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Golden80's chapter 100 . 12/6/2015
Wow. What an ending.

Let's see Zack and Aerith are finally getting married Terra's performing with the band again Saix and Axel are finally friends again Sora and Kairi are dating Axel's in a tiff about it Ven is there to make my BBS Trio feels complete...


Yes! Thank You! I am so happy right now!

Oh i love that last sentence it's a perfect way to end it.

Wow. Thank You for letting me stick with you for so long. I first read this back in 2014 haven't been able to stop ever since. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions. Joy Anger Sadness all of that jazz.

My favorite scenes and my least favorite scenes it's difficult to decide. I guess i dont have either

I loved this. i didn't want it to end.

This is by far the best fanfiction i have ever read.

Thank You.
Golden80's chapter 99 . 12/6/2015
So he has to start over again? So do the band continue without him or not?

Glad to get some info on what is going on after the whole Xemnas debacle Terra's getting off that's good he's telling her it's not her fault that's good-

Wait what's happening?


I mean i expected him to at some point what with Mom's ring and all but now?!

I half-expected Aqua to say no due to her just recently getting out of an engagement but i can see her saying yes to him.

Oh...I know what that means.. Terqua sex for the win! he finally gets her in bed.

[I'll post my response to the final chapter on the morrow[
Golden80's chapter 98 . 12/6/2015

Well there goes the record deal! Off it goes down the drain...

Aqua's father finally accepts the situation I think he knows he'll lose his daughter forever if he does not accept her lover.

Oh dear god i wanted to see his reaction to his broken arm...
Golden80's chapter 81 . 12/6/2015
Well...i don't think either of them will be going near the park again anytime soon.

So it was Terra that did the shooting. That fits. Him finally getting revenge for all those years of mistreatment and abuse.

And Xemnas still harps on about Aqua's mother. Somehow i think he's not going to find her waiting for him. I think he is going to meet a certain someone named the Devil.

I think Aqua will recover Xemnas even more so if Terra recovers [Which he will!]
Golden80's chapter 49 . 12/6/2015

I knew that was going to come back to bite Terra in the ass!

So he shielded her from the bullet with his arm...oh dear i see where this going [shit...]

I'd do it if i was Aqua in this case it's justifiable which is more than i can say for Xemnas

I hate cliffhangers! i want to know if she shot him!
Golden80's chapter 42 . 12/6/2015


Excuse me Xemnas but you are the boorish one.

Fight Scene! It's no Mortal Kombat but it's well done.

Ah the old 'Unconscious person is not really unconscious' cliche.

I must hurry to the next chapter!
Golden80's chapter 91 . 12/6/2015
Well Xemnas has officially gone off the deep end.

Sickening he can't realize he could never have Aqua's mother whether she lived or not. He probably barely knew the woman!

And now he tries to assault Aqua! Like Father Like Son eh? [spits at Xemnas in disgust]

Terra to the rescue at the right time! Does this mean a showdown is next?
Golden80's chapter 70 . 12/6/2015
Crap she went with Xemnas. WHY?!

How does Xemnas know where to go?

Terra finally realizes something's wrong though granted he knew Aqua would be gone for a few minutes [Godammit why didn't she scream!]

Terra to the rescue! [Great a showdown!]
Golden80's chapter 95 . 12/6/2015
Ok sweet fluff between the lovebirds and i'm guessing due to the lack of seriousnesss her father will pull through. This is good Terra's going to play piano for her and-

Well of course it wasn't going to last.

Aqua you might want to scream for Terra? Just a thought? Don't go with Xemnas. Go back into the house. Lock the door. Get Terra. Call the police. DON'T GO WITH HIM!

Couldn't Terra have played piano for her first?
Golden80's chapter 67 . 12/6/2015

I mean that's not good Aqua's very unhappy and he was actually doing something good when it happened but he's still an ass.

So he finally worked out his daughter's not a bone to throw to some dog has he? For that he should probably pull through.

So Xemnas shows his true colors to the world eh? I doubt he'll get away with this if Aqua's father lives to say who attacked him and Terra'll probably testify oh revenge is sweet...
Golden80's chapter 48 . 12/6/2015
Oh good they're back together phew.

It's good she's seeing things from Terra's perspective. Xemnas made it sound horrible [which it is] but Terra's the one it actually happened to. And therefore has the best POV.

Oh so that's how it happened. His mother's rapist [who i am guessing is Xehanort] bribed his way into gaining custody of Terra. Makes a lot of horrible sense.

Is Terra's mother the girl from Brothers In Arms by any chance? Or at least when you think about what his mother must have been like that's who comes to mind?

Oh drat cliffhanger! Who's screaming? What's happened?
Golden80's chapter 50 . 12/6/2015
Aqua. Just go with it. You should've told him in the first place.

So Terra knows about the engagement and is planning to break it. Huh.

To be honest i probably would've waited for the actual wedding day i think it would have been more dramatic but this works fine! I'm actually looking forward to it.

Someting's got to go wrong though Xemnas won't accept defeat

Please let them be back together next chapter [Peeks Nervously]
Golden80's chapter 46 . 12/6/2015

Finally! Terra works out what happened! Took him long enough...

So why Saix is no longer friends with them is explained but he's got his priorities in order.

The fact they haven't got the contract signed yet is concerning...Something's going to go wrong.

A suit? Is Terra going to come to the wedding to try and stop it?

Nice bit of Axel and Demyx humor thank fuck i've been needing that.
Golden80's chapter 71 . 12/6/2015
No you do not pull the sob storyline! it's not going to work!

Yes it is a bit sad but he could've MOVED ON. He shouldn't destroy everyone else's lives because of it

So he was a teenager and a woman showed him kindness once or twice and he thought it must be 'love' [i may vomit] and now he's become a monster beyond redemption.

Oh! so the band have been discovered! So Aqua's fears of Terra rising to the top without her are coming true only she was the one who made that a reality.

Such sick twisted irony.
Golden80's chapter 59 . 12/6/2015
What did i just read.

So Aqua's bastard father is now forcing her to marry Xemnas who reveals this was not just about making Terra unhappy but also because he generally wants her for himself because he has a sick obsession with her late Mother?

That's a fantastic plot twist! i really wasn't expecting that! Seriously that's amazing!

That's just sick Xemnas would have been years younger than her mother and he's fantasized about a dead woman had wanted to possibly force himself on her!.


Sooner or later Aqua is going to end up like Terra.
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