Reviews for Do as the Middle-Earthlings Do
Kitsuna chapter 15 . 45m
I swear when I saw this story pop up ad updated I about died of excitement! So happy you're back! o
shademaster chapter 15 . 1h
Well i'll be dern. Its alive. Great chapter as always, an i hope to see more in the near future
Hailey-Stone chapter 15 . 2h
Sorry, too busy screaming for joy at your return to write a well thought out review. My bad.

.~:Hailey-Stone, yo:~.
Nyght elf chapter 15 . 2h
THX FOR THE UPDATE! glad you're back i really hope some honkey magic will heal her hands)
The Digger92 chapter 15 . 4h
I am just happy you aren't dead! And oh so happy that this fic is still continuing. I tried reading your previous version for this story. I either hated it, or liked this one so much that the previous version was like a third rate story. Damn bruh. I don't really care when you update as long as you do infact update. I really want this awesome fic to continue.
Dymian chapter 15 . 4h
Umm...does Sakura have the forehead tattoo thing? The Strength of 100 I mean? That is a thing that is independent of her systems, right? Why can't she just cut off the arm that is clearly diseased and then trigger that and get the regeneration thing one her system comes back, restoring her arm?
Moonwaterpetal chapter 15 . 6h
Yes! I love this fic! I'm so happy that you haven't abandoned it! It's too good to just throw away unfinished! I hope you can see that! Welcome back!
WolftheForsaken chapter 15 . 7h
Update! Yes! It's authors like you that update after an age that gives me hope for some of the other ones I'm waiting on four years later...

Nice update, glad Sakura has some skills left although I guess her being fully powered wouldn't leave you with much of a story.

Hope you keep writing.
asterflower chapter 15 . 7h
To be honest, I have a double feeling of a new chapter. I am glad that there is a new chapter, but I am sad that I will not see Glorfindel. I so enjoyed his interaction with Sakura. Such fanfictions I have not yet met.
Well let's see what will happen next...
cherry-888 chapter 15 . 7h
Really excited that this story wasn't abandoned. It does make sense that Sakura can't channel chakra through her arms, given the fact she stuck them though a nazguls' chest. Keep on the good work!
Zanna-chan chapter 15 . 7h
Let me start off by saying I'm so glad you've returned! This fanfic is probably my favorite fan-fiction ever and is what made me realize fan-fictions could be well written and interesting. I love the changes you have made in this addition. Many crossovers are just retreads of the original story where the characters inserted in the story change nothing no matter what. This story is leagues above that Sakrura being there can change things in ways that I cant predict and her recent injury show shes not invincible.
That being said, I think you need to proofread this chapter more particularly any part where Boromir shows up. The part where he first met Sakura lacked speech tags and I could not even tell he was there till the scene was over. Also in the scene at the meeting of the consul Sakura describes him as "the same man whose hand she'd both broken and healed" I don't think the scene she's thinking about occurred in this version of the fic.
I'm so glad your back and I hope your enjoying writing this fic as much as everyone enjoys reading it. Don't worry so much about the length of time between updates, you have a life and your writing this wonderful fic for us in your free-time and that's amazing. Thanks again for all your hard work.
thedarkpokemaster chapter 15 . 8h
wow so sweet feel sorry Sakura lost her chakra.
Celestia's Paladin chapter 15 . 8h
Update... and it's alive? IT'S ALIVE!

Ok I was honestly not expecting to see this continued since the last up date was what... 4 year ago?
RamenKnight chapter 15 . 8h
its... its alive!?

Right before Boramir's introduced himself it was hard to tell who was talking to who there.

And we find out the nerf to sakura's wasn't complete loss of active chakra manipulation. I may just have to reread this, I remember this story fondly but with foggy memory. Its been at least a year, up to 2, since i last read it. Glad to have you back. I've totally forgotten what she has hidding under the floorboards, guessing something from the Wraiths body. thanks for the update.
TanukiKun chapter 15 . 8h
I was *just* thinking about this story last week, and I am positively thrilled to see an update! I love that Sakura is still able to use her chakra everywhere other than her arms; it's an excellent way to nerf her otherwise overpowered abilities while ensuring she can still be a badass, although I hope she won't be crippled permanently. I also look forward to seeing her ultimately wise up and turn over the ring... unless she never confesses and gets caught out by Aragorn instead.
Again, HOORAY for the update and hopefully more to come soon!
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