Reviews for The Story of Us
Guest chapter 9 . 9/24
Sooo he stopped talking to her essentially because she refused to fuck him just cause he suggested it and because he couldn’t talk her into it she obviously has a problem?! Wow not to mention she’s pathetic you’re crying and chasing a mfn you not even dating and if he’s treating her like this now she thought it was smart to give in to sleeping with him…Caroline is annoying in this fic but I agree whole heartedly with her
Helsi-b chapter 43 . 9/19
I’ve read this story again after reading many more Delena stories. I still think it’s amazing and one of my favourites on here. It didn’t disappoint the second time around. I did find it hard to forgive Elena at first for that silly decision she made in walking out and leaving Damon when he was suffering too. It upset and angered me. However if you dig a lot deeper, you understand. It’s still infuriating but I understand. She has been through the unimaginable at such a young age. She was naive and broken. She did so much crying that it drained me at times but again she was such a broken girl that you forgive her. Damon was a star. Except for the silly marriage proposal to Andie. Delena needed their heads banging together on lots of occasions. Again caroline is just brilliant. You got her character spot in. I bet she’s fun to write. I know I will read this again. It’s like my comfort story. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it as much as the first time. If not better.
LilyBlack18 chapter 40 . 8/1
Great news tho, Damon finally grew a pair. I swear, I love Caroline.
LilyBlack18 chapter 32 . 8/1
God, I can't even imagine how Elena will react to that proposal. Now I get why she told him not to get married. I mean, she's been a bitch to him but THAT ? THAT'S ON HIM !
And poor Andie... I swear, I can't deal with this anymore
OryxGreen chapter 2 . 4/27
Wow, I never really read any TVD fanfic and I decided to look for some and boy I am so glad I found this. I like that it is AU and that they are humans. And the fact that brothers don't have to love the same girl. Seriously, even though I prefer Damon over Stefan, I never really fully supported Delena, because I just didn't like that they both (Stefan and Damon) loved the same girl and had to have a relationship with her. As I read the first chapter, I just couldn't help myself and peeked at the end of the story and read the last two sentences just to make sure the final was what I wanted. I am so glad I found this story. The start looks amazing.
Helsi-b chapter 1 . 4/18
Wow. This is amazing. I am so glad I came across this. From start to finish you had me glued. I loved how you portrayed each of the characters. Caroline was excellent and good funshe had me laugh lots of times, as did Alaric even though he wasn’t in it lots. I wasn’t a huge Stefan and Caroline fan as a couple on the tv show for some reason and I’m not sure why. It just never felt right when they got together but I loved them together here. ‘Delena’ well I’m just in love with these two full stop and your story did not disappoint. Their love story is epic. Their love for one another is transparent, electric, adorable and frustrating. I loved that they were all human. I honestly loved this story. There isn’t a negative that I can find. What an amazing journey. You were so respectful to each of the characters during that really tough time on a sensitive subject, without trying to give too much away to anyone reading these reviews who are yet to read this story. This has to be one of the best, if not THE best story that I have come across and I’m gutted it’s over. I want to read it again! I have to read it again. You’re an amazing writersuch talent. Thank you so much for sharing and all the hard work, time and effort you put into it. Honestly it’s just WOW! I wanted to be a part of that friendship group. I laughed and cried along with them. Thank you x
Arileb chapter 43 . 2/27
Amazing story, incredible plot and development of characters! Sooo many feelings
Great work!
Arileb chapter 18 . 2/21
You made me cry so much.. even when I knew it was coming, it was heartbreaking.. very well written!
Bnd77 chapter 21 . 1/15
I keep picturing Sawyer from Lost in Damon’s place.
Guest chapter 43 . 10/24/2021
The best epilogue I have ever read.
This was a thrilling ride , sometimes I cried ,sometimes I laughed but overall it was a worthy journey. I will read it several times in future.
A Tiger Walks chapter 43 . 9/4/2021
Really loved this one. Great wrap-up.
lovlylobster chapter 36 . 9/3/2021
That was beautiful.
lovlylobster chapter 35 . 9/2/2021
I was crying for the ending of this chapter. And a song I strongly recommend for this chapter’s ending is *always* by Ashe.
lovlylobster chapter 33 . 9/2/2021
That was a lot. And the way she finally broke I think was written quite well. It was bound to happen.
lovlylobster chapter 33 . 9/2/2021
That was a lot
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