Reviews for Musings of The Final Breath
Emil Lime chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Great poem. I do like the way it's written and having taken a poetry class last semester, I loved all of the colors and I really loved your wording. My all time favorite line is "My thoughts set ablaze for that which forsakes my desire." Beautiful wording and I really like the tone of that line! I also liked the ending line, "The peace that only death can find." You're a great poet!

-Emil Lime
DefectivexZombie chapter 1 . 7/6/2011
... uhm... Its good but... yeah..

Withered dreams on broken wings,

A cry of rage in a room of echoes,

I speak, I scream,

My voice, my prophet,

My voice, my betrayer.

Weary eyes casting shadows in the dim light of what is left of life,

Of this pretense that is us,

That is humanity,

Am I but part of that which is primal or is this part of me?

I stand departed, forgotten, left behind and yet… far ahead.

Found, hated, and sworn upon my whispers,

My whispers that dance in the fires of passion,

Passion I evoke,

My thoughts set ablaze for that which forsakes my desire,

It is here In this room.

I am finally able to realize that bitter truth I love,

It is in this room I read this text that holds what remains of my heart.


How can so much hope reflect so deeply into the strict contrast of damnation?

Perhaps one day,

We will know.

Perhaps one day,

We will see…

The peace that only the dead can find.

Erm... it sounds like you were shooting for that'n... lol