Reviews for Eastward
grimkat chapter 5 . 8/25/2012
I love the story! And was not expecting the alien so much... O.o Surprise surprise, I guess.
KingOfStories01 chapter 31 . 8/20/2012
Wow... I really should have reviewed this, now I feel like I messed up. Hehehe...

In any case, no big review from me, I really liked it and just am glad the journey is over... though time for some final thoughts, mostly on my characters, because I'm conceited like that.

For Jun, I had to admit, he really was a John Doe character. It was fully my fault here, I never really gave too much thought into him, beyond him being the "Nice Guy." Which, honestly, was the entire point when I first made him, he was not supposed to have a personality beyond niceness and endless caring for others. When created, he was supposed to become a more complete person, who actually matured and developed a full personality along the way. Problem was, I never completed Jun... so I apologize for his lack of completeness. You helped me complete Jun, so thanks.

As for Kai and Zane, I'm sorry I created those bit-part characters. They also suffered from Jun's problem (being incomplete), so I've decided to rehash them entirely (Kai's become a very different, more likeable person, while Zane's entered a different universe of his own). My apologies for how they ended up being.

And, finally, for Nicholas... I gotta agree with what you said, he was really random. I guess that's what happen when you try to add personality to a side character. Sorry about that :P

In any case, I liked this story a lot. I'm glad you did so well with it, and it's a shame it's all over... but you did well in the end.

As for questions:

1) Will there ever be a sequel? Or prequel? Because I'd love to see a sequel to this.

2) If there is no sequel, then can I ask what happens to each of the characters (that are still alive) post-story?
Animaster21 chapter 5 . 8/9/2012
HOLY CRAP, SHE'S AN ALIEN? I didn't see that coming, lol. I mean, I knew that there were aliens in the story, but I didn't expect this ;P
I really like Ashka and Gerard's relationship; Ashka's pretty cold towards everyone, but she gives Gerard a teasing grin at the end there when he has to go off with Jun. That's sweet :) And as for Lucas and Lexi, I'm picking up a lot of hints. He's acting all macho and I-don't-care-about-what-you-think-of-me around her, lol.
Capture, ON! I love rangers, the stylers are awesome. Wow, Megan really outranks Daniel when it comes to ranger epicness, doesn't she? I wonder exactly how long he's been a ranger for? Well, either way...
Animaster21 chapter 4 . 8/4/2012
*Gasp* Serena's first words! And right at the end of the chapter, too. Only just made it there _
Lolz at James falling into the mud pit with his pants around his ankles...hold on...why are his pants around his ankles? Talk about a city-boy...
Damn I feel like roasted marshmallows! I've only ever had them once, about six years ago (or maybe 8) but I've never forgotten how good they were. I'm so jealous of these guys now...GAAARRRGGGHH!
Heeheeheee, Ashka and Gerard totally have something going on between them ;) And I'll bet that Lucas and Lexi do as well; opposites attract, after all. Even their names are alliterative! What a perfect couple.
Poor Daniel...again.
Animaster21 chapter 3 . 8/4/2012
I'm here, just like I said ;) Wow, this was a long one, lol. You got through a lot here, I really enjoyed it :P
I think I've got a hold of all the characters so far, haha. There's a lot of them right off the bat, but they all have distinct traits and personalities, so it's easy to remember them and distinguish them. Serena seems like a bit of a loner so far; has she even said a single word yet? Ashka's my fave at the moment, and then Irene, lol.
Poor Daniel, Megan was pretty blunt.
AND HOLY CRAP, A WAILORD! :P Just one thing I noticed; they're going at 70 miles an hour, but when James falls into the water he doesn't get left behind, and they even have time to reach out and help him back in, lol.
He and Panpour seem to work together well, though.
So in summary, a pretty good chapter. I find it interesting how the world feels; rather than a pokemon world where they do real things, it's the real world that just happens to have pokemon in it. I reckon that gives it a much more realistic feel. It actually feels like I'm watching a live-action TV show _
HalfBlindFeline chapter 11 . 7/23/2012
I have to say this is very well-written.
Zokolov chapter 31 . 6/25/2012
*applause* Well done! I was afraid this fic was dead, but I should have never doubted you. Now to dissect this chapter.

Everyone is written better than ever before, especially Lucas' passages in the beginning. He's grown a lot during this journey, I can tell. He's no longer a Casanova Wannabe.

And I love that Lexi and Ashka can argue so much even at a time like this! Priceless! :D

"Who puts a gas tank on the outside of a ship?" Lol XD

This is so amazing, and I can fully believe you worked two months on this. My only gripe is the confusing amount of characters and the plot focusing less on Pokémon, but even then, those are actually good things. They make this feel like an awesome, adventure-filled original sci-fi story... with Pokémon! You can't get any better than that.

Hah! Daniel called her Eevee. I love how he still looks after the kids, even after all that's happened.

Aww... Lucas makes a heartwarming confession and all his character development shines through... but no one could read it.

"I gotta boo-boo!" Oh, James. XD

Ah, Daniel and Megan... together again. And about time, too!

Nice, Serena vs. Sarah! Excellently done battle scene, I must say. And Serena and Lucas kiss! More d'aww! It's very nice to see a group of well-rounded OC's, it really does not happen often.

AWESOME ending, I must say. All the relationships coming together, Daniel's proposal which definitely did not bring tears to my eyes (I swear, a guy never cries... *sniff*) and such a fitting way to end it... with the Facebook updates. While I have to say that indeed seems like you made it up as you went along, I'm fine it, as it was one of the most, if not THE most entertaining piece of fan fiction I have ever read. Arceusspeed!

- Zokolov
Relbyrah chapter 31 . 6/24/2012
Oh... my... gawd. TuT This story has to be one of the best oc stories ever. I have truely enjoyed reading every part of this, and the waits were completly worthwhile. I just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on finishing this story. Many of the scenes were so well written that I could picture them clearly. And awww, Ashka and Gerard finally got together, and Daniel proposed to Megan. X3 My heart swells with cuteness lol. Anyway, kudos again!

AshKetchumDarkSide chapter 31 . 6/24/2012
Well I have to say this much: BEST OC STORY EVER TOLD! In my opinion. I was the edge of my seat when you write this. I was hoping for my questions to be answered but I guess You left me in a cliffhanger. So Here is my review:

Lucas got some great devolopment. He isn't the player he used to be. He risked his life to help Serena out. And Save her for Daniel's father. Yeah didn't he go to jail or something? Lucas hidejacked a bike. Lol.

Everyone else had their problem,Irene with Pups. Jun beening missing for a while. Lexi's weird decisions between Lucas,James, Paru. You had me there. I was think Lexi would go for Paru and James with Imogen. So they faced Brett or fake Brett to be more right. Lucas' sadness when he heard that. But this faker lied throughout the story so Brett could have still been alive. And Where's Kari? I was wondering that for man chapters. You say you don't know. O_O Weird how. She could disappaer like that. I know Kai died or did he? Whom knows. So Final battle with the Pups begin,it was rocky at first but I got used to it. And everyone beat the aliens. Ross had the baby. Weird again. Daniel and Megan reunited was cute and nice.

Awwww Lucas kissed Serena. :3 That my dude Lucas FTW! And Jun and Lucas meet up was funny. Lexi went to James. Lol Gerald and Ashka FINALLY got together. Nice. And even Jun and Irene got TOGETHER. Third wheel much Jun. Bring Irene man. Stop the denseness. :D And Daniel and Megan got engaged. Awwww. :3 So overall nice chapter. And great finale. Great to finish an OC story all the way.


1)WHERE IS KARI? My first question

2)Is Brett Kuso(human) dead? Or is he alive? I know the faker lied so much that I didn't believe him.

3) Why choose James to end up with Lexi?

4) Are you going to work on anymore things? I look forward if you are.

Now list of shippings at the end:

Lucas x Serena

Jun xIrene

Lexi x James

Gerald x Ashka

and FINALLY not least

Daniel x Megan :3

I look forward toward your next work.
BNVshark chapter 30 . 6/10/2012
Ugh, I wanted to do a full on review of the whole Marrior Arc, but you're taking forever to update, haha. So, I guess I'll just review with what we have so far.

I found it odd that Rodolfo was being so ridiculous back in chapter 28. I mean, I KNOW he's an odd man, but to be virtually unphased by what's happening outside and letting two kids stay out in the danger zone is kinda... douchey. Oh well, it's not like I expected anything greater out of him. Speaking of which, I'm not really sure what to say about his death. I mean, on one hand, he kinda deserved it for being a dick to the main crew, but I felt like he deserved much, much more.

Speaking of people who deserved more, I thought Kay and Elliot would wind up being much more important in the long run as well. I figured the group's Facebook conversation about her being alot like them and possibly fitting in with them was foreshadowing. And then, when it was revealed that Elliot abused her, I figured THAT would be a great reason for her to join the campers, since she would still have the emotional scarring and backstory to work with. I guess, in reality, I'm more saddened by Kay's death than I am Elliot's, I mean, screw him.

Let's fast forward a bit to the trip on the spaceship. I feel like they were really treating Jun wrongfully. I know they think he's annoying at all, but they should, at the very least, see that he is, for the most part, completely harmless to their cause. Oh well, maybe it's because I know a guy a lot like him at school that I feel more drawn towards him as a character. Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, nice job on giving Paru the invisibility cloak seeing ability. Is it going to be used again later on in the arc?

The crew's little mishaps at Krude felt like it deserved more than 2 chapters, I really feel like that who part could've been used for a helluva lot of plot exposition, but it was interesting nonetheless. I'm still confused though, what were the campers hoping to accomplish in Marrion? Were they really thinking that they could take down an entire government on another planet all by themselves? Oh well, I'll just wait till the next chapter comes out for me to get my answers. Update ASAP, I'll be working on my manuscript too, maybe, haha.
Relbyrah chapter 30 . 4/29/2012
Hey! Long time no see! Once again I apologize for my lack of reviews but I have been reading the story. So far you have been doing a brilliant job with character development and keeping a steady theme. Ashka's jealousy never fails to amuse me and I was unsure whether to be happy or sad when Kai died. The only thing I would sugest working on is the transtition between times and places. It just seems a little choppy and unflowing, but this story has come along excellently. Kudos on maintaining an OC story, as many authors tend to drop out after a few chapters, including myself. Can't wait for more!

Zokolov chapter 30 . 4/29/2012
Whoa.. too bad about Kai. :( But, nonetheless, this is getting more extreme by the moment. The Pokémon on this foreign planet sure were something. I loved the little derpy-eyed bug.

Lucas definitely has more seriousness in his character now, as do all of them.

And this alien gene pool stuff is really freaking me out, as it sure was supposed to. Creep-ee...

When Dan talks about parading nude, I laughed, but I think James was supposed to say "fool-proof" at that one point. But it was a minor mistake in an otherwise excellent chappie.

Can't wait to see how it ends. Good luck with your studies!

- Zokolov
AshKetchumDarkSide chapter 30 . 4/29/2012
Well since this is close to the final chapter It is time to review:

First this was enjoyable to read,I'm glad you kept going with this story,First OC story I read that I was glad to see to the end. Second, the seniors trying to find out where they were. In Pups area,Good to see that they started to trust Jun again for a bit. Irene started to understand the truth about Kai and understand that Kai rebeled against his home planet. Good to see Serena get away from Kai and He finally die. Lucas was happy tohear that Kai died. Bitter end to one of the main villain. Now one person to deal left and that is Brett Kuso or the morphing alien pretending to be the real Brett Kuso,Make me wonder where is the real one? It would be cool to see Lucas confronted him.

And Gerald have to deal with a princess for his freedom. Hope the he wins. Well I hope that the final chapter will be great as well. :D
Pure Gamer chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
This chapter is pretty good. You write really well, and this flows VERY well.

Your description and feeling is awesome.

Keep writing!
Shadow of Eckhart chapter 29 . 4/1/2012
Sorry! I didn't review last chapter... I moved to a new house and we have no internet. The plot is killing me with all the suspense. And Gerard is the emotional person in , I kind of think Irene/Gerard is cute. :3

How many chapters left? I don't want it to end... Maybe I'll try and force you to write a sequel... xD I'm kidding.

But honestly I love this fic. Keep writing~
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