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fire chimeara chapter 6 . 10/26/2014
Alright... Axel, light a fire. Marluxia, burn all of your precious petals in that fire. Namine, jump out the window. Sombody lock xigbar and larxine in a room for an hour.
Kh awsomness chapter 6 . 8/16/2014
Alright... I'm feeling evil so... Larxine and vexen you kiss some, and lets lock xigbar and axel in a room for a hour.
GingerSnapsBack chapter 6 . 4/24/2014
... I have dares for everyone but they are going to be specific... :3

Riku, Xion, and Vivi: Create a reenactment of Kill Bill Vol 2 ending where Beatrix Kiddo has finally found Bill and finds out that her child, BB, is still alive.. All the way to where Beatrix kills bill with the five point palm exploding heart technique... Xion as Beatrix, Riku as Bill, and Vivi as BB

Kairi and Fuu: Reenact O-Ren Ishii's death. :3 It should be bloody... Fuu as O-Ren, Kairi as Beatrix Kiddo...

Axel: Act as Pai Mei everytime Xemnas suffers from a prank...

Larxene: This is too secret, fill a case full of money and hide a black mamba snake inside and give it to Xemnas. Don't let Xemnas know! :D

Xemnas: Open the case of money...
razer racer chapter 3 . 11/24/2013
hi guys! razer racer, here, but call me Razer! i came from kras city in jak and daxter's world. i decided to come along and join in! and if you guys decide to disobey and not do my dares, you will be sent to your worst nightmares with my powerful curse i put on you!
okay... from your last chapter, either you like or hate naruto, so...
Yuffie; dress up as sakura from naruto, do a backflip and try to stick the landing on a very unstable pole above the ground, and then kiss sora
sora, i got a list for you, call pence fat, tell roxas he's just a clone, *ping* now you have an illusion spell, where every girl in kh world, except kairi, is your fangirl, and kairi breaks up with you.
everyone needs to have an energy drink
xigbar, i have something planned for you... i call this contrapotion... THE WHEEL OF KISSING! this device, when it stops spinning, will lang on the name of a female character, you got to kiss the girl it stops on.
kairi, kiss cloud, xigbar, and the ugliest bad guys in the kh universe, and shave sora's head
merlin, grow back sora's hair, but you have to also add a temporary curse that whatever female sees the hair, turns i8nto his fangirl, but keep in mind it will only be temporary.
princesses of light, kiss all the male members of the organization 13 and pete
maleficent, kiss pete
the organization, i got a plan for you, as for trying to steal my heart, i shall banish you to the naruto world, for 2 hours, and your dares will still take effect, there.
riku, dress up as a pirate, and give yuffie a foot massage
aerith, tell sora you and him would make a better couple than him and kairi, then kiss him.
all the females, except maleficent, aqua, namine and kairi, kiss sora, ventus, and roxas, while their girlfriends watch!
pete, drive your old steamboat down the dangerous rapids of the grand canyon, then fill the fuel tank with water and baking sota.
sora, you have to name yourself soda pop
here's where things get interesting... *summons some other final fantasy girls, plus some fairy forms of yuffie and rikku* i command you to kiss sora, then dogpile him.
xemnas, command the dusks to dance to micheal jackson's thrillert, then scream that your hair is so shiny, it blinded riku
jack skellington, take sora and roxas, into the valentine world, leave kairi behind.
kairi, say that your hair is the most powerful hair in the world as loud as possible
namine; say cute things about your hair, add something to it to make it super shiny.
axel, here's some oil, make a trail, then burn it, then... burn your own reading material, singing disco inferno, then kick some dogs and cats... REALLY HARD!
mickey, i put a spell onm you, now you defy gravity, follow those final fantasy fairy-form females into the random treehouse, keep a low profile, and spy on their plans,
ventus, scream you're afraid of fangirls
and for the creator of this event, can you help me with putt9ing a curse on all the boys to make them afraid of fangirls, it's only temporary.
everybody get down! watch out for the angry pein! he is baaaaack!
oh, and i accidently freed naruto, but he changed, he's afraid of final fantasy females for some reason. (i am in that mood to make all male protagonists-antagonists suffer)
and sora, kiss a heartless, a nobody, then a random member of Organization 13, then slap maleficent.
vanitas, scream chocolate
everybody will only eat veggetables for dinner.
donald duck, i'm sorry, but you have to bathe in a cooking pot for 15 minutes, on the stove
tron, hack your way into ebay, and get sora a kairi plushie, then stuff up to the main computer with errors, and show it to sora.
simba; scar's back, but has a friend, also known as slenderman! he's been spotted in the pridelands, search and capture him.
that's all.
draconicdark chapter 2 . 10/9/2012
Comet: How frank.
Anix: A bit over the top if I say so myself.
Artrix: *waves two fingers while his arms are crossed*

Sora: Dost thou like cookies?
Riku: You are not a girll. So why so you have long hair.
Kairi: What would you do if you were the last human on earth?

Demyx: Here is ten thousand cookies. You can get them if you play a love song for Anix. She really likes you.
Xemnas: for the rest of the chapter, kill anyone who calls you Mansex or Sexman.
Roxas: Shoot Xigbar with his guns because he is an ass hole.
Xion: Pretend to have a fever and let Roxas take care of you.

Comet: That's all for now.
Hito me Bore chapter 1 . 2/21/2012
Interactive fics such as Truth Or Dare fics are not allowed on this site. In addition, your fic is written in chat/script format, and your first chapter is an author's note. Both of these are violations of the rules. Read them before you post next time.

Please delete this or you will be reported.

Thank you.
Agent pickachu chapter 2 . 1/31/2012
1:Never make fun of my name in vain

2:Treat My day of birth as holy day

3:ummm never let Luxord cheat thy neighbor?

Rixas:Why are you making up commandmants? A.P.:I dunno-shrugs- Rixas:-Throws a knife a A.P.- A.P.-dodges-Yo! What the bleep? Rixas:Stop acting like a gangster,Your horrible at it! A.P.:Hey at least I don't name a Lopunny doll Xion! Rixas:-Gasp-I Don't know what your talking about! A.p.:On with dare!


Vexen:you Are in my Chibi team!-Vexens like WTF?-

Axel:You are Tamaki Sempi!Hes from Ouran Host Club.

Larxene:Change your hairstyle its ***** Suck!

Demyx:Show your Tough side!If you do You'll be in My SUPER AWESOME CHIBI TEAM!

Zexion:Let me see that Lexicon!-Swips it away,sees book-

A.P.:Omylord!-wide eyed- Rixas:what?-Takes lexicon and sees-OH MY **** GOD! Luxord:Let me see!-Takes look at Lexicon,and is wide eyed-WHAT RIXAS SAID!O MY ****** GOD! Gr:what is it? A.P.:-whispers in Grs ear- Gr:WHAT! T.J.:What is it? Gr:-whispers T.J. ear- T.J.:Larxene! Larxene:What did Zexion lexicon have bout me? A.p.:-shows lexicon to Larx- Larxene:ZEXIIIOOONN!YOU!STALKER!-Runs to kill Zexion-

Naminé:Wipe our memory to forget what we saw at the lexicon!-Naminé wipes just now memory-

Roxas:Jump over a lake infested shark-He lives-!Join me Chibi team!please?

Rixas:Theres no point asking A.P Luxord:Bet 800 munny the people A.P. Asked won't join.-Loses bet-

A.p.:good,now...You can be chibis if you want!:D

Rixas:-gives 800 munny to Luxord-****it

A.p.:well Were rated R today.0_0
Zexion and Josh chapter 6 . 1/29/2012
Josh:... Zexion:I think hes acting like Lexuas. josh:*falls down an sleeps* Zexion:hes bored.

Dares from josh

Larxene:I'm bored of you...DIE!I'm Kairis fan now.


Vexen:YOU!Stalker!DIE!*Kills Vexen with a keyblade,and shows everyone a video of Vexen stalking Xemnas,Marluxia,and Especially Aerith*

Lexuas:Talk or respond to people for 2 whole chappter!Or Tomohawk gets it!

Demyx:I'm bored...You?Lets go to SeaWorld!*goes to seaworld with Demyx*


Sora/Roxas:YOU GUYS ARE DA MAN!You can join me and Demyx if you want.:D if you don't want to come Have 99 icecream,and 99 cookies,pick 2 characters to join you,Axel can come.

Saic:...CATCH!*throws Gr a whisbee,making him act like a dog for 2 chpts*:D

Ventus:Whatz uuuuuuup!XDHigh five!D

Kairi:Heres a sora and cubbie simba plushie.

Zexion:*sleeps* Josh:*draws a moustache on Zexion*
JaguarBoy chapter 6 . 1/16/2012
I dare Xemnas to have a sex change,and Date the Most HORRIBLE STRONG TERRIFYING Heartless,And break up with it in person,Anyone feel free to laugh at xemnas,Lets secretly watch Mansexes date without letting him know,and video tape it to Youtube!If anything M rated happens feel free to censor Zexion...You SURE your nit Emo? I mean Your hair's dark,your clothes are dark,your lexicon is dark...If you deny it...*whispers in Axels ear*-Axel Burn down his library,room,and his Lexicon,and feel free to do something Thats my dare and truth!:D AND! Roxas You Rule Dude!*gives Roxas high 5 and Sea salt ice cream*:D
Harmony chapter 6 . 1/14/2012


Roxas,Naminé,Axel,Ventus,Zexion:Sing 'Can you feel the love tonight'.Here are the parts.





Woman singing in background-



Also Do what they did in the song,when Simba and nala nuzzle,Roxas and Namine and Ventus hold each other and cry.
Zexion and Josh chapter 6 . 1/14/2012
Zexion:... josh:*waves*:) Zexion:he said hi. Josh:*points own eye,then backflip,and points at Zexion* Zexion:he said'I have some truth or dare for you guys'. Josh:*high fives Zexion,but Zexion doesn't*:P Zexion:i'm not making cake for you josh. josh:T_T Zexion:he wrote some dares.



Xaldin:Make Me(Zexion:Josh)Cake!

Marluxia,and Larxene:switch lives! Gr:can I be co host too?(Zexion:Josh wants to be co-host)

Larxene:*Glomps by Josh* I like you personality!

Marluxia:YOUR A STUPID FLOWER BOY!I KEEL YOU FOR umm DOING BAD STUFF!*Uses Clouds,and Sephiroths sword* Zexion:Pweeeeaaasssse make me cake?

Luxord:tell Larxene shes pretty.:P Roxas:Roxas..*makes noise that Dark vader makes*You must...Join me... KILLING MANSEX!*Both does Evil laugh,wich makes Kairi and Naminé swoon over Roxas for being a bad boy*

Kairi:Have you read 'Lion king in a nutshell'?If not Read it,and Kiss Roxas!

Axel:YOU ALMOST KILLED ROXAS!REVENGE!*uses oathkeeper and oblivion and attacks Axel,and almost killing him,got held back by Zexion*

Xemnas:Tell riku,Sora,and roxas that your his father.(Zexion:that was actually my dare.)

Roxas,Riku,andSora:You must fall on your knees and say 'NOOOOOOOO!' after Mansex says hes your father.

Naminé:you also kiss Roxas. are my brother!we're so much alike!

Axel:Say sorry to roxas,and* sends Axel to nightmare on elm street without chakrams,and again Josh,Roxas,Larxene,and Demyx does evil laugh,again Kairi,Naminé,And now Olette SERIOUSLY Swoon for roxas*

Demyx,Roxas,Gr,and Sora:I teach you my secret language like I taught Zexy.



Roxas:is it true that you kissed Kairi and Naminé?

Gr:Can I be Co host?


Larxene:*Glomps her again*come on admit you like being glomped by me.

Vexen:YOU STALKER!DIE!(Zexion:actually I agree with josh)

_ really hate axel attacking your role model;Roxas huh? Josh:*nods* Zexion:I have one question. Josh:*does break dance with Demyx* demyx:he said 'what'. Zexion:are you always quiet? Josh:*Jesse mc cartneys voice*No. Zexion:... Demyx:Come bro we must do stupid things we both do! Josh:*nods*
Mysterious Masked Girl chapter 6 . 12/29/2011
*wears a hooded Cloak,and face doesn't show only a mask*Hello I will describe myself...Later Xemnas:You have to fight against Sora and Roxas,The person who fights with is Dark Vader,Tell DV not to use his powers,plus Somebody give DV their weopon,I don't want him to use a light saber.

Marluxio:make all of your plants pop up and Let Axel,Demyx,Roxas,Gr,Luxord,And Random cast member destroy your Plants.*Does magic to shield Everyone*

Saix:..I despise you,but I'll spare you..For now.

Roxas:sing "Leavin" By Jesse Mc Cartney your Voice actor.

Demyx:use 2 Dares on someone. Contest

Anyone does The Most Humorous,Adventurous Act,Stunt,Dare,Whatever Earns something Very Special That Everyone Loves.

Axel:*mysteriously turn Axel into a dog*You are a Saint Bernard Dog,Larxene is your owner for 2 chapters,your human again when there is a dare for you,but you'll turn back to a dog until 2 chapters is done.

Larxene:Enjoy torturing Axel.

*sneaks behind Roxas scaring him by saying hello*Roxas:You turn into a Pickachu,Dialga,or Latios.

Luxord & Xigbar:*sends them to Pirates of the Caribbean with only regular weapons:Swords and a pistol*Your dressed as pirates,Friends with Jack Sparrow,Until Luxord realize he is Jack Sparrows Brother,Xigbar Fights barbosa,and Luxord.

*Mysterously gets Roxas to Kiss Naminé*Naminé:Do what you please with Roxas.

*takes of hood,and mask showing a face looking like Xion's and Naminé's face,but different eye color,hair color revealing Brown cat like eyes,and brown Long hair ,then puts Mask on,and hood on,Mysteriously Xaldin Attacked her,but blocked Xaldin with a Keyblade looking light saber*

Xaldin:for Attacking me,You are sent to the most horror film ever.*sends Xaldin To Film*

Bye*Summons Dark Corridor,and leaves*
crystalXailapickachu chapter 6 . 12/22/2011
Crystal&Xaila:Hello! Pickachu:pika pi! Xaila:*glares at Crystal*don't push me Crystal. Crystal:*sticks out tongue at Xaila* Pickachu:picka.*sweat drop*


Roxas:Be Shirtless for 9 whole chpts.

Namimé:You get to use 2 dares on someone.

Roxas & Xion:Redo the scene when Xion dies,And Roxas Say something else than "Xion!Who else will I have ice cream with?" seriously,Roxas you can say better than that.*gives everyone popcorn*Every one watch the Remake scene"Xion's End"

Axel:Your name is Muffin or Kitty,the cast will choose wich name.

Marluxia:change your name to Marluxio.

Saix puppy:*glomps him*YOUR SI CUTE!X3 Xaila:Let Saix go Crystal. Crystal:aww.*gets Idea,and does evil grin at Xaila* Xaila:What?


Demyx and Xaila:Makeout!Cause I want revenge for what Xaila did! Xaila:WHAT! Crystal:too late its a dare.:D Xaila:...I hate you so much,can't believe I ran away from organization VIII,using a forgetting spell,revive you,and live with you! Crystal:Continue on dares! Xaila:I'm not Done with you Yet!

Dares # 3

Princess Mansex:Let Xaila back to the organization,or let her join

Luxord:*makes him drink a potion that no longer makes him drunk*Sing"I Got a Jar of Dirt"

Luxord:After you sang I got a jar of dirt sing "Why's the rum gone?"

Demyx:since Xaila hates you so much,cause she hates guys who are lazy,Do 10 push ups,15 rock climbing,20 jumping jacks,28 laps in swiming,run 9 laps in running Crystal:Kiss Marluxia!


Luxord:Jack sparrow is your Brother!

Xaila:Admit it You like Axel!

Crystal:Admit yourself You Like Marluxia!

Crystal:*blushes Rapidly*No,I Don't! Xaila:then why do you have posters of him shirtless? Crystal:Uh,Uh,Why Do YOU have drawings of you and axel Kissing! Xaila:*blushes*SHUT UP!*Attacks Crystal*

Pickachu:Pickachu pika pi.(can they be in the cast for 2 chpts?) #15 Xaila

Rather that being lazy all day,

She's very athletic to make her *yellow*TRANSFORMATION of animals weapon is worst than her bite.

Weapon:Anaklusmo(light saber sword)

Pickachu:pika,Pi,Pickachu(so again can Me and them be in the cast for 2 chpts?They both like to see eachother tortured,Don't tell Demyx that he use to flirt with Xaila before she ran away,unless crystal wants revenge)
NexarkXIII chapter 6 . 9/15/2011
Saix if I didn't like you I would have dared you to eat your claymore!

(walks in wearing Xigbar cosplay) I'ma fem Xiggy what's up! (hugs GR) BUDDY!

(looks around) these ppl arn't scared enough yet!

Marly you may look like a girl but your final form (in recom) is horrifyingly scary turn into final form and you should even be able to scare Sephy! Scare everyone!

Luxord! Ello mate! Go have a drinking contest with jack sparrow then introduce Sora to gambling!

Vexen u looooove experiments! turn GR into a girl XP.

Lexeaus is locked in the closet with a Xion that's hyper from 3 gallons of coffee and a mountian of gummi bears singing the gummi bear song over and over again!

Xigbar can I have a hug pwease?

Xemnas tell Sora that you are his father! (XD I love star wars)

Aerith I forgot about you! sorry I like you gives her a new pink bra.

All the girls except Namine and Aerith must now burn their panties! well they just have to put em in a pile! Axle gets to do the honors!

I wanna kick old Xehanorts ass can i huh can i

gives Gr and my fav characters cookies.

BUHBYE! disappears in a puff of smoke and fire.
Rexness613 chapter 6 . 9/10/2011
This is for the Truth or Dare

Namine: Every one is mean to you, I dunn like it, YOU ARE NICE D8. Here is a lifetime supply of art supplies and an art studio. HAVE LOTS OF FUN AND DUN BE SAD!

Sora: You, my friend, are annoying.

Riku: Roxas, Zexion, and Lexaeus get to bet you up. I liked you until you killed my Zexy, YOU NOW PAY DX .

Xemnas: I dunn like you go jump in a lake, no powers or weapons, there is anacondas and eels in the lake, its for sacrificing the organization for your stupid purposes, ALL THEY WANTED WAS HEARTS AND YOUUUUUUUUUU YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU KILLED THEM. *Gives author torture devices from all the different worlds* You and Zexion get to use them. *Hugs Zexion* I knowz your pain. By the way… I’M THE NEW SUPERIOR , LAUGH WITH ME BWHAHAHAHA COME, LET ME HEAR YOUR EVILEST LAUGH MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Xaldin: Is it true do you really secretly like Belle? They say you did until she kicked you. So is it true?

Vexen: Here is a plate of cookies to show mah respect I know its not best present but iz best I could do...You haz my respect

Lexaeus: Youre awesome but really quiet so how would you like to be my big brother I haz cookiez? We does sibling stuff after this chapter.

Zexion: AWWWWWWW PLEASE STOP LOOKING SAD I PROMISE I'LL GIVE YOU A PLATE OF COOKIES AND A HUG IF YOU SMILE MILK TOO. Oh and you get to have this for the rest of 5 chaps, its Hydra repelent, it works for up to 3 days. Also you get to kick Axel where it hurts, I’m still mad at him, but I do like him a little so sorry if I’m don’t torture him more. Here’s a little thing I like to call the book of everything *gives him large book* it contains all the knowledge of everything. You may read it, by the way its indestructible.

Saix: I dunt likez you -.- say sorry to Axel... meanie oh and heres a pendant that that gives you the power to turn into a wolfie

Axel: I shall give you hug Kay Kay? Friends? Go to Twilight Central Tram Station to usual place, sorry about the thing with Zexion, It’s just you made me cry really hard when you killed him….. so nothing personal, kk


2. heres a plate of cookes and some milk and some candy 3. DO THE SOS BRIGADE DANCE TO THE SONG CARAMELLDANSCEN . and heres hydra repelent, works for 5days

Luxord: do you Reallllyyyy come from Port Royal, I HAAAAVE to know, if you answer, I’ll give you lots of rum *Has three boxes of it*

Marluxia: I dunn like you but I would like some flowers, ESPECIALLY sakura, or cherry blossoms if you give them I'll give you a BIG hug PROMISE

Larxene: go jump in a lake, same as xemnas, you get to shock him, but no weapons.



Selpie: I’m sorry, its not that I don’t like you, but that dress…. UGH I CAN’T STAND IT. Where a black one for 5 more chaps.

Aerith: You are soooo awesome ;3, though your pink dresses are cute, I think you’d look prettier in a black one, could you play Blind Justice on the piano, its an epic song, don’t worry, you won’t have to do it alone, I’ll force Cloud to help. He’ll wear that cool black outfit that I like so much… oh, and you both get cookies. That’s all for you guys.

Yuffie: My ninja master friend… you have my respect, please except me as your pupil. Thank you.

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