Reborn will definitely notice the difference in Tsuna's mannerisms, like he already has. I wonder if they'll confront him over it.
Looking forward to reading more!
NALU-ROCKS323 chapter 62 . 3/5
OMFG! YOUR STORY WAS AMAZING! IT REALLY MADE ME FEEL EXACTLY WHAT TSUNA FELT, I probably felt waaaay more furious towards his gaurdians (a bit at kyoko too!why is she with another guy! Tsuna was so heartbroken and so was I TTTT) But i extremely appreciate you for writing an extremely amazing story! TSUNA I LOVE YOU!
TransparentAnswer chapter 62 . 3/2
I actually cried at some parts. Why must Tsuna suffer... TT But it's a good read nonetheless. Though I kind of agree with Nostacholy a bit. I mean, I kind of get it if Tsuna's really stressed about being the sky and the guardians might think Tsuna would uphold his promise but... This isn't the first time he killed. His first kill was Byakuran but even then, Tsuna might still feel a bit bad with killing. But what I do like though, is the fact that you're extending the relationship the guardians had with Tsuna. Well, good job! :D
CaSsIdY-182769 chapter 62 . 2/27
Agh this story had me going crazy! I read it all in a day and didn't do any homework or studying -_- totally worth it though! Awesome job _
Nostacholy chapter 62 . 2/24
To be honest, the premise of the story is just plainly ridiculous, bordering stupid. I'm not gonna sugercoat my words and compliment how wonderful this story is, because this is how i truly feel after reading this entire story.
The reason for the Guardians to turn their back on Tsuna is too childish to accept. They ignored him because he killed someone to save them! For god's sake, they are in mafia, the dark cruel world. What do they expect, Tsuna as a super saint or criminal therapist that could turn evil people into good guys by talking yo them? And come on, Mukuro, who is charged for killing the entire Estraneo Famiglia, is disgusted at Tsuna's killing. That's what I call pot calling kettle black. And Hibari, who always beat people to pulp, is scared of Tsuna. And don't get me started on Gokudera, who was born in mafia. And please explain to me why the hell the Guardians, who must have spent a few years at the dark saide of mafia world, freaked out when Tsuna made hid first kill? Were they children or new-born baby?
The whole childish reason makes the bond and friendship between them look so cheap and phony, and it makes my blood boil when witnessing such stupidity. And Tsuna... oh come on... he didn't act like a boss, more a child whining after losing his first toy. He could have summoned them to have a talk, which people call communication, to clear the misunderstanding. And instead, he decided to mope around, crying and mourning "Why do you all leave me?". Gimme a break!
I tried my best to read the whole story, and when I finished, I could only say "Huh, really?". The Guardians seemed to be all big talk and no action. Even if Tsuna forgives them, the mental scar will always be there! They seem to regret more in words not in action.
However, I must compliment u on your unyielding passion and spirit for finishing such a long story. It is a great accomplishment and not many authors can do that! U should be proud of it!
If u have anything to say about my opinion, feel free to contact me! My author name is above :)
Xx56 chapter 62 . 2/14
this story is amazing!
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