Reviews for Duality
Tarix chapter 10 . 6/24
More than half of chapter out of Rowling book seems a bit much.
Kingofpop12345 chapter 40 . 6/12
Oh please update it. This is a wonderful story so far!
Guest chapter 11 . 6/10
Honestly don't know what idiotic thought made you think daphne is half blood cause she's not she is pure blood and she has Boone hair not dark and the smoking thing dumb as fuck too seem like your modeling daphne after yourself or someone you know honestly these things are kinda annoying in the story not one fanfic toon is daphne anythin my less than lifeblood and even in the books and wiki its says pureblood
AntonXIV chapter 40 . 5/19
Of the course of the last few days, I have been glued to this story. Love the different take on a Harry Daphne story. It's incredibly well written and inspiring. Personally I'd like to see more of Luna. I feel she is an under utilized character with loads of potential. Considering your focus on Ravenclaw at the moment you could work something in. Additionally we have seen lot's of espionage, and the after effects of a couple mishaps, such as Daphne's injuries while tracking and trapping Draco. Now that Harry is decidedly on the in, I feel it would make sense for him to end up in that sort of situation. A skirmish within the school, on the grounds, something. Then again your story is cross listed as romance/drama so that may not fit. Just food for thought. I look forward to your next update.
wispshifter chapter 31 . 5/14
f x
Mr. Devilson chapter 40 . 5/4
Great story! Hope you'll continue it.
Kingofclubs8129 chapter 40 . 5/2
Fantastic chapter. Can't wait till Daphne finds out about reg. And I hope they find some kind of letter from him. He wouldn't have mentioned his kid in his mocking note to voldemort but maybe he left something for Daphne with kreacher? Idk I'm on the edge of my seat.
Gigapode chapter 40 . 5/1
Uuuuhg! Who do I trust!? Ron is basically the only character I can take at face value anymore.
Thanks for the update!
JudyWoman613 chapter 40 . 5/1
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
Vi38 chapter 40 . 5/1
Good chapter. Thanks for update
The Prime Cronos chapter 40 . 5/1
Still love the plottwists and mental fuck ups in you story!
4master chapter 40 . 5/1
I really don't know why this stuff doesn't have more reviews, because I must say, this is really good.
I don't get my fix of suspense like this from any other HP fanfic.
Keep up the good work !
paradoxed chapter 40 . 4/30
Might be slow going, but the solidarity and compactness of the web you weave is quite admirable.
Grand Witch Alliance chapter 40 . 4/30
Wouldn't the most obvious choice of person to think of to use Static Legilimency on one of them be Dumbledore rather than Snape? How'd they think of Snape first? It wouldn't be hard to peel information out of Ron's head at the moment as well.

I miss the good old days prior to the let's-torture-Malfoy-for-information. The humor seems to have run a bit flat.
mwinter1 chapter 40 . 4/30
Awaiting more.
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