Reviews for My Name is Ro
GloomingDarkLove chapter 15 . 5/20
Please tell me you'll be continuing this story? I love it!
Imangee chapter 15 . 2/20
Thus was honestly such a good good chapter. Thus us the only story I read in this site and seeing an update makes me so amused! I'm glad you put the extra romance between Ro and Antonio. I wasn't expecting that but when I read it it made me feel content. Update soon please!
V o o d o o V a n z chapter 14 . 11/28/2016
Glad to see an update! It was considerably sooner than the earlier ones! Please keep up the pace! Can we get another update within this year? Please? I am really looking forward to the ball dance part cause I really crave romance!
BooksAreMedicine chapter 13 . 5/28/2016
Luciana was so well portrayed here, great job
BooksAreMedicine chapter 12 . 5/28/2016
Poor Antonio, a bit clueless like all guys but he is so sincere and just adorable
BooksAreMedicine chapter 11 . 5/28/2016
Sani the wise, great speech
BooksAreMedicine chapter 10 . 5/28/2016
Aw, just love how Ro and Antonio's feelings are playing out
BooksAreMedicine chapter 9 . 5/28/2016
Good job showing everyone's emotions about the engagement. I liked too hearing what Ro thought of everyone
BooksAreMedicine chapter 8 . 5/28/2016
Cool idea to have him explain some of the things in the castle to Ro, very sweet
BooksAreMedicine chapter 7 . 5/28/2016
Good job showing how Ro isn't really aware of Tika's worries. I like too how she is torn between her love and family, adds a bit of drama
BooksAreMedicine chapter 6 . 5/28/2016
I like how well you described her confusion and would be a nerve wracking situation, being in totally different environment
BooksAreMedicine chapter 5 . 5/28/2016
Nice job showing her confusion to Fraiser. I like how she is already falling fast for Antonio too.
Good job showing his feelings towards her
BooksAreMedicine chapter 4 . 5/28/2016
Ooh, her first crush. That song is one of my favorites, love how excited she is already
BooksAreMedicine chapter 3 . 5/28/2016
Good job working in the roots of tension between the old and new families
BooksAreMedicine chapter 2 . 5/28/2016
The fruit target game was very creative, nice addition
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