Reviews for The Siege of Shanxi
DeathstrokeNorris chapter 28 . 5/11
Turian carrier? Turians don't have carriers
Admiral Saris chapter 34 . 3/21
Nasty fighting there. :) glad Jack made it back.
bluemarlin chapter 34 . 3/20
Excellent chapter. Time for the humans to turn this battle around and start defeating the Turians. Looking forward to more.
Nomadic1 chapter 34 . 3/20
I find AO3 difficult to search and filled with junk. far too few authors use the system had intended. also I use a phone app
Ase Of SpADeZ chapter 34 . 3/20
Archive is good but mobile users can't utilize it easily. Views will drop. Honestly, there's not much point since the tagging isn't much better imo and it gets less traffic.

Great chapter by the way, keep it up!
CunkToad chapter 34 . 3/20
Nice chapter dude
Difdi chapter 34 . 3/20
AO3 is MUCH easier to use, with fewer restrictions on stories.
Myron23 chapter 34 . 3/19
Ever played AVP2, the 2001 video game? The rocket launcher in that game is awesome.

This is like the last days of Berlin's defense, ain't it?

Do you think the Weyland-Yutani Corporation would fit in the Mass Effect universe?

If you are going use AO3 for your stories, use BOTH websites. Write your story in one place, and then re-post it on the other.

Remember, my questions are NEVER rhetorical.
fuzzyzergling chapter 34 . 3/19
I use AO3. It's pretty good for tags, but the UI is a bit convoluted.
No reason not to use both sites, if you can.
Abelextera chapter 33 . 3/19
Also, good archer reference
death7559 chapter 34 . 3/19
First off, great chapter. The Turians won't know what hit them.

Second is that AO3 is a great site but I'd keep work on both sites to increase exposure.
Abelextera chapter 34 . 3/19
Dont. move, archive of our own tags. are. an absolute disaster
dghornick chapter 34 . 3/19
never heard of it , if you do switch post a link for us, along with an announcement
F13D chapter 34 . 3/19
NOOOOO! Stay in FF, you are what inspired me to write my own collaboration. If you do I shall brand you as a heretic!

I personally recommend having two accounts one on each site and upload your work to both of them.
Didd23 chapter 34 . 3/19
I've found that AO3 is kind of hard to navigate for non-members, but as long as it's under the same name, it should be findable with google
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