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TheRavenclawWitch chapter 11 . 10/9
is this chapter supposed to be short?
TheRavenclawWitch chapter 7 . 10/8
Everybody chill chapter 25 . 9/5
Honestly, it bums me out, but I can understand why you haven't updated, considering half the reviews are either pressuring you to update faster and faster and faster or nitpicking you over a story that ultimately isn't meant to be taken that seriously. Occasional angst aside, we're all just here for the witty conversations, confused/outraged professors and students, and, of course, the Gryffindors making absolute fools of themselves. Who cares how realistic it is? It's pure fun, a chance to see the Marauders happy before their lives go to shit.

Of course I do hope you'll update eventually, I'm hyped for the date with Tasha, Mary and Marlene's revenge, the end of the week, and whatever other surprises this story holds, but writing a popular fanfiction can get hella toxic sometimes so take care of yourself. You absolutely rock as a writer and a master of comic timing and characterization, hope you're doing well wherever you are.
Morgan Lovegood chapter 25 . 8/26
My family thinks I'm crazy because I keep bursting out in laughter because of this story. Fantastic story by the way, hilarious.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/21
About Remus having to wear his underwear on the outside, in a play a guy named Brian Holden (Brolden) played Remus and in another play he played Superman who as you probably know wears his underwear on the outside. Coincidence I think not!
Revliledpembroke chapter 25 . 8/15
Wide prank you say? Why not, after the better part of a week of complete madness, a few days of nothing, as everyone slowly becomes more and more paranoid, and then BAM! The actual prank occurs. I don't have an idea for a good one...

Maybe force unwilling bystanders to reenact all of Shakespeare's plays (but not Titus Andronicus and rapist pie)? If people walk into a certain corridor, they find themselvesself compelled to find others quoting the same play as they are? Make people talk like Emeril (mainly because I said BAM! earlier)? Make the Slytherins recite all the accomplishments Muggles have done in the last 500 years? Make the Slytherins reenact WWI, with all the blood and horror intact (That'll teach 'em for wanting to be Death Eaters... especially if they are the losing Germans/Russians)? Make the Purebloods watch the moon landing? Live certain video games? Slytherins have to live a horror/zombie movie? Hufflepuffs being forced to say "Honey Badger don't give a s**t" whenever they are asked a question? Ravenclaws start questioning why their house has a raven in the name, but their symbol is an eagle (at least gryffins are part lion)? The whole school being dosed with the potion that is supposed to reveal your "inner animal" Animagus cliché that appears in fanfics? A magical equivalent to the software that is supposed to predict what your future kids will look like (not really a good dare or prank, unless it's with the teacher pairings, Sirius and his Hufflepuff stalker, or various Slytherins and a troll)? A massive Quidditch game with everyone in the school being forced to compete? Slytherins turned to Bond villains (complete with paraphernalia, at least one with a white fluffy cat is a must) with the Gryffindors into Bond, the Hufflepuffs into Moneypenny, and the Ravenclaws into Q? Have each House correspond to an Avatar bender type (unfortunately, Red being the Gryffindor color would likely make them the Fire Nation, with the 'puffs being Earth, the 'claws Air (bird name and bird symbol), and the water, I guess, as the last left)? Bodyswapping? Pod people? Make the Slytherins mustache twirling villains? Make the Ravenclaws "Revenge of the Nerds" nerds? Slytherins as Disney villains, with the other houses being the heroes or princesses? Have Sirius sing "Let It Go"? Have the Marauders reenact "You killed my father. Prepare to die." with, say, James altered to look like his future kid and Wormtail as the character from The Princess Bride, or just reenact it, or change themselves to look like the characters and reenact it?

Speaking of The Princess Bride, I may have my beat idea yet. Get the Marauders to speak to four first years and ask them if they've heard of the "Dread Pirate Roberts," and have them convince the younger years to carry on the name. Have an epilogue with Fred and George introducing Harry into the group.
Revliledpembroke chapter 24 . 8/15
So, with the Ravenclaw "riddle," what would happen if they got five students who hadn't heard it yet and individually convinced each one of them that one of the five homeowners owned the Hippogriff? If you took five first years aside, made the first say "It's the German" 100 times, he'd probably be pretty confident ans able to answer the question. Take the Second aside and have her say "It's the Dane" 100 times and, well, you get the idea.
Revliledpembroke chapter 22 . 8/15
You've been inconsistent with the Map. In one scene, James will bring it out, check it, and then yell to Frank where Peeves is. In another, Peter is afraid to mention it. This happened earlier as well, when James first made the big deal about not wanting the others to know about the Map, well, that occurred after he and the other Marauders had just referenced it.

Also, in the Room of Requirement, Lily was complaining that she didn't know enough about basketball to explain all the rules properly and since they didn't have a rulebook, they'd have to rely on her not-so-expert knowledge. She was complaining about not having the rulebook on hand in a room that created a basketball court out of thin air. You'd think a rulebook could be created as well. Or a screen playing an informational/training film on basketball. Or, hell, the Olympic Basketball Dream Team with Michael Jordan.
Revliledpembroke chapter 13 . 8/14
If James, Lily, Remus, Sirius, and Peter all vote for something, shouldn't it pass because they overrule Hestia, Frank, and Alice? 5/8, the measure should pass with a 62.5% majority.
Revliledpembroke chapter 1 . 8/14
"For the duration of the game you can't tell anyone you are playing a game or doing a dare." What if I said I lost a bet?
Guest chapter 25 . 8/9
all a the teachers, together in the gr8 hall. all the students, forced to only watch from the entrance hall. they should have a mock trial and hanging, for... somethin. who is it of? uhh... snape. what is he accused of? hmm... why not witchcraft? specifically WIITC) (craft, as he is male and thus should practice WIIZARDry. if he is found guilty(in alternian court, guilty until proven guilty, and the very word 'defense' is offensive), instead of actually bein hanged immedi8ly, lily shall consider her pity, and whether she should show mercy... then cut the rope. then activ8 the drop pad to reveal under the platform... a vat a red velvet cake batter. from the batterwitch a course. and they should all wear masks a their animagus form. what are the teacher doin? ...they are to provide accur8 accounts a the actions a the accused, and thus aid the prosecutors in determinin the guilt or guilt a severus prince snape.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/9
first off, o8ligatory disgust- 8L~) (! okay, that is settled now, o8ligatory insult, dirty supernatural fan. this is okay. though i can't help but notice- there are quite a few mistakes. also, lookin at the time, you ave not upd8ed forF~CKIIN-EV-ER! sig h. )8[ ...yeah, i have a fandom o8lig8ion to not like supernatural or its fans(hs if you must know), so... sorry a8out that. weirdo. 3P
Guest chapter 22 . 8/9
peter, as a chicken, follows every order he's given.
Guest chapter 21 . 8/9
alright. sirius must either stutter for a day or have tarantallegra cast on him until he gets back to gryffindor dorms. tarantellegra is the dance charm, if you do not recall. you dance uncontrollably. nobody playing, including him, can undo it, nor can teachers(but if he can get another student to do it they're allowed). the bit in parenthesis is not explicitly st8ed though. it will only happen if he can do it and he figures it out from the fact that is omitted... or maybe someone will take pity on him and say somethin. oh, and it should be a chicken.
tictacSNAP chapter 19 . 8/9
alice should disillusion herself for the rest a the day. except a neon pink hat. siri should tell everyone what his family last got him for christmas. hestia should speak backwards(so like, words the of order the reversin mean i). but only speakin, not writin. james should give hisefa beard. and peter should say how he thinks he'll die. someone else, because a this, will end up also sayin it, but the other one will joke.
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