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Fredrick Bismarck chapter 11 . 16h
Well at least there wasn't 'You're prey and I'm dangerous. You should avoid me' conversation and self-hatred. The heat and decay vampire characteristic is major deviation unless Alice is lying. It does avoid the sparkles, gives a significant weakness, and gives a different reason for avoiding sunlight. But it would be horrible if they couldn't get close to each other.
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 10 . 17h
I do find it interesting that bella is not so much the loner/outsider and so completely perceptive to believe Alice is a vampire even while stating it herself. I like the talk overall. There was an apology about the stalking and a frank unashamed conversation about vampires that we wouldn't get from Edward, so I hope this turns in a different direction now that this behind them. Its sort of a reset for me.
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 9 . 17h
Despite having some of the same creepy themes and obsession, the Alice's reveal is more up front instead of the push and pull conversations and veiled insults from Edward. Alice still watched her while she slept, which I really think is not fitting of her character, but other aspects like her attempt to be friendly during the first close encounter seems fine. Generally, her actions seem reasonable to premise of Alice in Edward's position and confronted the same situations in regards to Bella and the same temptations. Bella's personalities has been altered to make it work better. You seem to want to keep with some element of the original plot - mixed signal first contact, strange behaviors, the attempt to connect, the attempt to break away, the obsession and theories, the confrontation and the reveal. I still hoped for a better interaction from the onset instead a slight more palatable treading of canon's themes. I'm hoping for some more lighthearted interaction that Alice is known for after they talk.
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 6 . 18h
The emotional whiplash and forgoing logic when it comes to Alice. The feeling of violation but letting happen. Aware that she's been enthralled. Well, if it was intentional... I guess its okay. Still not exactly healthy or sane. Sort of obsessive and becoming dependent like the original. I still want to see how this plays out.
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 5 . 19h
I still have hope for this. There was some great revelations about her fascination and obliviousness toward the cullens. She realizes how easily she fell for Alice's beauty and disregarded her oddities. That was nice and a move very much away from expectation. It may be very interesting how this significant divide resolves itself. However, there was some serious mood whiplash in this chapter. There was the sudden guilt concerning her father. Then she was angry for most of the day but backdown and inquired about Alice. The break from Alice seem to imply a deeper friendship and familiarity long than the day they bonded together and she became contemplative.
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 4 . 19h
It is a little weird how friendly they are with each other. They are really pushing to get to know one another - personal details, embarrassed looks, and intimate touches. Not that it isn't cute. However, in the context of them them crushing hard for each other and them just clicking, I can see it. Bella does acknowledge it somewhat and is a bit baffled by it, but she is still thinking in terms of friendship and hasn't made any connection. Alice has probed her about the supernatural but also put forward subtle hints and passing comments explaining away her oddities. I know the film Ghost is brought up to make the the segue to Alice's probing and the romantic connotations, but I can't help but think of that scene from Dan Harmon's Community. "No Ghosting."
Fredrick Bismarck chapter 2 . 20h
I'm surprised i haven't picked this one up yet after going through much of the twilight selection. It may be bias talking and my search for a new good alice/bella story but I really like this so far. I'm surprised by the sparse reviews given the promise i think this has after reading these first two chapters. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Its not much different from canon other than jasper seemingly and conveniently not with he cullen family and bella's slightly different personality. She is a bit more cutting, not overly so, but prone to make those sort of comments quietly in her own mind. She has a backbone. She gives a less restrained opinion of Jessica and even laughs at her (not meanly) with Angela. She has proper reactions to Mike and Eric rather than be accommodating to everyone and holding everything in, even in her own mind. She's still a good person and recognizing her uncharitable thoughts toward the attention. She's not a saint or a martyr, but a normal girl. You also show Alice struggling to be her friendly self when she's pushed to act like Edward upon first close encounter. Sure, Bella is drawn to her but its more reasonable with these cracks in Alice's reaction. With Edward, she should have been put off by his behavior and deemed a bully. However, you do still use the creepy watching while she sleeps, which is found out quickly but is hopefully addressed for what really is. There really isn't much to go on, and it may be my anticipation for an more likable Bella. Its only just starting out, but its seems to so far have a measured pace, time for reflection and organic development, and well written. I look forward to reading more.
melbrewerlvn chapter 3 . 5/3
elsword75020 chapter 34 . 1/30
It is a bit sad that Edwards died cuz it won't be like before but whatever. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST STORY EVER even if there was a lack of things. Thank u so much for having finished this story. I am grinning like a fool right now and it Hurts but it worth it. I forgot to say thing but whatever, I will continue to think about this story for so long. Marvellous couple.
Jesseburnett chapter 11 . 1/20
wth? she decomposes with prolonged contact? so they cant hold hands, much less each other? do you even realize how much that killed the romance in your story?
abolynn chapter 34 . 8/23/2015
Wonderful story. Hope you plan to add more to it. I could not put it down. You have a great skill. Would love to read more. Looking forward to Bella graduation and her change.
NicoleBuddy chapter 34 . 7/24/2015
I really enjoyed this. It managed to clearly be a re-write while still being different enough to be interesting. I thought the Russian vampires were a little over-the-top, but that was the only thing that bothered me.
gifdee chapter 20 . 6/13/2015
jacob is not a werewolf .
Jacob is a shapeshifter that turns into a wolf whenever hes wants too.
oneeyereader chapter 15 . 6/12/2015
Blood is a drink not a food.
Vampires thirst on blood .
oneeyereader chapter 14 . 6/11/2015
Not a car.
A truck.
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