Reviews for Regardless
KWUB chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
I've been following your Psi Factor stories for a long time now. Most of them kept me intrigued, even if a bit unrelated to the show. Unfortunately, this story couldn't be further away from Psi Factor. It barely has anything to do with the show.

What do I mean?

Pete, Connor and Linds are not doctors. Claire is a pathologist and Anton is a Para-psychologist and a physician.

Every time you take the team away from their natural surrounding (the OSIR & the mobile lab) and give them a different profession - you're not really writing a fanfic. You're using the characters' names and connections, but not writing about the show. When you do that, it's better to categorize your story as AU - Alternate Universe. Otherwise, you are misleading your readers and it's not fun at all wasting your time on a story that doesn't even resemble the show that you like.

I understand the need to get your story out there, but if you decide to change the entire essence of the show, it would be nice of you to tell that to your readers, as to not disappoint the ones who are not into AU stories.

Just to make myself clear: their profession in the show is paranormal investigators. Meaning, they examine supernatural phenomena - not crimes (they're not policemen), not private inverstigations, but PARANORMAL - UFO's, ghosts, cryptozoology, etc. - it's science, but not the conventional type. So keep that in mind when you write a Psi Factor fan fiction.

Sure, you can get characters from other shows or films involved, but when you do that, the best thing is to only make minor, un-noticable changes that won't take away the entire essence of both shows/films/books/whatever.

A crossover is a collaboration between two mediums that tell a story (Medium film, show, book, anime, etc.) You can modify each medium to suit your story and your needs. But when writing a crossover, you have to remember to gracefully entwine together both of the worlds from both of the mediums. Otherwise, what's the point of a crossover?

This review was not meant to make you stop writing or hurt your feeling or anything along these lines. I think you know how to tell a great story, but you need to work on your facts. A fanfic has to be true to the fandom. This story was not doing it. It was PF characters thrown into House, M.D. kingdom without a warning to your readers that it's not really a PF related story.

One good thing about your story is the original characters. The mother was really funny and I liked the fact that the daughter was a responsible person while the mother was the complete opposite. That was a base for really good comic situation as well as a conflict point. Very original :)

Keep writing and please use this review in order to improve in the future. I do think it could help you.