Reviews for 5:9 and 5:10 To do or to die:Dempsey and Makepeace
debharding chapter 12 . 12/10/2015
Have to say I'm RUBBISH at reviewing individual chapters because I can't stop reading! However with this story I simply had to take a break when I thought Harry had died, I bauled my eyes out and couldn't bring myself to read any further for days! How could you do that to me?! A testimony to your amazing writing skills.
I finally built up the còurage to read on fully expecting to be a jibbering wreck again as Dempsey recalled Harry's funeral...BUT NO...I was rewarded with that wonderful image of Harry holding Tinkerbell for the first time and Dempsey wiping his tears away. Beautiful. You are 100% forgiven!
Everything tied together so well at the end, loved the way Spikings still thinks of Harry as his "girl" and their wedding vows were perfect.
Thank you x
NightOwl22 chapter 12 . 6/2/2014
Well, I finally read this one yesterday evening and I was hooked from the start. Dempsey in a kilt was a fantastic mental image that will forever be engraved in my mind. And the fact that he followed tradition while wearing it was just priceless. ;P

Needless to say you had me believing Makepeace was dead until almost the very end. I had given up on a happy ending by the time she landed in hospital. You wrote her storyline so seamlessly I was actually smiling like a fool by the time Dempsey proposed at the end (for the second time!).

Fry's role as the story teller of what he happened to "witness" was interesting as well as funny. Could he be more naive? As were Dave and Watson's reactions. I loved the whole dynamic of that conversation. I also liked the way you structured the fic as a whole, jumping from past to present but offering the reader just enough to keep us guessing.

Overall a really enjoyable story. I'm so reading more of your stories in the coming days. :-)
Angervo chapter 12 . 4/22/2014
I loved this story! It was sweet, tragic, funny and sad. And I loved the way you mixed the past and the present. I was really afraid that you were going to kill Makepeace off - it was a huge relief when it was finally revealed that she did survive after all. The idea of Dempsey holding his newborn daughter, not knowing whether her mother is going to make it or not - it actually made me cry. As did the last chapter with their wedding wows, it was just so sweet. And the bits with Dempsey wearing a kilt and Fry being so totally clueless - simply hilarious! Actually, I liked everything in this story :) Please keep on writing more stories!
goroslin chapter 12 . 11/25/2012
I sincerely hope that you WILL write more, as I'm almost through all of your stories and love each and everyone of them!
I love the humour, the way you do the plots, you could have actually written some episodes for real, I'd have loooooved it!
I'm gonna miss you if you completely give up...what do we need to do to have you "back at it"?
thanks anyway for all those stories!
valerie from Toulouse, France
aunt sal chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
Fab-u-lous. Soooo glad I read this story once it was complete because if I'd read it as you were posting it I surely would have been a nervous wreck.
Even though I (sort of) knew you couldnt kill Harry off, I was still worried. Super writing.
Enjoyed all the flash backs esp the Fry related ones. They had me laughing out loud.
Loved the vows at the end so sweet ahh all is well in DM land
xLaramiex chapter 12 . 4/4/2012
Aww, sweet. I love all the flashbacks, tying it all together and showing how long they've been together. Lovely jubbly!
abeed chapter 12 . 1/16/2012
So I was pretty much convinced at the begining of "To do or to die" that you'd gone and killed off our Harry and hooked Dempsey up with Angela... All thanks to your VERY cleverly written opening chapters! Although I always knew (or hoped) deep down you couldn't do that to us! Instead you've once again given us an emotional, sad, funny, brilliant, roller coaster of a story with a perfect end!

Great opener from Grampy Gorden "I hope for your mothers sake this whole thing is legal" lol. Its so special that he's such a big part of their lives still and he isn't the only one who's proud of "our girl" for making it all the way to the top! ;-)

Love the flashbacks "You'd better damn well look after her" - Dempsey's sole reply had been to ask him what the hell he thought he'd been doing ever since his plane had landed three years ago - made me smile!

"Who knows-you might even make a team" - #ifonlytheyknew

Love the whole posh undercover and them not knowing where they are and of course the classic Freddyisms... "Aah yes, noisy things rather like motorbikes but with four wheels for idiots - not that you're idiots of course, I wouldn't say that, no not at all..." - perfectly him!

And then we come to the best bit...their vows! Makes me well up just thinking about it... " Harry you are my best friend, my love & my inspiration...we have loved each other when times were good and when times were hard and I promise I will love you forever" - blubbering now! "You have the biggest nerve of anyone I've ever lived with, you are impossible, impractical, cocksure and totally blind...and yet James Dempsey I learnt to love you many years ago and I have never stopped and I know I never will" - James had stood grinning, lapping up the torrent of abuse with pride. - Absolutely brilliant! Could so imagine this!

For the second time a bride and groom walked hand in hand down the aisle; he was grinning with self satisfaction, she was giggling stupidly... BRAVO!
abeed chapter 11 . 1/15/2012
Bloody hilarious chapter! :-))))

"Um are you, um, er, I mean are you proposing to her?" - "Oh No" Angela unsuccessfully reassured "He did that years ago darling" lol lol lol

"So are you saying yes now?" - "Oh No" Angela butted in with great enthusiasm "She did that years ago darling" - Love Angela!

"And you both want to get married now?" The united "Yes" took him by surprise - They are still totally nuts about each other!

And Fry...

"I couldn't kiss someone like that, not if I wasn't married" - Lol! You gotta love Fry's innocence!

All the boys together just cracked me up...

"He wasn't just lying there" Mac explained

"No he'd be watching her..." Dave continued

"Like he does in the office" Tony expanded

"He does?" Fry still didn't seem to spot anything - Brilliant!
Quattro Queen chapter 12 . 1/12/2012
Awwwww..a happy far. I love Spikings reflection in this and the flash back with Fry (he is so funny). Love it!
lubo78 chapter 12 . 1/10/2012
Both final scenes of the "now and then-plot" are just perfect!

Fry - again - was so hilarious, and Angelas interrupting comments at the wedding ceremony were - well, they were just Angela ;-)

I also loved Spikings opening comment; he was only concerned about Makepeace, not about Dempsey - so typical for him...

Thanks Di for these last two chapters, they just made me smile from the first to the last line! :-) XXX
angie6699 chapter 12 . 1/10/2012
Now this is a chapter that should be remembered as the one having the power of causing the whole fanfiction site to crash (one January night, lol)!

Loved the ending very, very much :). All humorous, with everyone being light-hearted and simply happy, in both the ‘now’ parts and the ‘then’ flashbacks. It compensates for all the sad bits from the previous chapters ;). They are just such a wonderful couple, which their vows confirmed yet again! Very skillfully written!

Also, it made me sort of proud that Harry made commissioner :).

And the songs... what more can I say, Neil Young – classic!

I really enjoyed your idea of a follow-up to the series and all the fill-in-the-gap stories set within, before or after the actual episodes as we all know and love them :)

I so believe you have more fantastic ideas just waiting to be put together in a new exciting story or better another series of stories! I would love to read more! # (lol) #motivation
ladymidnight chapter 12 . 1/10/2012
Loved the off to watch the video.
Krato chapter 12 . 1/10/2012
Amazing opening line from Spikings: "I hope for your mothers sake that this whole thing is legal" - automatically assumes even after all these years that Dempsey is operating outside 'the rules' lol

Like how Freddie rambles and how the boys are not sure what to make of him. But Macs nose knows ;-)

"How the heck did Dempsey do posh undercover?"

"He had Harry"... little did they know Dempsey could hold his own - in his own fashion.

... "I wanna thank you for your loyalty, your love and your support"...Sure I've heard that somewhere before ;-D and very moving it was too!

Daniel put two fingers to his mouth but his older sister anticipated the puking sign and elbowed him hard... Thought to begin with he was going to wolf whistle to spoil the romantic moment lol

Let the air circulate... LOL

... he didn't see what the fascination was... WHAT? What the hell is wrong with you Fry? Maybe we should give him the spare SITR ticket!

"Harry had her head on his chest, his hands were… well one hand was holding some of her hair I guess"... so diplomatic and I feel so sorry for him being cross-examined like that.

Love Harry's rant at the 'altar' and the subsequent line: "And yet James Dempsey I learnt to love you many years ago and I have never stopped and I know I never will" (my fave bit)

Dempsey's entrance at Winfield Hall was perfect with the Scotch and the cigar thing - so at home and the boys haven't a clue why. "I'll cut him a deal" Dempsey promised... is even more puzzling for them.

Harry looked at the jaws hitting the floor and laughed "Technically" she corrected Mac "It will be Dempsey's but yes thank you: it is a great gaff, but we're keeping Camberwell Grove for day to day work" she touched her nose "now has Freddy told you the ghost story..." Loved this last bit so much - made my heart swell and my eyes fill with tears and I'm not even sure why!

The final part was so lovely with the Neil young album tracks and Harry 'giggling stupidly'.

Loved how Dempsey hands it over to their daughter and son-in-law so magnanimously at the end.

Because I'm still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

Because I'm still in love with you

On this harvest moon.

So fitting - it's like the marriage signifies the beginning of their twilight years together. Think I'm just going to slink away and have a little blub to myself now - I may be some time.

What a wonderful end to a simply marvellous series of stories! And you WILL be writing again soon...#iknowwhereyoulive
Krato chapter 11 . 1/10/2012
So the boys are 'in training' at Winfield Hall learning to be 'posh'? LOL Wondering if there's some ulterior motive involved because they obviously haven't been informed that it's Harry's ancestral home.

Their interrogation of Fry was so funny. He's aware that he's been a witness to 'irregularities' but he's still not totally sure he's put two and two together correctly lol

"I couldn't kiss someone like that, not if I wasn't married" Fry, you're such a scream! lol

So cool to hear about their exploits through a third person's eyes: "Well Makepeace is unbuttoning Dempsey's shirt, his hands are all over her..." Now that sounds hot!

... I couldn't picture anything apart from Sergeant Makepeace's bra and knickers on the floor"...The story's all flooding back to me now - guess where my next port of call is ;-)

Fell about as they went through Dempsey's catchphrases.

Angela's lines: "He/She did that years ago darling" cracked me up. No side to her - she's the same with everyone she talks to: vicars, doctors, she doesn't care!

Love how Daniel doesn't like the idea of mum & dad getting married. "At their age!" LOL And the mention of Neil Young ;-)

The venison main course appeared and the sight of real meat relaxed them all...LOL LOL LOL That's so brilliantly caveman! Fab line.

Enjoyed the 'impressed' comments about the sexy Porsche. Could picture them all nodding their heads with raised eyebrows.

Tony and Dave were breathless "you saw her…"

Think the lads might have Makepeace on a bit of a pedestal #unattainablegoddess ;-)

"He wasn't just lying there" Mac explained

"No he'd be watching her…" Dave continued

"Like he does in the office" Tony expanded

"He does?" Fry still didn't seem to spot anything

They're such a comedy team. Fry may be a police detective but he's wonderfully clueless about personal relationships.

Not sure I want you to post the last chapter...because it's the LAST chapter. Don't want it to end. However, I need to point out that there's nothing stopping you from writing more D&M stories #buggertimelines
angie6699 chapter 11 . 1/10/2012
Having read chapter 1 quite a while back, I was convinced it was D&M getting married as a result of the previous parts’ events. Very surprised at the course of events in the following chapters though – present times, the bride appears to be their daughter, and no sign of Harry... One big mysterious story (?). Then one sad scene at the hospital after another; just couldn’t bear seeing Harry suffer physically and Dempsey in sheer torment as he was waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis and her to come round unharmed. Very, very depressing.

And finally comes chapter 10 and everything becomes clear. A hint about many happy moments in their past and a spur of the moment decision!

This chapter very smart. I liked the boys’ mentions of the past. Very funny, too :)
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