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ten195 chapter 2 . 9/11/2012
kml well here is a website that may help a bit! i hope this help because am interested to see where your headed in this story
Okazaki323 chapter 2 . 7/10/2011
Go to naritopedis. Or wikipedia. They were 12 if my memory serves me correctly.
Hime-Love-97 chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
Wow dreaded rasangan is good! Vvvv
Dread Knight N7 chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
sighs* this is going to be a long-ass review...

Rookie 9: from youngest to oldest

Hinata: age: 13: birthday: December 27

Naruto: age: 13: birthday: October 10

Shikamaru: age: 13: birthday: September 22

Ino: age: 13: birthday: September 23

Kiba:age: 13: birthday: July 7

Sasuke: age: 13: birthday: July 23

Choji: age: 13: birthday: May 1

Sakura: age: 13: birthday: March 26

Shino: age: 13: birthday: January 25

Team Guy:

Lee: age: 14: birthday: November 27

Neji: age: 14: birthday: July 3

Tenten: age: 14: birthday: March 9

Other important characters:

Sai: age: 14: birthday: November 27

Itachi Uchiha: age 18: birthday: June 9

Hana Inuzuka: age 18: birthday: April 3

Kabuto: age: 18: birthday: February 29

Anko: age: 21: birthday: October 24

Ibiki: age: 28: birthday: March 20

Sand Siblings:

Gaara: age: 13: birthday: January 19

Kankuro: age: 15: birthday: May 15

Temari: age: 16: August: 23

Younger Generation:

Konohamaru: age: 9: birthday: December 30

Hanabi: age: 9: birthday: March 27

Udon: age: 9: birthday: April 3

Moegi:age: 9: birthday: June 8

Konoha Senseis

Iruka: age: 23 birthday: May 26

Tenzo/Yamato: age: 23 birthday: August 10

Guy: age: 26: birthday: January 1

Kakashi: age: 27: birthday: September 15

Asuma: age: 28: birthday: October 18

Kurenai: age: 28: birthday: June 11

Ebisu: age: 29: birthday: march 8

The Sannin:

Orochimaru: age: 51 birthday: October 27

Jiraiya: age: 51: birthday: November 11

Tsunade: age: 51: birthday: August 2

Konoha Elders

Koharu: age: 69: birthday: September 1

Homura: age: 69: birthday: May 8

Hiruzen Sarutobi: age: 69: birthday: February 8

Danzo Shimura: age: 69: birthday: January 6


Kushina Uzumaki: age: deceased: would have been in her mid 30s Birthday: July 10

Minato Namikaze: age: deceased: would have been in his mid 30s Birthday: January 25

Hiashi Hyuga: age: 37: birthday: January 8

Hizashi Hyuga: age:deceased: would have been 37: birthday: January 8

Yoshino Nara: age: 33: birthday: February 24

Shikaku Nara: age: 36: birthday: July 15

Inoichi Yamanaka: age: 36: birthday: January 24

Chouza Akimichi: age: 36: birthday: April 22

Shibi Aburame: age: 37: birthday: September 7

Tsume Inuzuka: age: 33: birthday: August 12

Mikoto Uchiha: age: deceased: would have been in her mid 30s: birthday: June 1

Fugaku Uchiha: age: deceased: would have been in his mid 30s: birthday: August 16

Sakura's parents along with Tenten's and Lee's are unknown along with other parents like Hinata's, Neji's, Choji's, Shino's, and Ino's mothers. Kiba's dad abandoned his family and there's not much else about him.

Okay so you said you didn't know what happened before the Chunin Exams so here is a list of events:

-Naruto paints the Hokage Monument in broad daylight get caught yelled at etc...

-Naruto fails Gennin test because he could make a bushin

-Mizuki tricks Naruto into stealing the forbidden scroll where he learns the Shadow clone jutsu

-Mizuki reveals the secret of the nine-tail fox which causes Naruto to freeze up. Iruka takes a Fuma shuriken to the back to protect Naruto

-Naruto becomes enraged and summons like 1000 clones to pummel Mizuki to a pulp.

-Iruka passes Naruto and gives him his forehead protector.

-Naruto goes to take his photo for his Ninja ID and paints his face in a Kabuki style

-While talking to the Hokage, Konohamaru bursts in and tries to attack the Hokage and promptly trips on his own scarf

-He accuses Naruto of tripping him which Naruto hoists him up by the front of his shirt and socks him in the face

-Konohamaru declares that he wants Naruto to teach him and Naruto taught him the Sexy Jutsu which didn't work on Ebisu but the Harem Jutsu did.

-Konohamaru decides that Naruto is no longer his teacher but now his rival and they create a brother type bond.

skipping to teams and blah blah

-Teams announced team 7 Naru Sasu Saku leader Kakashi team 8 Kiba Shino Hina leader Kurenai team 10 Ino shika Cho leader Asuma

-Kakashi makes team 7 wait for 3 hours

-The discuss their likes/dislikes, hobbies, and dreams

-Bell test

-Naruto attacked first and got his ass handed to him...literally...Kakashi used the 1000 years of pain butt poke

-Sasuke was up next and he lost as well as Kakashi used a earth jutsu to drag the guy underground

-Sakura was knocked out by an E-rank jutsu that caused her to see Sasuke wounded. She promptly passed out...pathetic...

-Naruto is tied to the post (Why not Sakura I have no Idea) they learn the test was about teamwork they are told they have another chance bu they cant feed Naruto

-Sasuke feeds Naruto because he figures that they all need to be up to 100% to go against Kakashi. Kakashi appears and pretends to be angry but passes them eventually

-Kakashi tells them his motto "Those who break the rules are scum, but those who leave your comrades behind are worse than scum."

-Wave Arc time...Ugh

-Naruto complains that they need a higher ranked mission and they get one to escort a bridge builder.

-Tazuna, the bridge builder walks in drunk and insults each memeber of the team.

-While walking towards Wave country, Team 7 is attacked by the Demon Brother Meizu and Gozu

-Naruto freezes up and Sasuke saves him but he was hit in the hand with a poisoned blade, He stabs his hand to drain the poison and makes a promise not to freeze up like that again.

-Tazuna tells them why missing nins are after him. He explains his village's situation along with the tyrant Gato.

-Naruto is the first to say he wants to continue the mission and the rest agree

-Near Wave Country Village team 7 is attacked by the Demon of the mist, Zabuza Momochi

-Kakashi fights and reveals his implanted Sharingan for the first time. Eventually he gets trapped in a water prison.

-Some ingenuity on Naruto's half and some clones and sasuke help they were able to free Kakashi

-Kakashi incapacitates Zabuza and is about to kill him when a fake hunter nin puts zabuza into a death like state and leaves with the body.

-team 7 carries Kakashi to Tazuna's house since he cant walk from chakra exhaustion. They meet Tsunami and Inari. Tazuna's daughter and Grandson

-Kakashi wakes up and tells them Zabuza is still alive but needs a week to recover. He teaches them the tree walking technique

-Inari explodes on them and tells team 7 to just give up since there is no hope. Naruto yells back that he doesn't know what real pain is and storms off. Kakashi tells Inari about Naruto's past and how worse of he was

-Naruto trained himself into exhaustion and fell asleep in the clearing. He wakes up to find a girl (I DONT CARE WHAT KISHI SAID! HAKU IS FREAKIN GIRL) picking herbs. They discuss what makes a person truly strong.

-Haku says that true strength comes from protecting those you care about and Naruto agrees. Haku leaves but she tells Naruto hes a guy and that freaks out Naruto.

-Naruto trained himself tnto exhaustion again and is left behind to rest as the rest of team 7 goes to the bridge.

-two thugs try to take Tsunami and Inari charges in to save her. Before he is killed Naruto shows up and knocks out the thugs and rushes to the bridge.

-Haku was fighting Sasuke and uses her Ice mirror attack against Sasuke and turns him into a human pin cushion. Naruto arrives and jumps into the igloo of mirrors.

-Naruto and Sasuke fight Haku but Haku manages to knock out Sasuke by throwing some needle at Naruto's blindside and Sasuke pushes him out of the way

-Naruto becomes enraged and uses the fox's chakra for the first time and uses his kyubi enhanced strength to punch through the mirrors.

-Naruto finds out the hunter nin is haku and he does not want to kill a friend. Haku hears Kakashi's chidori and runs through a mirror to intercept the attack.

-Haku takes Kakashi's chidori through the chest to save Zabuza's life. Gato appears saying that he was never going to pay Zabuza.

-Gato kicks Haku's dead body which enrages Naruto who verbally lashes out out Zabuza saying that Haku thought of him like a father and he wasn't just a broken tool.

-Zabuza is touched by Naruto's words and asks for a kunai from kakashi. Witht he kunai in his mouth, Zabuza charges into the army of thugs and slashes his way to Gato and eventually kills him, although he took some mortal wounds in the process.

-Zabuza's final wish was that he would like to be near Haku in his last moments. he says "You were always at my side, the least I can do is to be beside you at the end. I know it cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone. How I wish I could join you there, Haku."

-With Gato dead, the thug army turns their sight to the village, but the citizens rally up and are lead to the bridge. Naruto and Kakashi make some shadow clones to make the army appear larger. The thugs flee.

-Team 7 is celebrated as heroes and the bridge was named "The Great Naruto Bridge"

okay so that is all before the chunin exams. There is like a 2 month gap in between, but it wasn't covered in the manga or anime so feel free to make some filler arcs or something.
Spyrofan777 chapter 1 . 7/9/2011
Take that Uchiha, Haruno! This is good.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/9/2011
You should give naru a real cool kekkai genkai ND like fox summons or sum
Kitty twix99 chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
The sand team came konohamaru gt in a fight with kankuro sasuke stopped it

The go to place for exam see genjutsu meet lee sasuke gts wooped go to room meet kabuto gt info on ppl

Take first naruto makes big speech and anko comes thats all
hinatagirl0805 chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
thats ok. i have a crappy memory 2. a lot of things happen like the bridge mission. crap i can't remember 2. maybe u should the episodes over but that would take 4 ever. boo!
Rose Tiger chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
Of course before the chunnin exams, the team goes to the land of waves against, Zabuza, Haku, and Gato.
adngo714 chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
you forgot everything that happens before the exams? I suggest that you read the first four volumes of the manga, or rewatch the first twenty-five Naruto anime episodess...
Michaelwillmc chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
Great start man

Naruto's graduating class was from 11 - 12 yrs old

Team Gai 13

kabuto was the only other leaf team mentioned 16 - 17

grass, sand, sound, rain and waterfall where the other villages

only three of there teams where really showed

sand Kazakages kids gaara same as naruto kankaro 12 and temari 13

rain ambushed team 7 not much else

sound kin sister on a member of the sound 4

dusu wind gauntlet guy

and the other guy i dont remember

i believe the episodes can still be watched on if you want to refresh your memory your self...

thanks again ,great story so far, and have a great day

Sameal-the-lost chapter 2 . 7/9/2011
right, well, firstly I'm assuming you know SOME of the past (graduation, wave country etc), so here's an outline:

age: 12 before the exam

who came: at first only the participants, there is a point where Naruto meets the Sand Trio (kankuro, temari, gaara), those who entered were sand, leaf (which I now realize is kinda obvious, my bad) rain, water, sound, and I'm not sure about rock.

the only thing I can think of is a flashback, maybe a weapon (if you want) and I don't know sense enhancement maybe? from the Kyuubi I mean. oh, maybe an idea of his past but no solid proof, I mean yeah he's intelligent, but maybe records were eliminated, and the only ones he found didn't give much info on Kushina (i don't think he would assume who his dad was, if only because a possible insecurity. which may be good for the story, give him some more base) oh and don't make him fall in love with hinata straight away. It just seems odd, maybe noticing her, but I doubt she loved him at that age so..yeah

oh, and naturally Good story! had to put that somewhere right?

anyway can't wait for more. your quite good at this
hinatagirl0805 chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
great! love the story idea. update soon!
adngo714 chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
I think the technical term that Naruto was doing with Sasuke is sparring...
oceanmoon chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Sounds pretty interesting. Be careful to make Naruto vulnerable in at least one way. It can be rather risky to make any character perfect or too powerful. I don't think that will be the case with this story however, so I look forward to your next chapter.
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