Reviews for In Perpetuum
Lilly Caia chapter 56 . 8/11
I like the general idea of your story even if it's not very original. I'm just disappointed at the way you wrote it. The story is missing key elements like good characterisation and relationship building. It's as if one moment their stranger and next best friends or in Hermione and Sirius' case estranged friends and then a happy couple. You should try to concentrate more on certain details.
I feel like the end was rushed, too. The one-shots you put in continuaris could have been put in the epilogue to make it more homogeneous.
Guest chapter 23 . 7/27
Remus was always locked in the Shack. That was for the safety of his and other people at the castle. He was never allowed to roam the grounds nor could he escape himself as a werewolf.
That was why James, Sirius and Remus became Animagi - to lessen his suffering by getting him out of the Shack and into the Forest - because as Animagi they could control the situation and stop him from hurting anyone (as they believed).
Guest chapter 16 . 7/27
I'm sorry. Is Hermione an adult in a child's body or is she not? Because her 19/20 y.o. self (her mentality, experiences, mind) would be hard pressed to "like" a child who is acting his immature age. She is not a child with a crush. He is. This is unbelievable.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/27
A 12 year old succesfully attempts human transfiguration?
Guest chapter 13 . 7/27
Why wouldn't James tell Hermione about the cloak?
Guest chapter 12 . 7/27
Any 18 year old witch or wizard would best first years.

Hermione is not just any witch. She is a hard-working genius with amazing memory and more experience than many adults twice her age (her real age).

Now, Hermione got over 100% on her exams the first time around she took them.

With her knowledge, experience, skills, and eloquence, she would have no problem being first in class. Absolutely no problem.

Pretending to have problems in class makes little sense. She was a genius at Hogwarts the first time around - no one suspected something as far-fetched as her being an adult in a child's body then. Dunbledore, Riddle, they were exceptional at school, too. No one finds it suspicious that some students are exceptionally smart. In fact, James and Sirius were doing quite well at school without studying much, they had talents. The point is, Hermione pretending to get spells wrong, saying the wrong incantations completely makes no sense at all. Now, owning up to her genius would make her using unknown spells seem normal, as it did the first time around she was at school.

Lily is good at Charms and Potions, James at Transfiguration.
KyloRen'sgirl213 chapter 1 . 7/3
Loving this
MWolfe13 chapter 56 . 6/27
Ravenclaw's Diadem was a Horcrux during the Marauder's school years. It was in the possession of an Albanian peasant before Lord Voldemort killed him in order to create the Horcrux. He then brought it back to Hogwarts to hide, and although it doesn't state the year that happened, it does make a reference to it being a decade after asking Dumbledore's predecessor for the DADA position. Him coming back to ask Dumbledore for the DADA post was more about hiding the diadem in the castle than actually getting the job.
Abizza chapter 57 . 6/22
I absolutely love all of ur books and if u wanted I would love to proof read them. I'm addicted to Harry Potter and know almost everything about it. I believe that there are always going to be new facts to learn aha. Love ur work xox
saris305 chapter 57 . 6/21
Slitheringlouise chapter 52 . 6/17
This is my first Hermione at the time of the Marauders, and it was fantastic! I can't wait to ready your one shots!
Juliethobo chapter 18 . 5/24
Aw, young love.
RoverMaelstrom chapter 4 . 5/6
Ah! I was confused, didn't realize you'd had the boys knowing each other before Hogwarts, so I thought Hermione was going to be in Regulus's year!
RoverMaelstrom chapter 3 . 5/6
*excited face*
RoverMaelstrom chapter 1 . 5/6
I like this opener!
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