Reviews for Six Moments of his Life
Allronix chapter 2 . 7/17/2011
Eva? Oh, Jet you are in over your head. That chick is psycho (at least, in-game). then again, we are ALL entitled to date one case of Mr/Ms "Completely Bad for You."

Jet & Sam? Totally a bromance waiting to happen. Hell, in a fusion universe, they'd practically be like cousins or brothers. And I could also see them growing apart around college. The game never states whether Jet finished college, but it seems to imply that Jet cleaned up his act and is, by comparison, the responsible one of the pair...which could tie back into the whole dynamic in a modified 2.0 - Alan expects the crazy stunts from Sam, but he expects higher standards from Jet.

I saw you're NOT going to fridge Lora in this scenario. Thank you for that. So, how to account for Ma3a's creepier aspects?