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enzo90 chapter 8 . 7/17/2017
Awesome story! Its awesome that you set it in Montana! A lot of my family is from there, and it's a cool state.:)
jesseenriquez15 chapter 8 . 8/31/2016
really great story
Vampireking40 chapter 6 . 1/7/2016
Great chapter. Now I decided to skip ahead to this story and the chapter where he is turned. I plan to still read everything before this happened.
TheHolyDiver chapter 1 . 12/2/2014
You have wrote the best Let Me In fics I have read so far, and I notice that you haven't wrote a new one recently, here's an idea for you, since girls around Abby's time were already expected to be married and to have kids, how about Owen and Abby discover that Abby is pregnant and are faced with the prospect of raising a vampire child?
Guest chapter 8 . 2/17/2014
Your awesome, and I can't wait to read more about Marshall hall in future stories.
NJHarris chapter 8 . 2/5/2014
Abby and Owen, Vampire Hunters! It was, unfortunately the only way to make sure Sally didn't wreak havoc upon the town, her own family especially.
"Oscar looked at his grandchildren –one by blood, one by choice, but both by love- and smiled to himself." Once again you're able to capture the connection between these three. The family you've created is certainly a wonderful one at that.
Oscar's "talk" with Owen was great! That being in a relationship comes with knowing to read the signs your partner is giving off. And how when a girl says "nothing's wrong" In the words of Admiral Ackbar "'it's a trap!"
The fact he's writing all his grandfather's knowledge on the subject in a notepad makes the entire deleted scene even better! He can sneak a peek at his notes from time to time, to remind himself of the "rules". Haha!
Oscar's definitely right though. Owen won't have to experience the heart ache of Abby passing away from old age as he has with Elina.
Really enjoyed your teasers too! Cannot wait to read the stories they're going to be in!
How you're going to incorporate the "Kick-Ass" Universe brings a huge smile to my face. In fact it reminds me of one of Makokam's Holiday Bonus shorts, only slightly though as I'm sure the context wil be entirely different. But cannot wait to read it nonetheless!
Such a fantastic story! Loved it from start to finish! Now the future for Abby and Owen has begun as they're now "Eternally Bonded". Cannot wait to start your other Let Me In fics, gotta quench the thirst I have for them!
NJHarris chapter 7 . 2/4/2014
"she knew she'd never be alone again." The final line of the chapter perfectly captures what it means for Abby, and Owen in fact, that Owen has now become a vampire. She no longer has to live out the rest of eternity looking for 'Caretakers', trying to find an unsuspecting victim to feed upon, moving from place to place to keep the police of her trail.
She finally has a home, a family, she has Owen, her 'husband' (though unfortunately unofficial). Abby finally has happiness, love.
Wonderful chapter! Owen trying out his new supernatural skills, with some very amusing results. In awe of just how much he's changed for the better. Now their future together begins, eternally bonded to each other. Love it!
NJHarris chapter 6 . 2/4/2014
Loved the choice of memories flooding through Owen's dreams before he awoke. Very well chosen. Some of the pivotal moments in his life beginning with his first encounter with Abby. Including those where Owen just knew, a feeling deep inside him that told him she was special. That when she was gone, his life would become empty without her.
When he realised he was finally home, living with his grandfather and now Abby. The night they first consummated their relationship physically. The times he would watch his beloved in deep slumber and moments before he would succumb to his injuries, after fighting for her, she "baptised" him into the nocturnal lovers they can now forever remain.
Fantastic choice of memories!
When Abby throws her arms around him when they both wake up brings a large smile to my face. As she didn't know if Owen would, how she held some doubt that her lover wouldn't be able to spend eternity with her. Thankfully, Owen did awaken and now their future together can begin.
Another great chapter!
NJHarris chapter 5 . 2/4/2014
I love how Oscar appreciates just how much of an impact Abby has had on Owen's life, his included. With them living in his home, Oscar has been able to reconnect with his grandson who he thought he may never see again. To have also lost his wife, been lonely and miserable for so long. Then to see Owen at his door, with his new companion, it's no surprise it wasone of the greatest days in far too long.
Over the past 14 months three lives have been changed forever. Oscar got to see his grandson again, Owen finally found a friend who he feel in love with, and Abby became a part of a loving family and began to feel "human" again.
Abby truly is a blessing to them, regardless of Owen's current state. Owen's life has changed for the better because of her. As has hers because of Owen. She should not feel guilt because of what happened. Owen chose to fight Jebediah. He chose to fight for Abby, to protect her however he could, and they succeeded. I see that as no better way for him to prove how much he loves Abby, than to fight for her.
Loved this chapter!
It's quite clear, and very sweetly pointed out by Abby, at how similar Owen and Oscar are. How caring they both are for those they love. Oscar is a wonderful character and I'm so glad he's a part of your stories. He helps to complete the family you've created.
NJHarris chapter 4 . 2/4/2014
I knew Owen wouldn't go down without a fight. Jebediah had the advantage of his supernatural powers, as well as Abby, but there was no way Owen wasn't going to fight him. Owen's strength, though deep down and took time to surface, is what makes him such a great character. That the love he has for Abby, that one person that means the most to him above all else, more than life itself, is what has brought about his strength. Abby told him to fight back, to let the bullies know he'd had enough. Now, Jebediah threatened their relationship and Owen wasn't going to let him take her from him.
Even though the fight left him incredibly wounded, Abby's safe. Only now Owen's transformation will be to save his life, instead of securing their future together as they planned. Regardless, Abby cannot live without him, so turning him now is the only way she can remain with her lover.
A great chapter! We got to see just how far Owen's prepared to go to protect Abby. Loved it!
NJHarris chapter 3 . 2/4/2014
I love Abby's faith in the strength of Owen. That he's prepared to share in her pain, to see once again the attack on Abby. How even when he knew that Abby was 'supernatural', he did not feel fear when entering her apartment. With Abby in his life, he became stronger, not just mentally but physically too (now they're at he ranch). Though his psyche has received punishment over the years, as well as Abby's, they make each other stronger. I love how you've highlighted this, especially now when Abby needs him more than ever. Where Owen can prove to her, and to himself, that he's prepared to protect her, no matter the foe.
How Abby says "Don't compare yourselves to them Owen. Not ever. You mean more to me than all of them put together." Further makes me love the connection they share. That Owen is the one and only person Abby needs in her life. He was never going to become just another one of her 'Caretakers'. This is by far one of the sweetest things she's said to him, as it perfectly highlights just how much of an impact Owen has had on her life.
With Jebediah now outside the house, I cannot wait to find out what happens next. ""He's here." Is just one of those lines that makes your blood run cold. With a creature like Jebediah, there's no other way to put it, he's an animal that needs putting down.
NJHarris chapter 2 . 2/3/2014
I'm not surprised Abby has it hard wired to keep her weaknesses a secret, even from Owen. No matter how safe she feels around him, or how much they're in love. You never want to divulge too much information about how people can "harm" you.
But now he knows, he can be a lot more careful to keep any kind of silver away from her. Seen as he'll become a vampire soon, him finding out now will help him to build his knowledge of things that he must steer clear of to survive.
Now Abby knows of Jebediah sending her a "message" they can anticipate his arrival. But now that he's attacked Oscar's friend Sally, he's far too close for comfort. She certainly isn't going to be able to sleep very well knowing he's coming for her.
My rising anticipation of what's next is huge!
NJHarris chapter 1 . 2/3/2014
What both Abby and Owen have experienced over the years would definitely haunt their dreams.
For Owen, the unrelenting torment of the bullies on a daily basis, unable to fight back, no one to help him while they continued day in day out to make his life hell.
For Abby, her uncle's vicious attack that changed her life forever. Made her into a creature who's need for survival outweighed the humanity that still lingers inside her. Owen's reaction to the vision of the attack was enough to frighten him, it's no wonder it would make Abby want to lash out and defend herself.
With Owen there, she can feel safe, feel loved. Knowing that Owen will always be there to comfort her. I love Owen's desire to protect her. No matter how strong your partner is, you always want to be stronger. That when they need to be comforted, or to feel safe, they can look to you to be the one to make them feel better. Regardless of Abby's strength, there will always be moments when she'll need to feel safe. Where Owen can prove to himself that he's capable of being stronger than he was in Los Alamos.
However, it seems as though with her Uncle following her "scent", is what brought about her nightmare. I can see them getting worse as the distance between them closes, and Jebediah is on their doorstep. I can see Owen stepping up, letting him know that he will not let Abby come to any harm. Regardless of Owen not standing a chance against Jebediah's clear advantage.
The rising tension of the closing distance between Abby and her Uncle will finally conclude in this story. Cannot wait to read on!
DestroyerDRT chapter 8 . 11/5/2013
I love how you did Mindy and Abby connection. Now when they meet will be funny. Just to see Mindy's reaction to her cousin.
titan616 chapter 8 . 5/21/2013
I enjoyed the fight with Jebediah, Abby and Owen were pretty awesome in that fight. Clearly Jebediah bit off more than even he could chew. And Owen's marriage idea was a great, it must have put Abby on cloud nine after all she's been through.

You mentioned that there are a lot of mystical creatures that exist. That could become interesting down the line; there's a lot you can do with magical creatures/beings. About the 'Owen turning bad if he didn't meet Abby' thing, I have a sort of fan theory about that. It ties into the Mentalist, let me know if you've seen that show and if you have I'll run it by you.

And hey, it's Damon Macready down there in the previews, being his usual dorky self. I really like him and look forward to seeing him again.
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