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Tokibomb chapter 63 . 8/3
Took me almost half a year to finish this XD I cannot tell you how much I loved this story! The whole thing is sooo good, your writing skills are amazing, barely any mistakes, and the plot was wonderful! You are one of the best Bleach fanfic writers and I hope you continue stories in the future. You are awesome, this story is awesome and thank you~

Toki Out O3O
jasminesoulforge chapter 1 . 7/21
Holy, my god i forgot that this was even the first chapter. When i finished reading i couldnt help but hope it had several chapters left (i forgot how many chapters there were)
darkangel201483 chapter 37 . 7/21
I would like to mention that I didn't like how Zangetsu kept the secret from Ichigo. When I saw the line of Zangetsu lecturing Ichigo about being unreliable as an Alpha, I kinda thought "Wait, so now he's lecturing Ichigo while he's the one who betrayed Ichigo's trust?" I just didn't like how Ichigo immediately backed down and didn't do anything else. Like, Ichigo, can you at least grow a backbone and ask him why Zangetsu didn't say anything to you?! Cause like as his Zanpaktou, their supposed to trust and depend on each other but in this situation it was just thrown out the window.
diva chapter 51 . 6/10
u asked 4 pairins b4 dis might sound cruel and riduculous but my sis and i had a talk about it and it really workd: mayuri x szayel. They're both sadists scientists and vain in their own way d only difference is d perfection and imperfection nonscence so try it out
diva chapter 19 . 6/8
but one annoyin tin is u never show any of d scenes. No fair
diva chapter 18 . 6/8
i can't tell if u hate szayel sooo much or u just secretly like imaginin him beat up. Well i love d latter too! Especially jushiro or gin mayb even aizen. U should check out aizens redemption. Keep writin stuff like dis. Whoo!
Kyrrh chapter 63 . 6/7
Read it all - pretty good, but could have done with being a bit shorter and/or more stringent editing on your part 'Las Nachos', really? It's Las NOCHES
I loved this chapter 63 . 5/13
This is beautiful, I finished reading the whole story in less than 24 hours.
I have no regrets doing so.
The plot was solid and through, and the character's personalities were very well explored.
What I would've liked seeing more of would be the cubs' humanoid forms after sealing their powers and what their names might be.
This story helped me get through the day. Well, thanks again for writing this!
It was lovely. 3
Carmelita28 chapter 63 . 3/16
The longest bleach story i ever read third bleach story also but definately worth all that time to read. I absolutely was captivated and really at times i felt like i could do u bodily harm for the angst and suspense you left me in but i would read it over again any time. Thank you for taking the time writing this story and sharing
brnkofeternity06 chapter 63 . 3/9
Loved it from beginning to end. This story was amazing. I almost wish there was a sequel (is there? I haven't checked) but if there isn't then I'm alright with that too. This story was great. Thank you for writing such an amazing story and sharing it with all of us :)
By the way, any Bleach stories you would recommend to me?
brnkofeternity06 chapter 62 . 3/9
I have to say that I clicked your story link on a whim and only meant to read a little bit lol
Yeah, that didn't happen. You had me hook, line, and sinker... dragging me right to the very end before I knew it. And I loved it all! This story is amazing. I just started reading Bleach fanfiction, to be honest. And this is the second story that I've read while searching for good ones to read. You totally blew my expectations out of the water. Thank you for such an amazing find! I loved it :D
brnkofeternity06 chapter 36 . 3/8
Cachorro is so spoiled! He's adorable :D
brnkofeternity06 chapter 25 . 3/8
The cub hatched! This is great! And he's like an adorable kitty XD
queenkai chapter 63 . 3/3
I just want to let you know. That every time that I read this story I enjoy it more and more.
Lorena chapter 63 . 3/2
Definitely the besu fic I have read till the moment
No matter of wich fandom they are from this is way better I loved everyword of it. Black storm is so luchy she got this wonderful story from you :)
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