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Guest chapter 17 . 11/23
Are you going to keep updating I love this story you have to please don't let any one else finish it you have to they can't compare this by far my favorite fan fiction no joke
gwb620 chapter 15 . 11/14
Oh... My ... Sweet... Kami... we are doomed!
gwb620 chapter 9 . 11/14
I thought the garden seemed familiar. I'm actually reading the Sword of Truth series lol
ShadowImageComics chapter 17 . 11/14
Okay, I can not wait for chapter 18. THis was a good read and was sad when I noticed the last update date. Please make more chapters for this story.
gunzen chapter 2 . 10/27
Have to tell you that I like this story a lot. I failed to fave the story when I first read it. I spent a whole day going through all the Naru/Hina fics using the following search parameters...

1) Ratings all
2) Language English
3) Words 60k and up
4) Character A Naruto
5) Character B Hinata

There are 958 stories that meet the above criteria. I started searching from the last page of the story summaries. 39 pages all in all. Hours upon hours later, EUREKA! Found the story in page 15. So yeah. I like your story a lot. It has been faved now. I hope all that hard work inspires you to continue and finish your story.

Thank you very much for writing down your idea.
Dracoessa chapter 10 . 10/18
Damn Uchiha!
Vivi chapter 17 . 10/9
Are you updating anymore? Love the story. But it's been awhile.
Deboy chapter 17 . 9/16
Please update soon .
crb819 chapter 17 . 9/16
i really like it when will the next one be out
Head Scratcher chapter 4 . 9/8
Nicely done! I just love when someone puts Konoha's crazies in their place. The Uzumaki were totally badass about it too! Anyway, there's just a couple of sticking points I have with this chapter.

First, is the whole keeping his Namikaze heritage a secret thing. Considering that the Uzumaki clan is so famous - both in your story and in canon - one has to wonder how naming Naruto an Uzumaki is actually "safer" than announcing him as the Fourth Hokage's son. I mean the Uzumaki clan was so powerful that it took an alliance of at least two (or was it three? I can't really remember) great hidden villages to destroy it and its own ninja nation. So, "Naruto Uzumaki" cannot possibly be a safer identity at all. He should've had a highly common civilian alias if they truly wanted him to be incognito.

Secondly, why must people list the Namikaze family as a clan? Not once has there been mention in the Naruto canonverse of Minato hailing from ANY sort of clan (ninja or otherwise). Granted the pre-academy time in Minato's life is a total mystery so any fic writer can do what they want and say he came from a clan for the sake of their plot, but in actuality he was not known as some clan scion or member. He very well could have been a civilian-born aspiring ninja or even an orphan himself. Whatever story you want to concoct about Minato's family (or lack thereof) background you can do that. But I just think it's a tiresome cliche to say he's the last of the Namikaze Clan when there may never have been one in canon at all.

Other than that, I have no real issue with your fic or this chapter, save for some minor spelling and grammar fixes (such as the misspelling of Genin - which had one too many n's in it - and silence - which I saw had two i's in it when in all caps). So nothing really major that's wrong with it. Your storyline is interesting, dynamic, and entertaining which makes for a great fic so keep it up! The writing force is strong within you!
Fan of the Man chapter 3 . 9/8
Hey! I'm new to this fic but I must say that I greatly enjoyed this chapter.

I would like to bring up the nigh-indomitable choke point defense of Whirlpool. While it is very powerful, it is still somewhat vulnerable. I say this because of the advanced technology (when compared to the rest of the Naruto World) in the Land of Snow's possession - I believe you referenced it in the previous chapter - would allow their forces to bypass the land and sea defenses via airship. Granted, the Land of Snow is not an aggressive nation, but hypothetically speaking it is possible for the Whirlpool to be aerially bombarded by an enemy if they had Snow Country airships. So my question is: can the Whirlpool forces still neutralize such a threat?

Plus, I wonder over which group is "physically" superior: ninja or samurai? Take away a ninja's chakra advantage it would come down to greater physical conditioning and training, although the armor and weapons certainly give samurai an edge in that scenario. But, as seen when Sasuke crashed the Kage Summit, even a chakra wielding samurai is likely inferior to a high-level ninja . . . maybe super ninja is the more accurate term. Although I'm sure this will be explored more later on.

Still I brought these two points up because I feel that you've done an excellent job making the Land of Eddies a powerful nation without becoming overpowered. Since a Whirlpool samurai without his chakra nullifying armor would be incredibly vulnerable to "ninja power" (lol), or even a fully armored samurai being outmaneuvered by a highly skilled and intelligent ninja, that means that the Guardian Core isn't unbeatable. It's just a military force making the most of its own advantages, which is more than fair and reasonable.

Not to mention that Whirlpool is still wide open to some form of offense if the ninja somehow take advantage of aerial superiority. If Whirlpool was overpowered then that wouldn't be the case. So nice work on balancing the country's power within its own limits here!
LavenderVixen3 chapter 17 . 9/9
Please keep writing! This is one of the best, original stories out there.
Siatuvai1002 chapter 17 . 9/8
Reading Pixie chapter 17 . 9/6
love the is so fun to read :D
grumy chapter 17 . 7/20
Are you going to stop this story (Naruto: Heir of Whirlpool)?
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