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menima chapter 77 . 3/30
WELCOME BACK I've missed this story and I plan to reread this whole story soon XD This chapter was soooo funny ! I can just imagine Windy giving them the means to create a cooking apocalypse, and even though it'd probably be scary to be in it, it does sound delicious I really look forward to the next update after this cute chapter _ Thank you for not abandoning this !

An only slightly lazy fan,
chicaalterego chapter 77 . 3/24
You are back! Im so very happy to see you update this. Honestly, this is the favorite of all my favorites. I think the whole thing about Aelous wanting to include a floor for servants was really funny. I could totally picture that.

Also, I was shocked to discover you didn't get an insane avalanche of reviews after putting ip this uber awesome chapter. Your readers are lazier than mine.

Also, I look forward to so many things in this fic, the discovery of Gui's eveeventual wedding, the stablisuing of a mushy family dynamic... Im also curious about the fate of the uber smart twins. I believe the airlime would profit inmensely of emplemployees that are geniuses.

I also want to see Zian discover the joys of eating and being warm when his new body no lomger has the problems of his original one (gosh, that is a weird thing to write).

Sorry if Im rambling. Im just rreally happy to read the update, and the cookie apocalipse is making me extra giddy.

Also, seeing you update made me feel so guitly for leaving my own fic for over a year... but, try as I might the muse refuses to work on LKI, and my attention is now focused on a crackfic of all things (Can you believe it?).

... Anyway, I probably should stop rambling. I know lengthy reviews are fun, but I cant honestly think up much that isnt nonsensical groveling at your supremely brilliant work on this fic. Yeah, you cretailcertainly still got it, and your talent for producing typo-free goodness is still raging and stuff.

Love ya, I hope to see you around for the next one, you are so close to finishing! Kust be so exiting!
Zilluminate chapter 76 . 3/23
*Al and Dib's relationship. Really, kudos for going the serious route and not belittling their relationship with quick declarations of ultimate love. Throughout the story, you've managed to portray and capture the drama and conflict between the two quite well.
They're just so well developed: from Zian's self loathing, inferiority complex and harmfully selfless nature to Heng's optimism and indomitable will to improve the lives of those around him in spite of his own financial difficulties. Over the years, they've become real to me and for that, I thank you.

Heh, just realized how sappy of a person I was orz
Still, I really appreciate what you do and what you've accomplished, 470k words? That's just monstrous .
Zilluminate chapter 77 . 3/23
That "cookie apocalypse" really brightened my day, so thanks for that! Heh, Oddsquad may have itself some honorary members in terms of...utterly insane bouts of random awesomeness.

Anyway, I really appreciate how you decided to develop
Pastry chapter 76 . 1/2
That crossover part with Windy gave me a headache. Still , I love the way you portray the changes in Al and Dib's relationship, it's really easy to relate to. Looking forward to reading more.
Anatheme Prince chapter 4 . 12/24/2014
Can I kill this fu*king annoying Dib?
I almost quit reading this fic because of him.
Fucking annoying!
Hilde chapter 76 . 3/16/2014
Woot! Glad to see an update!

Wow, the angst! Poor babies! I know how that feels, though. It's always better to get over it and move on and focus on the good things you have.

lol at prince's drunken party antics
chicaalterego chapter 76 . 3/12/2014
Nooooo! Zian, don't be so mad. Sobs. I loved this chapter, it was quite angsty.
suntan140 chapter 76 . 3/8/2014
so sad dib have to work hard to gain that level of trust back happy you updated
Hawk chapter 75 . 1/31/2014
You ok?
Serinny chapter 75 . 1/30/2014
Okay. So I read till here. Glad that I did too..
Seems like things are getting better... A uh happy atmosphere and all...
Anyways I hope youre still continuing the story...
Serinny chapter 62 . 1/30/2014
This is one of the most depressing thing Ive ever read... I dont know if I should continue or not, Im already sad because of Snowman song part from Frozen and I keep crying QQ

In one hand Ive already read this much of this story in the other hand Im too emotional to keep reading pnq

Zz I dont know what to do...
tartanarmygirl chapter 11 . 1/17/2014
ahhh I had a nightmare similar to your dib moment, though it was a giant zombie spider/tarantula hybrid thing. I woke up at 2 in the morning and couldn't sleep again that night.
Az chapter 75 . 9/5/2013
So glad you updated! I was beginning to wonder if the last chapter was the end. While it wouldn't have been the absolute worst ending, I'm relieved that is not the case. (Also, I would totally understand if you did not address the unorthodox parentage of Lan and Gui's kid, but when I read about that, I couldn't help trying to picture Zian's reaction.)
Hilde chapter 75 . 8/21/2013
OMG YES! I love this!
HAha! Bushy Butt was hilarious too!
Oh I bet her charisma level or something had something to do with Al not being able to resist her, as an NPC. It makes me wonder if other players with that higher stat would have a similar effect on him?

*dying laughing*

The whole interaction between them and how they had miscommunications, when Wendy and her dad got angry? That sounded very real. I feel like I've lived that type of anxiety before!

Poor Dib has no idea what he's even done, and I think to some extent, neither does Al.
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