Reviews for Final Devil's Cry
azzaprice chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
Awesome awesome and just awesome and for once I didn't feel sorry for sephiroth because he is a pain in safer mode
Kaylalalalala again. c chapter 1 . 8/16/2011
Ooooh I loved how you started this story. :3 It really set the mood. Very dark and mysterious.

Vergil's sudden appearance was creepy, he seemed pretty mad/confused by Sephiroth's words. x_x I'd be mad/confused too. Genius idea for Jenova/her cells to be inside of Dante and Vergil's mother~ Vergil, Dante, and Sephiroth do all look alike, especially with their hair, so that was really clever! It's so cool to think of them as brothers in that way! xD

Mystery caller! c: Cloud's so serious, he doesn't want to play around with Dante at all, just wants to know what's going on right away! So dreamy. Ohohoho. Gotta love him. ;)

And yayy, Tifa~ I'm happy she has a few cameos in this fic!

Now, let me say this... _ EPIC FIGHT WAS EPICLY EPIC IN EVERY EPIC WAY. Cloud was kicked through a window, and Dante and Vergil were going at it, and there were swords and sparks everywhere, and Sephiroth had his crazy Masamune all slashing and impaling people, there were flames and fireballs and kicks and punches and gauntlets (Which are amazing :3) and then things got EVEN MORE EPIC and they changed into awesome forms and Vergil, Dante, and Cloud all worked together to defeat Sephiroth! I loved that, it was my favorite part~

The transformation details and descriptions were so great, I could see everything in my head~ o And I loved the end too, it was so nice and peaceful, the perfect ending to such an adventure/action story! I'm not super familiar with Devil May Cry, but this helped me understand some of the characters better, so thank you~ This was a pleasure to read! :D