Reviews for The Devil You Know
Jane chapter 29 . 4/24
I’m re-reading this story for the nth time because it’s an all-time favourite. I’ve loved it for many years, and can’t bear to delete it from my bookmarks, despite how long it’s been since you updated. I’ve often wondered where you were going to take many of the plot points…
Sam and Emily…you’ve said they aren’t going to last..
Jonah and his crazy nasty wolf..
Jacob and his inevitable imprint..
Leah and Embry..I’d love to see them happy together
Haven and his crew, and how they fit into Paul’s story..
Paul meeting Illarion..and what happens then..
Charlie and Samantha..
Bella and Paul…what’s next, obviously a huge part of the story.
I’d love to know where you were taking all these wonderful characters, and can only hope that you’ll get back to them one day. You are a fabulous writer, your beta was doing a great job too.
Dramamomma19 chapter 35 . 4/17
I really hope you get back into writing The Devil You Know because it is so much better than good. I’m so sad it is incomplete but also I don’t want it to ever end. I’ll be here waiting to read more if the time ever comes.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/22
GIRL PLEASE FINISH THIS FIC, I’m begging you on my hands and knees with everything! This is too good not to finish. I keep coming back to this every few months hoping for an update but it’s been a couple of years and I don’t know if we’ll get an ending but I’ll have enjoyed the little bit I was able to read. The way that the last chapter left me hanging is so sick but I love this fanfic too much. Thank you for making this, I really enjoy it, I hope you see this and know that your writing is truly a gift! -your fellow twilight stan
aliciatanksley chapter 35 . 3/19
Are you going to be coming back to h to is story? I’m invested and it is SO well written!
Loveforgreeneyes chapter 3 . 2/16
This is my 3rd read of your story, a true masterpiece. Paul May be the best character ever. I hope you are well and writing.
h.yager91 chapter 35 . 2/12
Im so heartbroken you never finished this, its one of my favorites.
njhs chapter 1 . 2/2
i truly think anout this story at least once a week. even incomplete this has me in a chokehold. ty for sharing 3
Lesley Ard chapter 35 . 1/22
I have fallen so in love with this story. I just wish it had not stopped right in the middle, especially since it was getting to the good stuff.
Trc8420 chapter 34 . 1/22
i dont really know how many times i have read this but everytime i come across it i read it and pray there will be an update. going on 8 years now since the last update. here's to hoping the muse strikes you and you return.
charmtiarn chapter 18 . 1/16
Okay after my umpteeth dozen re-read something has just occured to me and I can’t unthink it ….. doesn’t paul not eat food/drink from anyones hand but Bella’s? How is he eating at her mums place? No criticism intended i just genuinley am cutious
vitoria160599 chapter 35 . 1/9
PequenoTyranido chapter 35 . 11/26/2023
Todavía espero con muchas ganas la historia, siempre me encantó esta pareja, pero lo que más me gusta, es tu forma de escribirlos, me encanta el Paul que creaste y todo en general.
Guest chapter 35 . 11/19/2023
It's been many years. Hope all is well with you and you'll eventually come back to writing. I still really enjoy this story.
niki09 chapter 34 . 11/19/2023
Reread this story again after so many years.. it's an amazing plot, really sad that it has never got to be finished
kpop2012 chapter 35 . 11/16/2023
Hi I just finished reading your story again and wanted to know if you will finish it someday ?
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