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11SnowLeopard11 chapter 56 . 11/12
I.. I don't know if you did this intentionally or not, but having Tsuna walk barefooted to where he would attempt suicide is quite a.. big thing, I guess. If there's one thing I've learned from watching Madoka Magica, is that Japanese people typically take off their shoes before committing suicide. Not many people in the west really know that, so I find it quite significant that you mentioned him being barefoot.

On a side note from this, you write wonderful angst, and I'd like to think I know a thing or two about it after reading some of the more angst-y stuff in the Fullmetal Alchemist archive. Your writing makes me feel like their won't be a happy ending, even though with a genre of Hurt/Comfort, it has to, right?... Right?

I'm blaming these tears on the fact that I'm listening to the PMMM movie Rebellion ost and that it's got wonderful timing with reading this. ;; *sniff*

(And oh, how sometimes I just want to -strangle- some of the guardians.. )
Shiro-Chan chapter 62 . 11/1
I EXTREAMLY love this fan fic ,there are alot of wrong grammar but i still love this story , i can't stop reading it till the end its made me have some feels that i suddenly felt tears from my eyes xD, thank you for making such a wonderful fanfic i love it to the end thank you very much ,this is one of the best katekyo hitman reborn I ever read i hope you can made some more fan fic about itxD

~ Shiro-chan
RavenWingDark chapter 62 . 10/19
This story was soooo good! I apologize with all my heart for never reviewing until the 62ND and last chapter! I either had something to do or I had to go to the next chapter IMMEDIATELY. This story was written like an actual, published book with awesome arcs and really deep conversations and EXTREME angst that was all very well thought out. It definitely didn't feel like almost 250k! Oh my god, just this story is so amazing! And I'm really glad they got their memory back! Also, thanks for the role you gave Lambo! I love that lil' hoshi. The only thing is 'brunet' is actually spelled 'brunette' and some Japanese words 'arre' vs. 'are', 'eto' vs. 'etto', 'juudaime' vs. 'jyuudaime' were spelled wrong but since it didn't detract from the story, they were very easy to look over. Thank you so much for writing this story
Sachiko13 chapter 17 . 10/15
I absolutely LOVE this fic. It has some grammar errors and a lot of catchphrase overusing (maa maa, EXTREME), but the fluff is perfectly fitting and in-character. I especially love the flashbacks of the future. It's pretty long, but easy to read. I simply love Kyoya in this. Just wanted to say that I find it unlikely for the guardians to leave Tsuna just because he killed, especially when he did it for them, but hey, that's the main plot and it gave birth to the rest of this, and I'm enjoying it a lot.
Mafuyu15 chapter 62 . 10/15
All I could say was "WOW" when I finished. It was EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL one of the best fanfic so have read. I just couldn't stop reading it until I finished it. But like seriously, "WOW" it was EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL.️️️
Fumiko15 chapter 45 . 10/9
Omg i've been looking for this fic for months! Argh emotional roller coaster there and i really teared up a lot, especially when Future Lambo started realising the seriousness of Tsuna being in coma TuT) I read it when it first came out and didn't/leave/a/review...i'm sorry *curls up in a corner* I'm so glad to see it again! And that it has been completed, I was on a reading spree and hadn't paused to review.. again *slaps self* But your a/n made me stop for a while, i heard that many authors have been leaving/getting fics deleted hence they popped over to Ao3 instead. Just wanted to say that don't give in to those CU- *cough* -nts *coughs* And to anyone who reads this don't give up writing! Continue doing what you love!
ImmemorialMemory chapter 62 . 10/6
I'm just glad Dino and Reborn are there for Tsuna. The rest could go die.
ImmemorialMemory chapter 61 . 10/6
Quite frankly, I think they haven't repented enough. All the pain they caused Tsuna... And really? They're in the freakin' mafia! Killing is second to breathing! They're acting like freakin' children who just got told that Superman isn't as perfect as they thought. Pah! And Mukuro is the biggest hypocrite to ever walk the earth.
Mymine chapter 62 . 10/3
In the end, they never were aware that the building of the incident was cribbled with bombs...
QuietSilence chapter 62 . 9/21
It's probably late to say this but this series was AMAZING. You would believe the many times I've cried and weeped. The story is beautiful and orginal and by god this is the best fanfiction of khr I've read!
anobakaotaku chapter 62 . 9/11
THIS IS THE BEST FANFIC I HAVE EVER READ I CRIED SO MANY TIMES I SPENT 2 DAYS READING IT BUT I WAS ALL WORTH IT THIS FANFIC IS TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR ME although I feel bad for young tsuna I like how there are almost to non grammatical mistakes and how you portray feelings of each character this is the besttt! Seriously an awesome fanfic can't explain the feels TT
Guest chapter 62 . 9/9
Winter Anime Fan chapter 31 . 8/20
I know! I know! I know! The reason only Lambo's flames were accepted was because he just wanted Tsuna back, while the others were still thinking of the future Tsuna as someone else, who wasn't Tsuna! But to Lambo, Tsuna is Tsuna.
Am I right?
Your story is sad and fluffy like a certain tunafishie.
Winter Anime Fan chapter 17 . 8/20
Hibari-san sure abuses the pressure point in Tsuna's neck. Poor Tsuna, he's messed up. chapter 1 . 8/9
I've read the summary, it started to give me creeps. What the hell Tsuna? What did you dooo?
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