Reviews for Full Circle
LilithiaRW chapter 6 . 5/11
This is so unlike anything I've ever read. Splendid! I love the character development. The PTSD is very believable, and I admire you for it. Please continue!
thonez chapter 6 . 4/26
good start
tied chapter 6 . 4/9
Just found this story
Loved it

Please continue

Cringo chapter 6 . 4/4
I know you probably get this all the time, but I absolutely love this story. It takes the traveling back in time in a way I've not read before and I've read several of them. :) I hope you are doing well and completely understand how real life can interrupt our pleasures.
Fandoulli chapter 6 . 3/30
This story is really sweet and I love it! Thank!
Firewolfe chapter 6 . 3/19
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Ron chapter 6 . 2/24
I do.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/24
One of the most intriguing stories I hav read..! Amazing
reeroy chapter 6 . 2/18
I love everything about this. Thank you for writing it!
pianomouse chapter 6 . 2/11
Had to reread your story again and I still enjoy it. I hope that you will write more.
carick of hunter moon chapter 6 . 2/2
To me the test of fan-fiction story teller is to start with canon, then go beyond it & by so doing you then show both their creativity and imagination as a writer well done this is what you have done.
Navn Ukjent chapter 6 . 1/25
Very nice story so far.

I do hope that you are going to update again soon.
yrfgd chapter 6 . 1/20
I love this story and especially the way that you portray Hermione in both her versions.
ejecily chapter 6 . 12/24/2014
Hope you all still enjoy it? I MORE THAN ENJOY IT! And I am excitedly waiting for the next chapter! This is one of the best time travel stories I have ever read, and I think that's saying a lot since I have read tons of time travel ffs. Thanks for this chapter! :D I'll be here in front of my laptop waiting for the next one!
northern sunstone chapter 6 . 12/18/2014
This is one of the loveliest stories I have read. I didn't know I was craving a harry and hermione story that explored their devotion and friendship until I found this. It is raw in some places, yet also so sweet. You've captured vulnerabilities that are actually canon, yet I did not notice them before. Thank you for writing this, I do hope you continue as there are still so many delicious questions to be answered!
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