Reviews for Three's A Crowd
DanoR1392 chapter 6 . 4/11/2012
Great job :) I liked it a lot. lots of funny parts.

Glad to see you're still writing :)

I hope all has been well with you and the family.

yours truly:

Double A.
sgreen703 chapter 6 . 8/22/2011
Awww well this was a very interesting chapter with such a sweet ending. So we're finally learning about the triplets family life with their father walking out and what not, but still no news from their mother. I mean I guess in the olden days people went out of town to get a factory job and worked there all the time, but I think it's much harder now. I mean they couldn't just be there all alone, if her mother died authorities would have either placed them with their father (which would not end well I'm assuming) or if they really can't find him they would place with another relative/guardian to adopt them into their home, or they would most likely be split up and placed into foster care. That's the way it works in good ol' America. I mean a lot of renters wouldn't let a person here give a place to a anyone under eighteen and I know tenants are becoming very picky about even letting eighteen year old's rent a place because they're known to bring loud trouble aha or because they're known not to pay their rent and what not. If you're in an actual house it's a bit better I'm assuming - pay rent or you pay a mortgage payment every month for the next however many years. The only way I'm assuming is if the triplets were all emancipated which can be hard to do - the biggest thing is you have to show financial responsibility because one you're emancipated, you're independent and your parents no longer have to provide for you. They could file for welfare and if one of them has a disability that makes it hard for them to work - like my mom is going for it (mental disabilities like say, bipolar or tourettes are really iffy)but say... arthritis or something like that they can file for disability. But with disability it takes months for the process, then you have to go to the doctor to get evaluated, then they'll either deny you or accept you. A lot of people actually are denied the first time. I know one person, his parents have crippling conditions - the mom has an inoperable brain tumor but she keeps getting denied her social security and it's just not enough. Then if you file for disability a second time - or well, fight it you get a lawyer and they'll take it on and whatever back pay you get, a third of it the lawyer gets. It goes by how long you worked and what you did - like my mom, she wouldn't get like a million dollars obviously but she's a nurse and she's worked for over 25 years so she'd get something. While say the triplets... eh, I'm guessing around $600 or $800. Oh! And food stamps are always an option but soooo many people look down on those who get them and WIC users.

So sorry for that long information up there, I just wanted to give you some information, some ideas to do whatever, and just tell you. Ahahahaha. But I really did like this chapter - I think it's sweet how Zack decked Orianna's sperm donor - that's always nice and I think they both really care about each other, especially if Zack has changed his womanizer ways. For some people, no matter who that person is it will never change. Ahahahaha. But this is good! Now I'm just wondering what will happen next - I hope Zack doesn't get into trouble. Especially if the father wakes up, he can call the police, and Zack can get charged for assault but I think the charges would be dropped because he's under eighteen and he's rich, if you're rich and or famous you can get away with murder - literally. If you're not rich and famous and have a stupid jury, you can get away with killing your own child. That's the way the American justice system works. And that's why I'm glad I have dual citizenship so I can leave the country anytime this place is ready to burn down into the ground. Ahahahahaha. xD

But anyways, this was a wonderful chapter and I can't wait for the next. :)
sgreen703 chapter 5 . 8/21/2011
Wow, what a crazy chapter but it was good though. Aw little Zack is all sprung and all smitten - it's so cute and funny yet and reminds me of something that will never happen to some certain characters. Ahahahaha. But he's all nervous and excited for the dinner. And he's such a classy man. Doing it in their home before getting to know the other family members. Bahahahaha. It's funny but he's just lucky they're not ultra conservative or something.

But wow - it's kind of cute how Zack and Orianna interact. Anyways, this was a great chapter - excellent work. Can't wait for more. :)
sgreen703 chapter 4 . 8/8/2011
Aha well this was an interesting chapter. Poor Zack has a migraine but with Mydol and for the record for Alek's smart remarks Advil can be used for period cramps. Bahahahaha. I know my friend uses it all the time. Me personally I'm an Aleeve girl, I take the strongest meds, two and call it a day. And while Zack could stay home if he wanted to, he has a reason for wanting to go to school.

So he see's his reason, aha and they decide to skip out on the rest of class (I would have skipped school altogether) and they have a little fun. Ahahah. It seems things are advancing nicely between the two.

This was a nice chapter and I can't wait to read more. :)
sgreen703 chapter 3 . 7/30/2011
Well this was a very interesting chapter. So due to Valentina chasing after her sister and having that little chat with her, she is punished by having to work over time. Awww poor Valentina that sucks and it makes me think the characters are about 18 I'm assuming? I don't know how it is over there but of course in the USA we have the child labor guidelines and a lot of my friends who are under eighteen are not allowed to work past midnight because it's against the law. Just throwing that out there, ahahahaha. But hey, stories are all about imagination and you two have plenty of it. :)

And meanwhile Orianna is sitting on her butt at home having Siernna wait on her. My gosh, I don't know if I could be as polite as she is. I'd be like, "Go get your big ass up and get a glass of milk your damn self." Ahahaha. I mean I don't mind doing things for people but it sounds like utter laziness and inconsideration for people the way Orianna comes off.

But meanwhile she gets a text from the man she was hoping to hear from, Zack. Ahaha aww I think that's kind of cute and pretty interesting how he was able to text her at that moment. And they are kinda similar. Ahahaha. xD

Siernna just feels so bad for Valentina and having to work overtime. Always work and no play for her it seems which really isn't fair and she's young she should be having some fun. The fact that Orianna pretty much takes her sister for granted and pinpoints all the blame on Siernna is selfish. Maybe she did went a little overboard calling up her sister, but that's because she worries about them both and loves them. Can't blame her at all.

But after a long night of work Valentina comes home and she splashes in the water but then Siernna wakes up and feels it's time for them to get going to school. It seems Orianna just gets mad at her sisters for every little thing. I'm sure she does care about them, the nightmares sure do confirm that but it's more than just saying it it's showing it.

Anyways, this was a marvelous chapter and I can't wait to read the next. :)
sgreen703 chapter 2 . 7/8/2011
Aww so int his chapter we are getting to dig into the triplets lives. So it seems like times are a bit harder, their mom is not around and although nothing is said about their dad I have a few ideas though a couple mind boggling questions as well. Oh well. And it must be really tough for Valentina, she's working, tackling school, she probably has goals for herself and the future, and she makes sure her sisters are getting crap done too. Of course pushing the rebellious Orianna isn't going to help, only push her away and cause her to rebel even more. So she leaves in a hurry, say a couple things to Sierrna and walks off.

Poor Valentina, I feel bad for her waitressing job. It's why I could never work at a restaurant - I don't mind talking to the people but5 it's such shitty pay. I know a couple of kids in my school who worked as hostesses or waiters/waitresses for various restaurants and they said as far as actual salary they made as low as $3.00. Which is WAY below minimum wage, minimum wage here being about... let's see - gosh I think the last time was $7.25 but I'm not too sure, I also heard it went up a couple cents. But basically, waitresses and waiters depend on tips. They live on it cause they don't make crap and depending on the restaurant, the socioeconomic area you live in it all depends. Of course every restaurant has it's good and bad nights. But if you're waitressing at a small diner in like a relatively middle income neighborhood you're not going to get huge tips. However if you're working at a place in Orange County or Manhattan at a real upscale restaurant you might be pulling in some pretty good tips. But then of course there's also the stingy rich people as well. All depends and it sucks.

But then Valentina gets a call from her sis Sierrna and she's worried about her sister which I think is cute and sweet. So Valentina takes her lunch break and spends it looking for her sister who can't resist her Oreo ice cream. Ahahahah. I think that's too funny how she likes Oreo's. I personally I hate Oreo cookies, too gross for my liking but that's cute that she likes them. And the two sisters eventually meet and they do settle their differences for now. Valentina understands that she can't make her sister do anything, she can only encourage and be there to support her. She can't be a helicopter parent/sister who is trying to protect her sister from falling. Everyone needs to fall at one point, it's how they choose to get back up and when they get back up is the most important.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait for the next one. The combo story is going great! ]
Sofia2017 planning chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
hey when are we going to do the second story of our Hannah Montana stroy the end of the Beginning and i love this story?
BunnyHopster26 chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
2 words


thats so awesome how you met your story partner and you two came up with this PERFECTION seriously

amazing...I can NOT wait for more :)
sgreen703 chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
Well I'm definitely glad I took the time to read this combination story of yours because it's really good! I smiled and giggled reading the chapter. We start off with Zack complaining throughout the chapter about having to ride public transit and wanting to be able to do the things in his opinion a rich kid is entitled to do, things that Eitan a rich kid himself can do. But there's multiple reasons apparently why no one wants Zack riding in the limo. Ahahahahahaha. Zack needs to learn to like... spray some Febreeze after he's done or to aim properly. ;) But also Alek doesn't want to fall under that stereotype of 'spoiled rich kid' - he wants to be normal. And you know I do see where he's coming from, because it must be hard to try and work so hard at things, or get something special like a reward and what not and when there are those who praise you there are those who criticize that rich kid saying they never would have gotten that award if it hadn't been for 'mommy and daddy' paying for everything. Which is really not fair. And the attitude of rather rich kids can be horrible, I know some few who think they are entitled to everything. I mean... this one episode on Dr. Phil he was interviewing these rich kids who were spoiled beyond relief and it was honestly quite sad because they don't know how to do the simplest of tasks like folding clothes. They were like... 27 and just wanted a nice sugar daddy to take care of them. So yeah, it's easy to see why Alek would much prefer to be normal but I think just because one gets a lot of stuff doesn't make them spoiled. It just makes them incredibly lucky and fortunate and they should be extremely grateful. I think it's the attitude over all that matters. And while Zack can have his asshole moments and what not, I really don't think he falls that deeply into the stereotypes of the rich kids. But living more 'normally' or should I say living like the average person with a middle class income isn't so bad either.

But anyways apparently riding the bus does have it's benefits as Alek comes across three lovely girls that he would love to bang. All of them. -_- I guess he can't choose just one. Zack can't have his cake and eat it too. But he does sort of capture one, Orianna which I think is quite cute and funny.

And I really do love reading about Zack and Alek, how they banter, argue, and what not. They are what I call... the average siblings that I know. This is how most siblings I know interact, they can't stand being in the same room at times but they do love each other and will do anything if put to the test for each other. Very nice.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this combination story and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. ]
L-u-c-i-d-D-r-e-a-m chapter 1 . 7/7/2011
It was an amazing time seeing you buddy. I hope we can continue this story every soon. I will be much better when I get my laptop back (here is hopping VERY soon.) I loved working on you this with you, hope everyone does enjoy this story. I would use the desktop, even though I don't like it much. Now I hate being in the computer room cause we have birds in there. Have them for like something Luke three weeks. *Tear* meh that is why I can go on my iPod tehe talk to you very soon.