Reviews for Prometheus in Chains
Nate The Ape chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
I enjoyed reading this interesting variation on the events of #6. It was interesting to see how a Yeerk might perceive the idea of a daemon as the external part of the soul, in Temrash's case as a handicap and weakness.
"Put that primitive split brain to work." I liked that line for some reason. I also thought it was cool how instead of Jake's facial expression tipping Ax off to his infestation, it was the little snarl he sent through Merlyse that gave the game away.
"You jerk, snarled Merlyse. Jake would never say that to Tobias." Agreed! Speaking of which, I thought Ax's use of Prince Merlyse was funny. I liked how everyone's daemons became their respective battle morphs to deal with the Yeerk if they had to. Clever of Marco to have her literally kept under lock and key. I wonder if Yeerks ever sleep themselves?
"He turned Merlyse into an elephant, standing just outside the shack, a twin to Abineng.
"Don't even try it, pal," said Abineng, spreading his ears wide to make himself look bigger. "I've been an elephant. A real one. I can do things with this body you've never even thought of."" I laughed out loud at this part! Owned, Yeerk!
So, Tom still exists somewhere in there. It was cool to see Ax interacting with Tom here, something I wish we'd seen in the book, and it figures he'd like a gazelle form.
Wow, the rest of that segment after Jake had to come back was really intense! Poor Jake! I blame you for making me sad during that part. Hearing Temrash curse rather took me off guard.
That part with Tobias snuggling with human!Ax was so nice and so sweet! The idea of a human body having a powerful instinctive urge to be in contact with a daemon is both fascinating and makes perfect sense.
You did an incredible job describing the Yeerk's reality-warping death.
Oh God, a Crayak who can destroy Dust. NOT good!

Again, another wonderful, cleverly done story!
mistrali chapter 1 . 4/4/2012
Aww, I love that awkward but comforting moment between Tobias and Ax.
Rhys chapter 1 . 7/10/2011
This series has been intriguing from the start, but I found this installment particularly compelling. Both Cryak and the Authority ended up being a little disappointing as Villains towards the end of the two series, but I think fusion!Cryak has more potential than either if played properly.

Both canon HDM and Animorphs end on very negative notes... but remember there's no fate but what we make.