Reviews for Night on the Amanogawa
Mijra chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
Hi Little Tanuki,

This is a very nice story, perfectly for July 7th:)

I love the way you combined so many different time levels - Molly's present life on DS9, her life back on the Enterprise and the everyday life of the present. In the beginning it was very strange to hear Molly being refered to as Molly-chan which makes me wonder why they never used it in TNG or DS9 (or perhaps I just can't remember them using it.)

It's a nice idea to give Molly (and her mother and brother) an actual cultural background like this. And I think the obaachan described in your story is in fact very obaachan-like. (I can perfectly picture her in my mind;)

Thank you very much for the story!