Reviews for Stephanie's Great Escape
aruvqan chapter 76 . 7/10
LOL I really do love the merry men ) It is really fun to be able to hang out and not get hit on all the damned time.
aruvqan chapter 73 . 7/10
I can dig the cranky tourist with cranky toddler thing - try living in a tourist town and you get tons of it.

I got more than one job because I flat told the person doing the interview that if I could tell the corporate level security director of PNC Banks that one of their not so good location banks had been left unlocked and unalarmed for 4 hours by their cleaning crew, I could tell anybody anything. now that was a cranky conversation!
aruvqan chapter 66 . 7/10
Ever been kissed by an asshole when you didn't want to be kissed? Cooties! Yuck ( I probably would have wanted a shower and to wash my clothes even without blood.

Um. How to put this. I have control issues, and dislike being touched even by friends if they don't ask me first. Having spent a fair amount of time in bars [worked in a restaurant as a chef-apprentice and as a bar-back, and was in a band for a while] and ended up being in my share of bar fights, and started a few personally because guys wouldn't take no for an answer [steel toed sneakers FTW. Sprechen sie displaced kneecap) ] while I dislike getting blood on me, it never really bothered me. But then again I also competed in cross country horse races, broke my back and neck in 3 places skiing and had to get my broke ass back up on a horse and ride out of the ass end of nowhere to get back to the start/finish line and rode more than once with breaks and moderately bad cuts. shrug Bleeding out monthly [PCOS and endometriosis] also sort of inures me to being covered with blood. Thank Ghu *that* part of my life has ended. Add in 6 very active god daughters and their assorted bumps, bruises, sprains, cuts and vomit and I can tolerate a fair amount of crap with equanimity.
aruvqan chapter 48 . 7/10
tv wimps giggle

You should try watching US Navy SEALs down at the base theater in Norfolk VA where the SEALs are actually stationed )
aruvqan chapter 46 . 7/10
Of course you wouldn't, have you gotten any evil minions yet? evil grin
aruvqan chapter 32 . 7/10
I like German and Russian for swearing in, though a Norwegian buddy sounds really good when he is upset )
aruvqan chapter 15 . 7/10
Sucks to be Ranger - but then again, it seems that all the women I know in real life get heartbroken more than the men I know so turnabout is fair play. I know I have had my heart broken more than once by wanting something more than the guys did. I know I walked away from more guys because they didn't want to get serious, just have booty calls - not that I didn't have my share of friends with benefits because social orgasms are fun and if I couldn't find someone to be in a serious relationship with, at least getting laid occasionally with someone that was otherwise not interesting to me worked. [Hey, I knew a bartender that was heartbreakingly handsome but had the brains of a poodle. I need some serious conversation to actually interested in a guy. Plus handsome tends to be high maintenance. But damn he was fun in bed ) ]
aruvqan chapter 14 . 7/10
good for you ) your story, your plotline )
aruvqan chapter 11 . 7/10
Well, Michael Weston is cute, but Viggo Mortennson is seriously hot and more to my taste )
Good chapter)
aruvqan chapter 7 . 7/10
OoOO I love the plastic bag idea!
aruvqan chapter 6 . 7/10
I thought the PoV shift worked well. I have seen 'professional' authors not do a PoV shift as smoothly.

And done anaphylactic and neurogenic shocks - would rather not add the other 2 to my list of life experiences ) [and yes, I actually carry 4 epi pens around with me ... after having someone feed me mushrooms to 'prove' I wasn't allergic to them I learned my lesson! 2 pens almost didn't cut it. I 3 ambulance crews!]
racecz5 chapter 27 . 6/3
I know this is an older story for reviews but I just have to say I love, love, love your humor!
MargaritaS chapter 88 . 5/29
aww sweet ending, altogether a very entertaining read :)
Quality Fan chapter 88 . 2/5
Daffybduck chapter 88 . 1/23
Loved it!
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