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wendyls96 chapter 83 . 7/25
I was here :)
Kori no Koibito chapter 13 . 7/6
lolololol nowaki the snide bitch lololol
love the story so far
although I think I prefer the proud kamijou over the scared one. poor Hiroki ~.~
AwkwardOtaku16 chapter 83 . 6/29
I read this entire story in just two or three days. I know I said something similar in a review on one of your other stories, but I just want to say again what an incredibly gifted writer you are. I hope one day I'll be able to write something as good as this.
What I especially loved about this neko au is that you didn't just randomly stick cat ears and tails on the characters with no explanation; you created this really interesting world where society is divided into hybrids and humans and you raised all kinds of important themes like prejudice, animal rights, equality, etc... That's something you very rarely see in a JR fic.
I also love how well you managed to portray each character. They were all so well-written and in character, aside from Akihiko; to be honest, I really hated the way you wrote him at first because of the way he treated Misaki, but I think that was what made your version of him so interesting to read about. I think you got Hiro down especially well, showing how he's so tender and loving beneath his pride.
As with DWS, I was totally hooked by your writing and plotting skills in this story which made it really difficult to put down. The fluffy bits were just as well-done as they gritty parts and the conclusion was, in my opinion, perfect. I really enjoyed seeing all the SIH characters and other cameos too (though the mention of Korovin had me silently screaming 'WHAT?! NO HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE ROTTING IN JAIL WITH HIS DICK STABBED IN HALF GODAMMIT!'). There are a ton of other little things I could mention that made this fic so wonderful, but this review is long enough as it is.
Sorry for rambling, especially since this story has been over for ages. I just really wanted to tell you how much I admire your writing and how much I appreciate you sharing such a brilliant story.
Thank you for writing this because it was an absolute joy to read. :)
JessV chapter 3 . 5/18
So sad Why i am very similar to hiroki so i feel his pain
Vincent Claudius chapter 1 . 4/26
I had the sudden urge to reread this again for the millionth time because it's so damn good! Here I go!
Blah chapter 83 . 2/24
I was here, and most definitely enjoyed my stay. It only took me a day to read all of this, and I almost wish I had stretched it out. It was an amazing fanfic and each chapter only left me wanting more. Kudos to you and this amazing story!
nekojama chapter 83 . 2/22
Gosh this fic is the cat's freakin' meow! Purrrrrrrffffeeccctt! My brain is chasing its own tail with the thought of what a sweetly flangsty dysfunctional polyamorous relationship with Hiroki, Misaki and Usagi would look like.
Ishikawa Miki chapter 83 . 1/14
Amazing story !
I couldn't stop reading it! :D
Marine.Maurine chapter 83 . 1/13
I finished your story and truly loved it. I love Hiroki and Nowaki. I enjoy word play in all its forms, double entendre, puns, rhymes, insults, and alliteration.
G chapter 83 . 1/8
Hi! I just finished this story and I wanted to tell you that I greatly enjoyed it! I actually found this fic after I devoured your "From the Neko-files: Misaki's First Heat" on ao3. I may have actually yelled out loud in frustration when I got to the end of chapter 13 and saw that that was it. I hope that you update soon; if Misaki tops Usagi-san I may die from the fangasms!

Ok, so back to this fic. I also devoured this story. I've never written a review of a fanfic (although I've read plenty; I know, shame on me, I really ought to encourage the authors of the stories I enjoy), but you always asked so politely for reviews at the end of each chapter, and I really did love this story, so I thought the least I could do was let you know that.

Let's see, what specifics can I tell you real quick...

I loved the characterization. Dark!Usagi gave me chills, but I was always left wanting more. I figured he would be the one most likely to kill for his uke (or at least the one most likely to get away with it). Also, Miyagi and Shinobu were spot-on.

The smut was HOT.

You wove the different puzzle pieces of the plot together wonderfully.

Romantica has always been my favorite couple, but I found your Egoist and Terrorist storylines really compelling.

I squealed with joy every time a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi character made an appearance/was mentioned.

The description of the development of the Egoist relationship was heartbreakingly beautiful; I think you described the kind of love that everyone deep-down desperately wants.

I thinks that's it off the top of my head. Kudos to you! (I promise I didn't say all this just because I want to read about Misaki topping Usagi-san ;) )
Guest chapter 17 . 1/2
Dangit he's back
Guest chapter 13 . 1/2
So happy Tsumori will be gone... Huge weight off my chest lol love this story
shingekinolife chapter 52 . 12/1/2015
So I was definitely here. It took me an entire Thanksgiving Break to read this, but it was worth every minute. Such an amazing and well written story- kudos to you! Keep creating amazing pieces of art like this one please!
Alisontheperson chapter 83 . 11/21/2015
I know that this story's pretty old, but I just finished it, and I have to say, this really exceeded my expectations. I typically don't go for neko stories, but the amount of favorites this had and the summary had me curious. And damn, this story definitely didn't disappoint. So I just wanted to say good job, and I really enjoyed your work.
Gdlilgothgrl79 chapter 83 . 11/2/2015
Ummm I was here lol Loved the story btw
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