Reviews for Shusoran
BenoitRen chapter 2 . 7/17/2011
I was expecting a continuation, but you dropped us in Lena's POV. That's not a bad thing, but it did make me go "Huh?" for a moment. It did bring us the backstory of how Lena got to be in Shusoran.

Lena's realisation that Layans are just people seemed to be a bit quick to me, but you told me it had been a bunch of stories since she first arrived there.

I like that you inserted Thea's mother in there. Not to forget: the RAPPY! I like Rappies!

The aftermatch of the fight between Rhys and Lyle seemed a bit forced. Aside from Shusoran's army barging into the throne room, everyone was fine and dandy rather quickly. Rhys didn't question Lyle at all, and they proceeded with the quest as if nothing much had happened.

Lena sure is a fighter. I can appreciate reading her POV.