Reviews for Spark of Life
AnimeFanPeep chapter 33 . 9/3/2017
I thought the writing was great. Nonetheless, because you wanted to finish off this story, the ending was rushed. You could have prolonged it for another chapter or two to add in to the storyline how the tape got to the female wolf, how kazumi was dealt with. But no, you didn't, which made the ending crappy and rushed. At times i felt Amu was being too... Much of a doll. So very easily gave in when she was madly in love with ikuto. Yes, people would do things for their love but she didnt really consider much and gave it much easily. There wasnt much conflict or inner turmoil. It made the story less flavourful.

And the part where Amu despise Tadase for raping LuLu when she first heard about it, did she forget what Ikuto did to her? So she hated tadase for raping someone but not ikuto? So in the name of love what he did was alright but not for others. She double-standards much lol.

But all in all, the initial and middle part of the story was well-delivered. Probably because I came over from a popular yet poorly written fanfic. That was really cringey. Kudos. Though i must say it was disappointing yaya and Kairi didnt get much screen time in this story. Nor was it mentioned how, or when they arrived at Amu's house for the Kaizumi dinner. They just suddenly popped up lol.
Armadiel chapter 33 . 9/1/2017
Congrats on making this story like that (I thought only once about Stockholm Syndrome XD). To be honest at first my main thoughts were: "Eeeeeehhhh... Wait, WAT" but after the initial shock it became a really inredible story. Good job! :)
Nobody chapter 33 . 3/30/2017
NOOO ITS OVER! I've read a few of your other stories before, and when I clicked on this one, I was like "GOD YES! ITS MORG!" You really are my favorite fanfic author! Thank you for your stories!
Rox-forgot login chapter 33 . 3/20/2017
I thought this was really cute. I really liked this
NatsuxLucy4ever chapter 33 . 1/16/2017
As always, I love your stories so much! I get so happy reading them! Loved this as much as the last one I read
halfway2go chapter 33 . 1/15/2017
But what happened with ikuto's father?
CrystalSnowDrops chapter 33 . 11/13/2016
One can truly tell how much you've put into this fanfiction since from the very first chapter. As such with each passing chapter I had been captivated into seeing what happens next. However, I must admit that there was a bit of disappointment the last two chapters seemed to rush everything for the conclusion of such a great piece of work. There just was this sense of aura foreboding three chapters back more brought out from the true centered villain. Aside from that must confess that you'll still find me rereading this and looking forward to any future works you might unveil. Whatever they may be.
Pirate Kazumi chapter 33 . 11/13/2016
IKUTO FELL! AHHAHAHA! sorry, great story but ikuto falling was my highlight! .
Guest chapter 33 . 11/12/2016
Awwww! This was a really great end to one of my favorite stories! I can't wait to see what you do next!
RoyaisAwesome chapter 33 . 11/12/2016
hnnnnnnnng I just died.
Guest chapter 33 . 11/11/2016
Thanks for finishing and writing this story. I have enjoyed it ever since you first posted it. Brings me back to when Shugo Chara was still airing new episodes.
April Twelving chapter 33 . 11/11/2016
Absolutely beautiful!
Pirate Kazumi chapter 32 . 11/4/2016
AWW! NUU! Please don't end yet! i love this one! XD Great story! xx
rats xp chapter 32 . 11/3/2016
I'm so sorry for taking so long to get back to this story but I still love it to bits and can't wait to see what the epilogue has in store for my favorite couple!
RoyaisAwesome chapter 32 . 11/3/2016
FFFFFFFFFFFFF /dies of excitement and happiness/ I kinda wanna read about amu going through the pregnancy but I JUST WANNA MEET DIS KID
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