Reviews for Adelina
NightRaven17 chapter 5 . 11/29/2015
Please update soon.
Guest chapter 5 . 9/28/2015
Looking forward to the continuation of the story
Wishfull-star chapter 5 . 9/30/2015
that was amazing I love the story and I hope that you update it soon:)
amerdism chapter 5 . 9/14/2015
Awesome story, I hope to see more soon, when's the next chapter going up?
Agrond chapter 5 . 8/29/2015
A promising story, Fem!Harry/Adelina being a Lamia and their princess could change many thing about the seven years in Hogwarts, breaking Dumbledore's plans for his greater good. We can alreay see that she made differents friends in the train before ending in Ravenclaw along with Hermione, while Neville became a Hufflepuff. Than we'll have to see what will happen during the flying broom lesson and the troll incident : will she be (once again) the best racer since a century or a casual, will she have to save Hermione because of Ron and how?
It will also be intersting to see how the fact that Adeline isn't the only Lamia will change the second year with the opening of the Secrets' Chamber... more Lamia, means more parselmounts, means more chance to find that the beast is a basilisk... and who the basilisk will follow : the Heir of Slytherin or the Princess of Stheno?
redwolf23456 chapter 5 . 6/21/2015
Great story so far
SakuraKoi chapter 5 . 6/18/2015
oh wow
Wrabbit75 chapter 5 . 6/2/2015
This is pretty interesting. I like the new origin (and species) for Harry and will eagerly await the next update (provided it's still going to be updated).
Martin Blue chapter 5 . 5/26/2015
I do hope you will continue this one
Terrenall.L.Black666 chapter 5 . 5/20/2015
Please update this story as it will be a waste if it is left unfinished ad it has the potential to be a fantastic Fic.
Guest chapter 5 . 2/27/2015
Dear author
I will give you a cookie emoji if you finish this ues a cookie emoji ! On a serious note please finish this story as its wonderful and beautiful and whenever i see imia i always say it in my head like lama and picture a lama instead of a snake ok o will stop rambling but please show some signs of life in the year 2015!
Guest chapter 5 . 2/1/2015
Glad that Dumbledore found someone? It sounds like the students would be better off without a "professor" wasting their time, and be told to study the subject independently instead..
kellym01.2 chapter 5 . 1/16/2015
Oh plz plz plz plz update this, best harry potter fic yet :)
approximationOfhumanity chapter 5 . 11/9/2014
Honestly, I'm disappointed she won't be with Fleur. I hope she doesn't end up with Hermione, or at least that she's more tolerable.
NightAngel99 chapter 5 . 10/6/2014
I think the story has a great premise. I look forward to reading your next chapter.
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