Reviews for Enemies with Benefits
Usernames.are.masks chapter 1 . 3/17/2016
I think his accent is soft enough that you don't have to write it.
JadziaCee chapter 1 . 7/12/2011
Great story. You are write, Jadyen's accent is so hard to write. I really struggle with it myself.

Loved this little one-shot. This line was so perfect - " This was how it always happened; the first kisses were to apologize for his latest asshole actions back at the station, and the rest were to establish his dominance." mmmmmmmm Carter.

I also loved your line about Carter wearing his asshole smirk while he fucked Norman. That was also perfect.. classic Blake.

The dichotomy at then is well done. I can really see this working between the two men. Having such rough, hateful, demeaning sex at times, and then having such a loving, tender moment afterwards...Carter taking Norman's hand and then actually staying the night.

Great story.. loved it!
OnlySnakesCanLove chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
First off- that title is magical. Haha- so simple yet so clever! (And true...)

Thanks for writing this, there has been a disturbing lack of Blayden, and I'm glad somebody stepped up to the plate! Though a bit shorter then I would have liked (but then, it's never long enough for me!) it was a nice romp. I love Jayden riding cowboy, I've always wanted to read that and I'm glad someone wrote it. My only complaint is the lack of paragraphs, with instead single sentencesone after another.

I did like the dialogue, quite realisic and in-the-moment. Just good ol' fashion angry sex, and it works really well for these two.

Don't be afraid to write more! Myself as well as others will be waiting! :3