Reviews for Out of the Blue
kakcal chapter 37 . 5/7
I'm hopeful for a new installment soon, in this elegant story. I so enjoy your writing. Also, SO glad Mary is shown up for the bitch she's always been!
Quillified chapter 37 . 3/12
thank you so much for writing this. i didn't know how much i needed flannery and her story until i rediscovered it. it's a masterpiece and if you finish it i can't wait to reread it over and over. (i mean even if you don't finish it i'll still reread it but finished stories are a bit more pleasant. anyway. thank you so much!)
guest chapter 37 . 3/2
I read this story about a year ago and I am rereading it now and it is just as good as I remember. You have such an amazing style and I just really love how you have interpreted Mansfield Park. Great job!
TolkienGirl chapter 37 . 2/8
This is my favorite chapter yet...absolutely speechless for what you have done with this. Wow. I love it all so much.
Kakcal chapter 37 . 2/6
What a lovely chapter! Words and events both-worth waiting for. More to come soon, I hope?
Vashti chapter 37 . 2/3
Have I ever said that I love that this is from Flannery/Fanny's perspective? I feel lie this is the first time I'm realizing that, but maybe I discover it afresh every time. Anywho...

The scene with Flan (and now I'm shortening her name without permission) on the lawn really, really worked for me. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. I'll admit to feeling meh about the chapter until then, although I couldn't tell you why. That did it for me, though, bringing me fully back into the story.

Not that I want this to be over anytime soon, but I can't wait for you to finish the whole thing so I can read it straight through.
biancaruth chapter 37 . 2/1
Another great chapter. You really have a knack of getting to the heart of emotions. Provided Flannery doesn't end up with Ned I will definitely put this on my all times favourite list!
Hazelmist chapter 37 . 2/1
That was so BEAUTIFUL. Please don't ever stop writing. I loved the hug between Flannery and Ned and how Flannery is so patient and giving him his space. And I LOVED the scene where Tom tells the story of how he overheard Mary and Ned's last argument. It really was HILLARIOUS that they did that over his prone body while he was still fake sleeping like a champ and I love Tom's sense of humor and the little commentary he gave us through his own eyes as he heard how the discussion went. I do like how Mary did bring up some valid points, like the fact that SHE should be Ned's best friend if they're going to get married or whatever and she is well aware of the fact that Flannery does have a voice now and should be able to speak for herself. And I LOVED how she shows Ned that Flannery is NOT just a FRIEND to him. And then she gave him that crazy ultimatum and it still caught me off guard. I really, really wish that Tom hadn't stopped there and we'd gotten to hear what Ned actually said about Flannery and why he was choosing her. The scene that follows where Flannery goes outside to the tree and her past self/childhood and the present all merge was beautifully done. I really loved how you described it too. You put so much detail in there that I actually FELT like I was there with her and then Ned when he comes out of the house. And once again, their relationship is so quiet and full of subtleties and things that go unsaid but that are understood, and then that last part where he tells her that he learned so much from her and that now he KNOWS how much she went through, I love the way you write them. I'm so glad that you're still continuing this story and I have my fingers crossed that you keep going!
biancaruth chapter 36 . 12/10/2015
I should have known Tom and Susie would hit it off. Flannery was nicer to Bertram senior than I would have been but I understand you have to keep her in character.
Hazelmist chapter 36 . 12/3/2015
I LOVE THIS STORY! And I ALWAYS look forward to EVERY update and I am so glad that you continue to write it! I was in STITCHES when Tom decided to play dead rather than talk to Mary. And he did such a great job at it. When Mary made that crack about him always being asleep when she showed up I giggled. I love how Susie and Flannery have inserted themselves into the Mansfield park family and how they have been accepted by mr and mrs Bertram and Ned and tom. That scene between Flannery and mr. Bertram in front of the paintings where he reveals that Ned told him what they meant and he knows now how unhappy she was and yet still knows her better than his own children now, so heartbreaking. Brilliant line when Flannery responds to him about why she doesn't NEED to paint anymore and I loved how he shakes her hand at the end and they do respect each other and seem to care about each other in that messed up Mansfield way. Ooohhh, so Ned stood up for Flannery to Mary?!I hope Mary really is GONE! I really do LOVE this story and I can't wait for your next chapter!
peacock33 chapter 36 . 12/3/2015
I love Tom and Susie here. It's hilarious that he pretends to be asleep when Mary is in the room and that he heard their fight/breakup. Since I assume Mary is on the outs after this, I really ope that Flan does not fall into his arms anytime soon! Can't wait for more.
Lucky38 chapter 35 . 11/29/2015
Wow I haven't read this in a while, the new stuff is brilliant! In that last chapter what was with the fifth bookshelf, four children, Fawn taking Mrs. Bertram's seat...I'm trying to figure it out but I just can't get there. Is Fawn going to fix the family? I feel like there are no spoilers from the book...actually I can only remember the two movies. You're crafting this so well, can someone please hire you to make remakes of classics? Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Until then I'm going to back and reread my favorite chapters :D
Kate chapter 35 . 10/20/2015
Please finish this. I've just stayed up most of the night to read it straight through. It's just that good.
biancaruth chapter 35 . 8/31/2015
At the beginning of this chapter you poignantly point out how deprived Flannery was when she thought herself lucky or at least normal. At the end we realise how lucky she is when the Bertrams are crumbling (or maybe that happened a long while ago).
Hazelmist chapter 35 . 8/30/2015
OMG! I knew you'd follow that storyline but I wasn't sure how or when you were going to work that in or how. And I know it's kind of outdated the idea of SCANDAL but this is Mansfield and They're gone and their siblings barely even care. I love the contrast between their odd relationship versus the relationship that flannery has with her ACTUAL siblings and I LOVE how she runs out at the end to make sure that they're alive and whole and still there and she loves them so much and I'm so glad she went back to them and was able to learn how to love them and let them love her after being stuck in this weird stiff world that is Mansfield. Loved the reappearance of Mary and how she's so clueless but yet she does smile at flannery and she does talk to her even if she is kind of talking down to her. She's such a complicated character and it's hard to hate her completely. Loved the reactions of mr and mrs Bertram and how flannery realizes that Nola LOVED mireille but she wants to blame it all on flannery but flannery stands up for herself in a small way and Ned steps in between them. Loved this and I can't wait to see what happens when they do find them! I'm so glad you're still writing this story, I look forward to the updates!
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