Reviews for The Devil You Know
jamielynn25 chapter 14 . 5/14
So it was 5 am when I had to stop. I have to be up for work in a hour. I didn’t even realize the time. You really sucked me in. I can’t wait to read more.
rose.chan27 chapter 35 . 5/10
I really cannot tell you how much I love this story. I've read it multiple times and I'm sure I've reviewed before as well. I was feeling depressed the other day and I was going through my favorites list and came across this story and decided I wanted to reread it. It made me feel a whole lot better. Can't say it was the cause of the lifting depression, but it distracted my head enough to get out of it, if that makes sense.
This story is so incredibly interesting. I seriously want to write a fanfic for it, but you've written this so beautifully that anything I attempt would be just plain dull. It would be a painfully awkward thing to read. It has been nearly five years since you wrote for TDYK and I am seriously sad. Please, please, please don't tell me you've given up?
If you have, I BEG of you you to please, either post a wrap up or PLEASE PM me what you originally intended to do for this and where it was going. What are Paul and Haven? How is Alice going to be received? What else did the blood exchange do to the pair? Were you intending for Haven to end up with anyone(cause I could totally get behind him ending up with Angela cause that girl deserves someone incredible in her life)? What is going on with Sam? Are Bella and Paul gonna have a kid and follow the original idea of Jacob imprinting(I'm crossing my fingers that you won't)? What is going to happen with good ol' Vicky?
Please don't leave us-me more specifically cause I'm selfish like that-hanging!
Rusty Hava chapter 34 . 5/4
Really enjoying this wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Character interactions are spot on and well paced. I’m an Anita Blake fan as well
x.molly.x chapter 35 . 4/27
Still one of my favourite stories ever! I love to come back every now and again for a re read. Hope you’re keeping well! Thank you for writing such an incredible story!
Lemonmelons chapter 34 . 4/25
Woohoo I finally caught up with you! Gee, this story is long, kinda feels like you only just got it set up.
Not complaining at all, though!
I like the way Bella and Paul have progressed into their relationship and I like how Charlie is finding a SO.
Finally some more insight into the Paul and Haven backstory! I'm excited to find out what Haven is - or can shift into. A kind of Dragon or dinosaur comes to mind, but so does the tiger.
Can't wait to find out what sort of demonic fiend illarion is - and by extension, what all least a part of Paul. Also, of the possibilities with Bella's new bond to Paul: what will it change and enable her to do? And why exactly is she so important to the wolf pack, is it to protect the wolves from Paul's rath?
I'm honestly not so sure about about the wild Hunt, Erlking, And hellhounds supposedly all lose in Seattle, it seems a bit much - but you'll probably prove me wrong and show how it all makes perfect sense. I'm kinda glad that Alice isn't a bad one and didn't willingly leave Bella behind but now I'm worried about her - after all, she's only a little vampire in a very dangerous world. And we already know she doesn't stop what she set out to prevent
I hope we'll see more of Leah soon, and that Emily will come back. I hope her relationship with Sam gets better when they accept that an imprint isn't a fix-all and start working on it.
Also I'm kinda guessing that Layla will come back and I really hope Paul is able to prepare Bella for defending him because I think that mother just break a piece of him - even if he is supposedly stronger than even illarion.

In short: thanks to you, Sidhe and Chaos, for keeping me entertained for so long
Lemonmelons chapter 33 . 4/25
Oh yes, nicely done!
AngelDragon1976 chapter 35 . 4/23
Thank you for this awesomely amazing story that my daughter got me into. I completely get writers block and just know that we will wait patiently for this one when the block disappears. BECAUSE it's worth it! Much love.
Lemonmelons chapter 28 . 4/23
"Contact that never slipped below her face despite her gender, further drawing her to him" - oof.
The bar is really is the floor.
Lemonmelons chapter 24 . 4/23
Oh yeah! Bella is growing up - and finally on to whatever is going on with Haven and his men.
Though I find the disregard for the few women in Bellas life a bit concerning, (they are either just partners like Kim and Emily, or plot tools, like Ellie, Lauren, or there to underscore something, as the very phrase "even Leah" suggests.
Even Angela is flat. She seems to only talk to Bella about guys and be there so Bella has someone human for her teenage life.
"Like a teenage girl" is used to indicate that is not to be taken seriously or something, when Billy and Charlie talk? But - Bella actually IS a teenaged girl. Why would she disown that.

I am a bit embarrassed by her weird bashfulness, too. Who would also wearing a bra under the PJs, that sounds so uncomfortable. And then all and wonders when confronted with the idea of sex ja is she 'measures up' to some strange standard - instead of well-being if it would feel good or what she could do to make sure it does.
She seems familiar with orgasms, at least, which lets me how that she has experience masturbating (though I don't know how or why she would ever have some that, being always surrounded by overbearing makes: first Edward, Thema the Wolve "brothers", not to mention her embarrassment around Charlie) so why doesn't she ever even think about pleasure?!

It seems a bit like the setting to a porn movie, the now I progress. There is this very inexperienced and bashful, but overly sexy, just turned eighteen girl - ans then there is the overly sexy, muscled, masculine guy1, but also the overly sexy, muscled group of male wolves, and now the handsome, masculine, group of males at Haven - all her 'protectors' now, but it seems very believable that at any moment Jonah's take on her role is coming into play.
Lemonmelons chapter 22 . 4/22
Ugh man. For all their talk about never doing anything a girl doesn't want them to, Paul is doing just the same to Bella. Ok maybe she likes it - but nothing she does could tell him. So he's basically roughing her up against a tree, she can't move, he holds her throat for Gods same - and she goes limp. Nevee having asked him as he seems to imply. That she is drink for the first time in her life does not help his case.
The way you wrote this makes it into assault.

Now I don't think that was the intent...
But for all the bashing of improper behaviour and men not respecting women, you write Bella as a victim of her 'protector' in that passage

"She only had time to squeak out something resembling a questioning sound before Paul's lips were leisurely dragging across the fullness of her own.

Bella jumped then went limp, eyes huge and full of shock. She could feel him smiling against her mouth, even as he gently tugged at her lower lip with his teeth, suckling on the soft bit of flesh. She could feel heat spiraling through her in shivers as he shifted before pulling her leg up over his hip and pinning her there, freeing his hands. One went up, curling about her delicate throat and further trapping her. The other went who the hell knows and all Bella could do was gasp and arch her neck under his hold as he..."

Don't get me wrong, I like this story a lot and I'm really glad you're putting in all the effort and sharing is with us. This is meant as friendly feedback!
Lemonmelons chapter 20 . 4/22
Im frustrated with Paul and Bella. They should just TALK. Yeah, physical contact is important and it can help in a lot of situations -but Bella uses it to allow having to talk things through!
I like your story, it is quite gripping, especially considering the slow slow slow burn.
Lemonmelons chapter 19 . 4/22
What the fuck, why would an eighteen year old blue be allowed to close the door when they have a guest?! Weird weird world.
Irishpotato123 chapter 35 . 4/21
Hello !
Late to the awesome party )
Just wanted to let you know that you still have people ready to read what you write ))
I think it was one of my all time favorites !
Come back when you can
AMadBell chapter 35 . 4/15
Incredible story one I wish was finished but I completely understand that life has different plans.
safethechaos chapter 35 . 4/7
Estou triste que não está finalizada :( Mas parabéns pela escrita. Essa história é incrível!
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