Reviews for Impossible
kci47 chapter 1 . 1/12/2012
Interesting perspective!
Schermionie chapter 1 . 9/4/2011
I have to say that I love Sirius/Lily, even though it totally contradicts a pairing I believe to be absolute, i.e. James and Lily. What I like about it, I think, is the inevitable issues which arise from both relationships, or hoped-for relationships, existing simultaneously, and how writers deal with them, so of course, I found this interesting.

The best thing about this piece was, I think, your depiction of Sirius. Lily's anger shocked me a little, but when I thought about it, I realised that it shouldn't be shocking at all - her reactions seemed pretty spot-on, considering the little we know of her. But Sirius was the really intriguing one. I completely adored the ending, with him asking Lily to betray James... because for so long now, I've been hearing things like 'Sirius would never betray James', and, although I used to not like him at all, agreeing that he wouldn't. But then here you go and completely destroy that - all the while making it seem completely plausible.

The timing of the story helped a great deal. Only Lily's impending wedding made Sirius desperate enough to betray his best friend... I think only that could do. As Inkfire so brilliantly said, it was actually very typical of Sirius, the recklessness in the face of strong feelings - the only thing that made his actions at all surprising was the fact that it's such a different situation to any we've seen him in.

Your grammar and spelling are excellent, which made this a real pleasure to read. It's late, so it's possible I've missed something, but the only technical nitpicks I can give you are that I spied a wrongly italicised question mark at the end of the paragraph beginning '"You missed me?"', and that the capitalisations of 'Hell' seemed out of place. I realise it's correct as in 'Heaven and Hell', but something tells me that this only applies in that context specifically, not when using 'hell' as a curse word. It's certainly uncommon to capitalise it in this situation, at any rate.

I only have two nitpicks for the story itself, too. The first is the time period of four years... whilst it sounds nice and impressive, on closer inspection, it doesn't really make much sense. Lily and Sirius would have had to have been around each other a lot; in the close quarters of Hogwarts, and with the relationship between James and Lily, it seems impossible that they would never have spoken. Even if they didn't discuss their relationship, I think awkward small talk would have been an inevitability. Perhaps this could be amended at some point to reflect that? Maybe '"Not once, in four years, did you ever bother to talk to me properly again, to explain why you were suddenly all for me and James going out together!"'... would that or something similar work, do you think?

My second nitpick is more of a personal preference, I think. It's simply that this story had so much 'balance' to it, with it being mostly alternating dialogue, that it felt just a tad odd for the last line not to be about Sirius - one last look shared between them before he leaves, or something like that. Perhaps it was your intention for the ending to be a little sudden, for what happens next not to be specified... and I do love endings which don't clear everything up. Did Sirius go immediately, or did he make more of a scene somehow? I like not knowing - it just felt a little rough to me here.

This was a rather short story, but for the amount of words you used, you achieved quite a lot. As I've mentioned, I think the characterisation and timing were particularly good, and the dialogue and events were realistic and well described. I found myself able to picture the scene with some clarity, and I have a chronically lazy mind when it comes to these things, so that doesn't always happen. Also, any longer and I think some details would either have been unnecessary, or you'd have had to write some flashbacks somewhere. And whilst I wouldn't have minded knowing more about their past relationship, it would have disrupted the scene, and you did a good enough job with inserting enough detail for it not to be confusing or of dubious plausibility.

My favourite line is this one:

'She was a vision in her ice-white wedding gown, deep red hair tumbling freely over her shoulders, and green, almond-shaped eyes glittering with happiness.' - Eye and hair colour descriptions generally get on my nerves, because more often than not they are unnecessary and repeated often, not to mention boring, but this one wasn't too bad because it actually added to the scene... 'glittering with happiness' immediately told us the state of Lily and James's relationship - or at least, the state when she wasn't thinking about Sirius. What I liked about this line, however, was the 'ice-white wedding gown'. It's an interesting description to say the least, almost a contradiction to the 'glowing bride' cliché, and definitely appropriate.

All in all, I rather liked this fic. :)
obsessivegirl73 chapter 1 . 8/4/2011
Between reading your stories and watching my fish swim around (*facepalm* why is that so interesting?) I am staying up quite a bit later than I originally intended. Oh well, it won't hurt me too much.

Nice fic, I haven't really read that much LilySirius but this is definitely great. Lily's loyalty to James, even if she doesn't truly love him, is great. Awesome job! :D
padfoot's prose chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
Oh. I see.

I'm never going to be able to think of Lily and James' wedding the same...

But this is really well written! I've never seen a plausible Lily/Sirius story before, so great job!
Inkfire chapter 1 . 7/8/2011
Interesting - I liked Sirius' irresponsible behaviour, and Lily's anger... It was pretty meaningful in a way, because Sirius loves James and is loyal to him, that's true – but you showed another part of him here, a part which isn't entirely in conflict with his loyalty, but questions it all the same and shows it has limits, very serious limits actually... It's like Sirius doesn't WANT to hurt James, of course he doesn't, but he refuses to realize he will, to see the consequences of his actions. He dismisses it as something that happens, and only obeys his own intense, selfish feelings... Very interesting indeed... it reminded me of his behaviour with Harry: he loved him and wished the best for him, yet he could be very selfish, encouraging him to be reckless or resenting the fact that he has to go away to Hogwarts...